First, we remember Lorie Barnes, an extraordinary experiencer and Anne Strieber’s secretary. Then, we begin a series on conspiracies, beginning with the mystery of the Finders and stolen children.

Lorie Barnes’s association with the Striebers began back in 1988 when she took on a job as Anne’s secretary. Because of a lifetime of truly amazing close encounter experiences, she sent Whitley and Anne a letter. Anne saw that she lived nearby and found out she had secretarial skills. As they had an urgent need to sort the letters they were getting, Anne hired her. A lifelong friendship between Whitley, Anne and Lorie followed. Along with Report on Communion author Ed Conroy and Raven Dana and others, Lorie had multiple witness close encounter experiences at the Strieber cabin. Lorie and Ed and Raven also developed lifelong friendships.

Lorie passed on a few weeks ago, and her two daughters, Ed Conroy and Raven Dana gather with Whitley this week to remember her remarkable life, and to add their own stories. Lorie was pregnant with one of her daughters back in the fifties when a visitor told her in an extraordinary face to face encounter, “we’re not here for you. We’re interested in the girl child you’re carrying.” Listen as, among many other stories, that daughter tells what her own life has been like.

This Dreamland is a lovely, warm tribute to a remarkable woman who made a tremendous contribution to the cause of the close encounter witness. Thousands of the letters she and Anne collected are now permanently archived at Rice University. Without Lorie and Anne’s hard work, that archive would never have been created. (The image of Lorie was taken at the cabin the morning after she and Raven Dana had direct, physical interaction with a visitor.) 

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Then, for subscribers, Whitley discusses one of the real conspiracies that may well lie at the heart of current conspiracy theories, and makes a stirring appeal for an end to secrecy in the United States. The Finders story is a chilling one, and listening to this talk, it’s easy to see where material now in circulation about secret organized child abuse originates. This is the first of a series about real conspiracies that will be appearing on Dreamland over the next few months.

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  1. Thank you Whitley, for taking time to address the QANON. It’s been about a month now that I found these Charlie Ward’s, CharlieFreak Nesara/Gesara but it’s still all about going to a One World Orde Monetary System. I thought that was a Democrat initiative but now it is central to QANON giving JKF and JFK,JR precedence. Many entertainers like Michael Jackson, Prince and others like Princess Diana are not dead but helping out with the children held in the tunnels all over the world that Trump is now sending in troops to rescue and the children are dying as they come up to the surface stories. Princess Diana’s grave is in the shape of a Q like JFK Jr. It goes on and on.

    So, looking forward to your series….

    1. Hold up. Have you actually gone to the source or just read what other people say about Q? Nesara and the JFKjr stuff has been refuted by Q.
      So often people criticize Q with false accusations. “Q said this. Q said that” .
      Go. to. The. Source.
      Everything you said has nothing to do with Q. stop spreading misinformation.

      1. Ummm Whitley not sure Q is such a psyop. David Wilcock seems convinced and he appears pretty switched on. I’m all confused 😞.

        1. David Wilcock, who claims that he lived on Mars for 17 years? He’s on a level with David Eycke, who has claimed that the Queen is a shape-shifted reptilian.

          I am not saying that these claims are impossible, but only that when you make extreme claims, you need something to back them up and these guys are just saying things, not proving things.

          One of the main reasons I hang out on this site, which, as the home of Whitley Strieber, is a virtual mother lode of wild claims, is that they are BACKED UP. This week’s show is a perfect example. Loire Barnes had lifelong experiences, including at Whit’s cabin, and here she is with her stories being backed up by 4 people.

          To me, that’s real. But I am not going to buy a single thing a poseur like Wilcock cllaims until he offers much better proof.

          1. Having spent hours listening to both Wilcock and Whiteley I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss either. Or be so rude to deride someone else’s opinions. As for David Eyck he’s a good man raging against a corrupt system like Whitley, trying to expose lies.

        2. check in with your intuition and heart. too much is intellectual. the intellect is easy to fool and contrary to many who are mis guided the heart never lies. thats because its like the mother board in the computer. it handles all the high speed traffic from all the other places. it knows first and is most accurate. intuition is that flash in your mind. whole thoughts arriving as if from no where wholly formed. you will know whats a good source as it will make you think and never judge you. thats your higher self from 30k feet above the material forest we live in. that forest is all the intellect can see. so check in with your higher part or oversoul as well. do some meditation on things you want to know. see what comes. we never stopped being connected to god….do those things and you wont need anyone to tell you.

  2. What an interesting take on Q! And he didn’t identify the Finders as a source of the Q material, but rather as something under the radar that offers subliminal support to their ideas.

    Personally, I don’t buy Q at all, but I do think that Whitley is right that it would not exist except for this country’s obsession with secrecy.

    Another thing, what DID the Finders do? One group of children was intercepted, but were there others? And where in the world were they being taken in Mexico, and for what purpose? And WHY IN GOD’S NAME DID THE CIA COVER IT UP?

    He is talking here about a real conspiracy involving children that is proven, and you call it misinformation? NOT!!

    I have read W’s books and listened to him often on Coast and other places for years. He has LIVED conspiracies that others only theorize about.

    Whitley, I applaud your courage in presenting us with this unique and fascinating take.

  3. Whitley, the first part of this episode made me want to sit down and drink a beer with everyone and just enjoy their company. What a delightful group of human beings! Wish I had known Lorie.

    The second part was just riveting and reminded me once again why you and Dreamland are such an invaluable resource of information and the speaking of truth. I can’t even imagine what all you have been through in your life and yet you stay committed to integrity in who you are and the work you do.

  4. Whitley, thank you very much for your unique perspective on Qanon. I wondered what you might think about it. I appreciate hearing the ideas today very much.

  5. OMG, Whitley, you’re right about the conspiracy theory thing! It gave me a start when you said it because you are the first person that I’ve heard to talk about this and identify this for what it (very likely) is.
    I first noticed this about 15+ years ago when the phrases “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorists” suddenly started to be bandied about. Those using the phrase tended to imply that ALL conspiracy ideas, the probable (e.g. JFK murder) along with the absurd (the holocaust having not occurred), were to be grouped together as nonsense (as if conspiracies never exist in human society!). Which seemed absurd to me, but so many seemed to take this in without questioning. Thank you for bringing this forward. (And what a great interview– so interesting.)

  6. A wonderful show.

    I’m not sure I entirely understand what’s happening or what this means but almost as soon as I opened this week’s show’s page on UC and saw then read about Lori’s passing I began to feel and connect with golden autumn forests in New England.

    I can almost smell the forest trees and seem to be viewing them from above with a sense of wonder and harmony. Everything is alive and conscious, even the breeze.

    The Earthly understanding may be that Lori has connected with the Earth around us in perfect harmony and is now a blessed heart everywhere. I can feel myself getting emotional through love and understanding of the wisdom of beauty yet I didn’t meet or know Lori.


    1. Hello, Von ~ As it happens, Lorie’s fondest childhood memories were spent in the New England countryside. More than anywhere, perhaps, she loved being there, mostly in Massachusetts, and she loved the Berkshires. The family was often in New England; her mother was from Massachusetts and operated a dance school in Springfield, and Lorie’s grandmother also lived there. How wonderful that you have had this experience as related to her passing, and never having met or known her. The sense of wonder and harmony that you experienced gives us tremendous joy. Thank you so very much for sharing this! Peace and blessings to you.

  7. Loved your passion in the second part. I think it’s time for Whitley to really start speaking his mind.

  8. People might be interested in this: “The Game Caller”, by Tobe Terrell, who was the successor to the founder of “The Finders”, Marion Pettie. It’s a memoir of his time in the group, and, predictably, is pro-Finders. Available for free download. Scary people.

  9. Whitley, I think you are spot-on about this Q business. However, I see a correlation between Q and apocalyptic Christian thought. That is to say Q acts as a prognosticator of a savior, namely Trump, who will bring to justice in a great day of judgement pedophiles within government, etc. Afterwards, some sort of Trumpian Utopia will ensue. This is reminiscent of John the Baptist forecasting the arrival of a savior, Jesus, who will bring to justice in a great day of judgement all the evildoers. Afterwards, there ensues a 1000 years of peace. Whoever came up with Q, took a page right out of the Christian religion. I think Q was planned using this powerful religious framework. Essentially Q has become a form of religion. I think somewhere in a shabby KGB office a Russian cyber agent is laughing his ass off at how he duped the silly Americans.

    1. Correction: The KGB no longer exists. It was replaced by the FSB with the fall of the Soviet Union. Just goes to show I’m still living in the 80’s.

      1. I’m with you Vinny! KGB…..FSB…..either way, you’re right on the money!

  10. “Multiple experiments with spirit contact transmitted the name Matthew Edward Hall on several occasions. I Predict this to be a very important future individual in humanities development. Possibly the second embodiment of Christ on Earth.”
    ― G.I. Gurdjieff, Gurdjieff’s Early Talks 1914-1931

    I wonder if Anne has anything to say about this, if i may ask politely?

    Thank you Whitley and Anne!

  11. The subscriber part today was interesting indeed.

    Thank you for calling out Pope Francis for what he is: a criminal for harboring criminals within the Catholic Church. You are the first person of note that I am aware of that has publicly stated this. Pell was let off his charges earlier this year in my city as the pandemic took hold and it seems the world just passed it by. That alone pointed to who’s really pulling the strings in all this, no conspiracy required.

    The discussion with your cabin pals was charming. The box car has me intrigued, I don’t believe that you mentioned this in any of your books?

    The ability to share posts stopped with the new format of this site. I would share this site with my followers in a heartbeat as I used to do but where are the share links?

    1. Who is pulling what strings?
      The highest court in the land unanimously squashed Pell’s conviction. If there is any conspiracy to be investigated it would be what allowed the case to go that far on nothing more than a single person’s testimony, essentially ignoring all the inconsistencies and the witnesses for the defence.

  12. Author

    I do mention the boxy little car, and traveling in it, in Breakthrough.

    As to Pell, I have no idea about that. What I do know is that the pedophilia issue in the Church has not yet been addressed with the frankness and directness needed.

  13. Wise words…If you only take into consideration that our government and the military treated UFOs as a fantasy since WWII, then all of a sudden they are taking the topic on a more serious level, my question is: Why should we believe them now, and anything they say about the nature of the phenomena? The same goes for other conspiracies: Who and what do you believe? The problem comes with ‘belief’. I am more of an observer now, trying to get as much information as possible, without coming to any conclusions. It is difficult, and things, as we all know, may not be as they appear. As an observer of history my whole life (I was that rare kid who actually read the paper), my brain is full of ‘facts’ and memories, and I am also amazed at the sheer number of people who suffer from amnesia about some pretty interesting things that have occurred, even in just the last 5 years. Put that together with integrity and character issues and …your mind could go numb. Don’t let it happen to you. Keep your mind wide open. The same for your heart…

    Whitley, regarding the deterioration of your immune system when you were little: Did you have measles before your immune system collapsed?

    The reason I ask is because when I was about 9, I ended up the same. I had been having health problems for a few years, but the small-town doctor I had kept telling my mother that it was all in my head! I felt terrible during those years, had migraines, and I remember, vividly, a trip to San Antonio when I felt so bad after a day at the zoo and museum, that I was afraid to go to sleep that night. My parents did not know how I felt that day because I said nothing, because I was beginning to think it was all in my head too.

    My mother did finally pick up on me right after that trip, and that maybe something was really wrong with me. She contacted a clinic in Corpus Christi and made an appointment for me. I had a checkup, blood drawn, and an x-ray. I was immediately put into the hospital for pneumonia and began being tested for leukemia. My immune system was shot all to hell, and it was discovered that I also had extreme anemia. I began a series of treatments and medications to help my immune system, including a series of (very painful) gamma globulin shots. It took a few months, but I began feeling much better.

    When I worked with communicable diseases and immunizations in public health I learned that in the last few years they have discovered that after the measles a child’s immune system can be compromised for up to 3 years after they have the disease. Last year researchers also learned that measles can also erase the the body’s immune ‘ memory’ for other diseases that it was exposed to before the child had the measles. This was a pretty major discovery, but one that few people paid any attention to when the information was in the news. So, measles could have played a huge role for many kids over the years (and for years) in the pre-vaccine era. I had a particularly bad case of measles when I was in the first grade, and now I feel like I finally know what probably almost killed me.

  14. Whitley, can you clarify what you meant when you said “Biden is a decent man”?

  15. Author

    Regarding measles: I have never had either measles or mumps.

    Regarding Biden: I meant that there is no public record of him committing indecent or criminal acts.

  16. It is such a great pleasure to hear all of the voices from those people who were close to Lorie, the experiences, her family and the cabin. WOW! Perhaps her epitaph should read, “A FULL LIFE WELL LIVED.”

    In the subscriber half hour, “Can we, will we be able to weather the impending storm?”

  17. I listened to the subscriber portion of this interview several times because I generally listen while I’m working from my home, so I miss things and need to go back frequently.

    One point that struck me forcefully was the statement made by the visitors that people would start to go insane. I have been feeling this for a while now and I’m constantly dismayed by what seems to be a complete lack of ability in many people to think critically or to even look past the ends of their own noses at any of the events currently taking place in our world.

    This site is a lifeline to me right now. I’m not an experiencer, at least not one that has any memories of experiences. I’m also not a conventionally religious person, so most of the time, I feel like I’m flying blind, trying to make sense of what I see unfolding before me every day.

    Like Lorie though, I have always felt that I have some sort of protection around me. So I keep asking questions and trying to hold on to nuggets that resonate with me, like Anne’s train station where all the people with baggage couldn’t leave. I’m working to put all the baggage down, so I am very appreciative of this podcast and look forward to the rest of the series.

    1. TCSmith, I can relate so much with your post. To add to it, sleeping for me has been particularly challenging lately, and I can be easily stressed and anxious. Also, due to the pandemic, life is boring and monotonous and I question why I’m here? What can I do to help?

      1. Same here, Lanasue. I wonder if anything I’m doing is actually helping me or other people. Some days I think I’m making a contribution and others, not so much. I’m glad I’m not alone in my situation here!

  18. Brilliant explanation Whitley of Qanon and media false narratives.The inner bell of truth was ringing loudly on this one, more please!

  19. I appreciate a voice in the wilderness that rings true – I can actually feel the crumbling corruption all around us. Thank you so much for addressing this and offering a valid explanation. I’ve listened to a bunch of Qanon narrative and I agree they use a thread of truth and add their own agenda to it. My God how long can we endure this kind of deception?

  20. Was this ONLY my imagination or was it an Epiphany?

    Last night I was not falling asleep, I was trying to move my consciousness through the universe just to see if I could find any living entities. Nothing really happened except for this thought that entered my mind followed by an image. Here it is.

    The thought…This is the perfect opportunity to view planet earth. On the whole planet, humankind wearing masks. Other worldly entities can move around at ease while they evaluate the damage done on the planet, attitudes of humans, etc. Earth bring terraformed by these particular entities and having an invested interest as to the evolution/de-evolution. For them a decision making time? No one will recognize them because they too will have on a mask and dark glasses. At ease.

    Then I saw an image of them. EVERYWHERE…..

  21. I have my own conspiracy theory on how Qanon began. How better to destroy America than to divide it? I honestly believe that Q is a Russian implant. It began shortly after Russia became very involved in our elections (or, at least shortly after we, the public became aware of it). It has been extremely successful at dividing our country. Perhaps they have been putting little feelers out there for a long time and this one finally took root. David Wilcock lost me about a year ago. I was a long time and loyal follower until he grabbed on to this Qanon garbage. I did my own research into Qanon around the same time David began talking about it and found it to be absolutely ridiculous. I am so confused by how a seemingly intelligent man could fall for something so horrendous and fraudulent. It has caused me to rethink EVERYTHING David Wilcock has talked about in the past. I wanted to believe him and Corey and ascention and Blue Avian stories but now, I cannot so much as hear his voice and not run in the other direction. I will stick with Whitley and Linda Moulton-Howe. It infuriates me that people have become so sucked into such an ugly conspiracy that to me is completely absurd and holier than swiss cheese. And, we have a president that eats it up because he is the hero and it feeds his ego. Qanon is a symptom of a very, very sick American society. I have friends that I have known and loved for decades that I no longer respond to their texts because they have drunk the koolaid. The crazy thing is that they think I have. The really sad part is I don’t see how we heal from this and come back together. It will never be the way it used to be and perhaps that’s a good thing but I could always see a clear path ahead. I don’t anymore. (sigh)

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