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Ron Felber, who thrilled Dreamlanders with his terrific interview on the Mojave Incident in September of 2015 returns with a harrowing and fantastic story to tell us about some of the world’s deepest and darkest secrets.

Did you know that half a million children were subjected to creepy personality tests in the 1960s that asked them things like what they thought of their sex organs, and other equally invasive and inappropriate questions?

Where are these children now? More than that WHAT ARE THEY and how might they be endangering us?

Did you know that the notorious Nazi scientist Joseph Mengele mysteriously created an entire village full of blond, blue-eyed twins in Brazil in the 1960s?

Where has that research gone? Who is using what he found? Why is his research kept secret to this day?

Do you realize that the surgically precise group of assassinations that took place in the ’60s has led to the globalized, dehumanized and disempowering world we live in today?

Get set for some absolutely stunning revelations on Dreamland this week!

His latest book, Dark Angel covers this territory. Like Majestic, it has been written as a novel because documentation is hard to come by. Here, he explains what he believes to be true about his novel, and it makes for chilling listening indeed.

Ron’s website is

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  1. I’m with you Whitley. I do
    I’m with you Whitley. I do feel like I could be activated in some way because of childhood abuse, trauma and adoption. I have no clue but it terrifies me.

  2. Good show, thank you
    Good show, thank you

  3. I remember all of the testing
    I remember all of the testing in schools back in those days (60’s), and attempts by (?) to discover how smart we were and also which path to set us on in school (The pigeon-hole concept started very early in first grade). I even remember a test in middle school that determined which fields we should consider. Nothing else on my test came even close to how I scored on the sciences—it was literally the highest score possible for that ‘field’ of endeavor on the evaluation. In that same class, our teacher told us at the beginning of the term that we were a ‘select’ group, and that everyone in the class had an IQ of 130 or greater, but she was not allowed to tell any of us our own personal score. I have a somewhat rebellious nature, and I have wondered if all the testing, and telling me what I ‘should’ be doing may have had the opposite effect on me. My parents were average people, my dad never got past 8th grade, and we didn’t have a lot of money or any ‘connections’ either, but opportunities were there and some carrots were dangled in front of me. I’ve been to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and they told us (select group of high school students) up front that extensive background checks were done on all of us before we were allowed to get in the door that day. So, there is definitely a file on me squirreled away somewhere…

    I feel that some kind of mind control may be going on, with the public in general, as well as a more focused effort on certain individuals. However, deep down, I feel that this doesn’t work on all of us, or if it does, it may not go as expected. What if epigenetics is at play? Various kinds of trauma could be acting to turn our genes on and off, and it might also explain how some of us have experiences that are outside the norm (whatever that is). Are the ‘trauma’ events in our lives, somehow, pre-programmed to occur? Are we programming ourselves via the soul in order to ‘experience’ and grow?The soul is an integral part of all of this. This physical aspect of ourselves, including our minds and personalities may be manipulated, but can the Soul be manipulated from outside by ‘third parties’? Can the Soul override the experiences while we are in our physical bodies?

    All kinds of questions…!

  4. Fantastic show, Whitley!!!
    Fantastic show, Whitley!!! However, I do have to point out it wasn’t TRUMP who sold uranium to the Russians. Even the TOILET PAPER OF RECORD, as Gerald Celente calls them, reported this:

    Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal – The ……/cash-flowed-to-clinton-foundation-as-russi...
    The New York Times
    Apr 23, 2015 – Members of that group built, financed and eventually sold off to the Russians a company that would become known as Uranium One. Continue …

    Also, it isn’t Trump who is brutally driving ranchers off their land because there are uranium deposits, as is being done under the Obama administration.

  5. Did I hear Anne at 8:20 or
    Did I hear Anne at 8:20 or was someone in your room?

  6. Definitely one of your best
    Definitely one of your best Dreamland episodes Whitley..and I have been listening for years.
    This guest is a natural articulate speaker. Of course paired with the one and only Whitley, it’s one of a kind! 🙂

  7. I don’t hear anything at 8:20
    I don’t hear anything at 8:20 Kim. Nobody was in here but me, though. Incidentally, if I sound sort of down in this show, I had the flu at the time. I was sort of down…

  8. Kim, I have just had a listen
    Kim, I have just had a listen and there is a female voice at 8:20 on the Subscriber download, saying a couple of words “I’m Sorry” I think…certainly the word “Sorry” at least, in amongst some interference…but it didn’t sound like Anne to me (although that is difficult to tell) – whoever it was could easily have been on the other end of the phone line to Whitley, in the room where Ron was speaking…or it could have been cross-talk from another line.

  9. Now, under the government
    Now, under the government controlled education children are being subjected to all sorts of inappropriate surveys questions and sexual instruction. It’s the federal government doing the illuminati bidding handed down from the United Nations

  10. Whitley, I might have an
    Whitley, I might have an answer to why you couldn’t digest your mother’s milk. It wasn’ t her milk but a protein you could not handle in something she was eating. It’s called F-PIES (food-protein induced enterocolitis. Symptoms are severe diarrhea and/or vomiting with possible blood and/or mucous in stool. My grand daughter had this and the CHOP (childrens hospital of Phila.) specialist was surprised that her pediatrician diagnosed it since most don’t even know what it is. I’m sure it was unrecognized in your day. even trace amounts of the food can cause symptoms. Usually food is introduced over 12 days starting with 1/2 tsp. to 4 to 8 tsp. hopefully the reaction will be a small one and the food stopped. If a reaction is seen you can not give the food or another 18months to 2 years. Fortunately, most children out grow this between 2 to 5 yrs. although some do not. Its not your typical allergy as it relates only to the gastro intestinal system. usually starting a few hours after eating with severe vomiting, and usually diarrhea a few hours later but it can send the child to the hospital with severe dehydration. Our child had to be put on an amino-acid based formula. Believe me my daughter tried to figure out the trigger for months. it was very frustrating. Once on the formula, she became a different child.

  11. This is very interesting
    This is very interesting conversation. Thank you for it.

    As for USA politics there is a third choice that is on the ballot in all 50 states. Hillary and Donald are friends and the democrat/republic party is one devisive party keeping the non-thinking people in fear and anger of their neighbors. We could take down that mythical two party system and start over.

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