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Lorraine Flaherty is one of the UK’s leading past life therapists. She was the therapist who brought Mike Clelland the breakthrough that he told us about last week. This week, we discuss her experiences and therapeutic techniques with her, and come, for the first time, to a new understanding of the meaning of the relationship between close encounter, the dead, and past lives.

The close encounter experience is not about alien scientists experimenting with us. It is an ancient human experience, and probably the deepest and most powerful of all human experiences, suggesting, as it does, that we have hidden meaning in a greater world of which we know almost nothing.

Be warned: eureka moments this week!

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  1. Whitley, again you’ve shined
    Whitley, again you’ve shined a light in a dark corner to reveal something new and exciting. Great show. Now, I have a question. Please excuse my simpleness.
    from the onset, years ago, it was told to me we come here to learn and grow. We evolve. Once evolved, we ascend.
    Then, theres the story of the little blue guy and the tale of… the denizens of Earth destroyed Mars! Your souls are trapped on earth to be recycled.(the soul factory?)
    This is a “dead” world.
    so, here it is: Ascension means we as spiritual beings have reached an acceptable level of vibration to escape this “dead” world?
    Im still trying to put it all together. Anyone… can i get some enlightening on this?
    As a subscriber, I find this the BEST place of information and the polishing of the facets of reality to view more clearly. Thank you.

  2. The link seems to be broken
    The link seems to be broken after the first couple seconds. :/

  3. Magnificent program!
    Magnificent program!

    Whitley, there is so much here.
    Sometimes healing comes from cleaning the glass which i look through. Then, i may gain a new perspective, see something i didn’t see before, or bring things into sharp focus. Always, helping growth in understanding, forgiveness, and becoming “who i am”.

    Thank you Lorraine, Mike and Whitley.

  4. I was told by my “visitor”
    I was told by my “visitor” that you can leave soul groups and you can return to them in different roles. Apparently next time (life} there will be very few people I know. “My visitor” deals with me as part of his group, but in a arms reach kind of way, so not to affect my day to day learning. {To be honest… he has affected my day to day running so I’m unsure what he means unless its part of the deal} Before this life I saw {In the life preview} friends and family having an experiance in their lives, which made it more appealing for me to take this one… having knowing them already.

  5. I sat listening with
    I sat listening with fascination as the show unfolded. My own guides/visitors/ancestors describe themselves as both my ‘Soul-Tree’ and also as the ‘Bella Luce’. It’s best to keep an open mind on all this but one thing that seems more possible each day is that people may be re-emerging into conscious day to day communication with the Over-mind around and within us.

    One can’t help but wonder if mankind’s separation from conscious waking interaction has been either some kind of anomaly or an experiment in itself. Who knows.? Great show though.

  6. For the past few minutes I’ve
    For the past few minutes I’ve been sitting here listening to the Bella Luce offering up their input.

    Connection. Growth. Transcendence,

    Another interesting Saturday night, it seems.

  7. @ Von Hausenberg,
    Thanks for

    @ Von Hausenberg,
    Thanks for sharing the music link. Dreadzone now filling my Sunday evening with a marriage of sound and distance. Love it.

  8. I really don’t know anything,
    I really don’t know anything, save this: I get more information and insight from Dreamland than from any other source in my search. Thank you and please continue.

  9. yes, I have learned a great
    yes, I have learned a great deal from dreamland.
    has anyone heard about the mandela effect and that we are in a simulated reality similar to the matrix?

  10. My gosh, thank you SO much
    My gosh, thank you SO much for this!
    I needed this so much
    Who are we?
    I came back so fast after dying in the Blitz in that dance hall – I was born about 10 years later – 1948 – I have looked in old Life magazines to see if I can find any dance halls that were bombed in the blitz – so many places were bombed – and who was the wonderful British soldier that was holding me when the lights went out after the siren? He certainly was not my X – what was the lesson? What were we trying to do in that life time? In this life I so love to dance and music is just part of me…… I just remember him holding me so tight when we died…..

    The story of your birth has made me cry – but we are all learning. I love what you have given me. – Thank you

  11. I sense a tension between
    I sense a tension between soul contracts involving opposition, and the question of ethics. For example, did Adolph Hitler enter into a soul contact with Jews to oppose them or even kill them? Or, perhaps, did he exaggerate or misunderstand that soul contract, and ramp it up from opposition/conflict, to outright persecution and murder? Do some souls agree to do evil, or, is the evil a misunderstanding of the original contract? Because I do think growth in love and goodness must be part of our soul evolution, and agreement to fall into evil would undermine that. Any thoughts from Lorraine, Michael, Whitley?

  12. Whitley, if our species is
    Whitley, if our species is going extinct…and it’s assumed here that there’s no doubt about it…why should we care about anything especially as far as building a far better world and improving our species? Why not just give up totally, we humans.


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