Rachele Brooke-Smith is an actress, life coach and, since meeting Caroline Corey and being in the film Superpowers, also a remote viewer. Here, she tells us her fascinating story of what it is like to unexpectedly discover that you have the ability to remote view, and then goes on to explain her theories of personal empowerment and her ideas about how to disrupt life habits that keep us from achieving all that we can.

You can visit Rachele on her website, RacheleBSmith.com

For subscribers, Whitley tells the amazing story of how a vesica pisces entered his life as a living form, what it really was and how it has become a daily companion and teacher. This talk is filled with not-to-be-missed insight, so if you’re not a subscriber do yourself a favor and subscribe so you WON’T miss it! Listening to Whitley move from one long-hidden esoteric secret to another, revealing them all in a completely new way is, frankly, breathtaking.

Remember years ago when Betty Andreasson reported that the visitors had made the enigmatic statement “children of the northern peoples, you wander in eternal darkness?”
 Whitley has understood the nature of that darkness and how to leave it.

Get set for an incredible listening experience this week. Rachele is a powerful, empowering soul and Whitley’s new insights are pure amazement.

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  1. Thank you Whitley, for this beautiful reveal. You are so generous with us.

  2. Beautiful!
    Now on another note- The app instructions might as well have been written in a forgotten language. I have no idea what to do. Having taught in the past, I learned that the best way to instruct is to assume no one knows anything.

  3. 1. Download the app appropriate for your mobile device.
    2. Click copy to copy the RSS link.
    3. Paste the link into your app.

    iOS: At the top of the Castro app, you will see a blank space that says search or enter URL. Paste the link there.

    Android: On Podcast Addict, press the main screen + button to add a new podcast. Then select the ‘RSS feed’ option. Paste in the URL.

    1. Thanks for trying but I already saw that. None of this means anything to me. I have no idea what app is appropriate to my device to begin with…

  4. The first verse is a commandment given by Jesus as it appears in John 15:4. The second sentence came up in me. The commandment is obviously about self-awareness. In this case God’s Self-awareness as God and as a human:

    “Abide in Me and I in you.”
    Believe that when you think “I” that thought is thought in Me and that I am thinking it in you.

    1. PS:
      I had doubts about that second sentence that came up in me. Even communicated that earlier today to a professor in theology with whom I was talking about getting a book that he had the text of but which is not published yet. (A Dutch translation of “The Book of Privy Counsel” written by an ancient mystic.)
      The professor replied me about the book, but not on my doubt about that sentence that came up in me this morning whether it was heretical or not.
      So I gratefully accept it as a confirmation to hear Rachele and Whitley talk about the importance of trusting one’s intuition. And my intuition tells me that second sentence can be trusted.

  5. Very uplifting show. I think Whitley may have mentioned the possibility that multiple souls sometimes share a single body. But do I understand correctly that a soul can project into the physical while also remaining a distinct entity in the soul state? Is that why you can continue to communicate with Anne even though the soul that projected Anne has now projected into a different physical form?

    On a separate note, it’s always such a pleasure to hear, Whitley, that you’ve attained such a state of peace in your life. Although I have a lot to be thankful for — health, good job, kind wife, friends — I frequently sink into anxiety and depression, sometimes on a daily basis. But, like the Buddhists say, there is only one true path to freedom. I will continue to try my best to walk in it.

  6. This is a test to see if it is possible to do what a friend who also listens to the podcast just emailed me:

    I’m wondering if shift+return, a hard line break, would work to create a line of space when posting to Whitley’s forum. It works for me in one place that won’t take a regular paragraph return. (That’s hold down the shift key and hit the return key at the same time, if it works the same on your keyboard.)

    Let’s see if I can make two spaces.

  7. Perhaps that little boy will become your father in your next incarnation, Whitley. If the male-female polarity between you and Anne is maintained, then you would come back as the boy’s daughter.

  8. I have to listen to this again.

    I originally sat in a recliner and started listening to this. Next thing I knew, seemingly something or someone in the room jump scared me. I about flew out of the recliner.

    Over an hour had passed and the show was almost over. Not an unusual occurrence during a meaningful dreamland.


    1. Andy, this kind of thing has always happened to me during ‘Dreamland’, and when my son was still at home and in high school, we would listen to “Dreamland’ together and it would happen to both of us!

  9. Great show, both parts, though i liked the subscriber part the most. As to what you said at the very end, about more than 7 million people around the world belive the Christ DID return in 1844 just as William Miller (February 15, 1782 – December 20, 1849) of the Millerites calculated it would. His mistake was in not understanding that the Christ Spirit would again be linked to a Child instead of Jesus Himself surfing down on a cloud. Also this child wasn’t born in the USA, but rather in Shiraz, Persia, in 1819. This is all really well explained in William Sears’ book Thief in the Night. It is an entertaining, intriguing read: https://www.google.de/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://bahai-library.com/pdf/s/sears_thief_night.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjpoMy3xLvoAhVloXEKHeaiA9oQFjAAegQIBBAC&usg=AOvVaw20ex3HQrXGBPbnOnjDHh2e or see the documentary The Gate: The following Film is a Full length documentary that ran on TV 2 years ago und was, until now only available on DVD or Streaming rental. Now finally free on Youtube in English or Spanish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPKEkSXhtgw&feature=share

  10. The vesica piscis…So glad that this is finally being discussed in depth! If you want to kick it up a notch, start observing Venn diagrams that you may come across in the every-day scientific/mathematic. or even business world. Create your own for fun and see what happens. The vesica picis is an important part of our reality and encompasses the mundane, as well as the spiritual levels. It is both complex and simple at the same time.

  11. Whitley, regarding the Gospel of Mary, you mentioned that God is referred to within it as simply “The Good”.

    Do I remember correctly, that the Master of the Key said that he came on behalf of the good?

    1. Yes, I just found it in ‘The Key’ page 5…

      “He said, “I am here on behalf of the good. Please give me some time.”
      The word ‘good’, the way he said it, exploded in my heart like an emotion-packed hydrogen bomb. It wasn’t just the tone, it was the look that melted across his face as he uttered it, an expression of love so strong and so absolutely impeccable that I just gasped.”
      End quote.

      I think it’s time for me to read that book again.

  12. Author

    I just recently read the Gospel of Mary, while doing research for my book on Jesus. I had not made this connection with the Key before, but now I see it and I am deeply moved.

    I well remember how what he said in that moment affected me, but until now I didn’t know why. Thank you so very much.

    1. Whitley, it is my absolute pleasure.

      Just out of interest, as I read your reply, I got a massive sustained wave of tingles up and down my back. Wow, if only I could have bottled that, I might be a millionaire!

      And just to add… Like many others, I am sure, I’m very much looking forward to your new book on Jesus.

  13. What a strange coincidence, your linking the vesica piscus to the tetramorph of lion, ox, eagle, and man. A few weeks past, I came upon an image of the Faberge logo – the Russian imperial crest but with a Cyrillic letter F, written ф, in the center. I could identify the Eagle (2-headed), Ox (ribbon for horns, eagle heads as eyes, Cyrillic “F” for nose), and Lion (outstretched wings as mane, bone of the wings as ears, flourish extending from the crest as eyes and nose), and came to see the ф as the heiros gamos of dualistic forces within Man. https://logos-download.com/46073-faberge-logo-download.html

    Too, I beheld the logo as an obvious depiction of the Tree of Life, the ф being in the place of “Beauty” on the tree, which is appropriate for Faberge. But the place of Beauty on the Tree of Life is itself a reminder that beauty is what unites dualities. Taken as a whole, this line of thought reminded of something I once wrote.
    “The two commandments of the Christian faith: ‘Love God with the blessed trinity of heart and Soul and mind’ and ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself.’ Why use the word, neighbor, though? Are we just called upon to love those we know? And why use the singular? Why not stick to the wording of that tried-and-true golden rule of reciprocity so common in other scriptures and philosophical texts: ‘Do onto others as you would have them do onto you?’ And if you love God with your whole heart, Soul and mind, what is there left to love your neighbor with . . . except your body? Too, doesn’t the expansive wording of the first commandment make the second sound flat? What if a person loathes his own existence, is that justification for hating the one standing beside him? Why not just state clearly, ‘Love all mankind?’ Or does the command, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’, mean, ‘Love your own dual nature?’ Love it completely; love it back to wholeness? The two commandments then become — love the one God with all the elements of your fragmented nature; and unite fragmented nature with your leveling Godlike love. The two decrees become one — ‘Become One’.
    “Clearer still, are the two living commandments of Aleister Crowley. Taking two Qabbalist dictums, he transformed them into an unbroken circular flow. The first dictum: ‘Will, which is thought, is the whole of creation,’ he rewrote as, ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.’ Sense the movement from passive to active form? ‘Will, which is thought’, is God as a noun. ‘Do what thou wilt’, is God as a verb. The static ‘is’ he changed to ‘shall be’, which carries a sense of transcendence. The whole ‘of creation’ became ‘of the law’. The law is creation as a verb, the laws of nature, the forces of nature.
    “The second dictum was similarly rewritten. ‘Man is made in God’s image,’ became, ‘Love is law, love under will.’ ‘Love’ is man as a verb. ‘Man is made’ — ‘love is law’. ‘In God’s image’ — ‘love under will’.
    “All sorts of conundrums arise from the original passive constructions. You start wondering, what of man’s free will, if we are but God’s will? Movement resolves this confusion because the infinite source outflowing and returning is the message.” As are the overlapping circles of the ‘Vesica Piscus’ — mirror on mirror mirroring the show . . . the blood’s flow. God is brooding upon his own image in the mirror-reflecting universe.
    “Thousands of years earlier, Hermes Trismegistus expressed the two dictums as one continual flow when he inscribed upon an emerald tablet: ‘The above from the below, the below from the above — the work of the miracle of the One.’”

    As to God being Good, I always though it funny that the Russian word for good, dob, is handwritten in Cyrillic as, god.

  14. from the very end of this Dreamland:

    “If God exists, why does God allow all these terrible things on Earth? The answer is this: God does exist, but not in the form we have told ourselves. God BARES us, and BARES the manifestations, including all of the ‘bad stuff’, because without that, we would not have free will. And I’ll tell you what happens, if there was an irrefutable appearance of Jesus, or an irrefutable appearance of Deity around the whole world, that would mean that free will had ended. That is to say, that would be the end of the world. And so, God BARES us, and ALL of our manifestations so that we may be free. Never forget it!”

    Thank you Whitley.

    The Vesica Pisces relating to the parable of Jesus catching the 153 fishes is shown, including the geometrical diagrams, in Appendix 1 of a book entitled
    “Jesus Christ Sun of God: Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism” by David Fideler if anyone is interested in looking further. Excellent resource!

    I’m looking forward to your book on Jesus!

    Whitley, I wonder if you were an Initiate in a prior life? The words you speak have been hidden for millennia. Not only do you share them truthfully, but in a manner straight forward and simple.
    Humanity owes you much gratitude for your life’s work.

    in Humility, Love, and Compassion to all of you,

  15. Author

    Was I an initiate in a prior life?

    I’ve been doing this for a long time.

  16. Perhaps your an initiate in this life ! – as your visitor experience , study of Tarot and The law of Three and “The fourth way “ training are all
    becoming activated in your increased frequency and search for revealing deep wisdom and is now being manifest in your current Jesus project and the Vesica Piscus realizations

  17. Author

    I think that once you are an initiate in any life you are always that. It’s something that remains part of you. It’s not something that you think about though. You just try to live your best life.

  18. God bears us so we can have free will?

    I think it is somewhat more subtle – and surprising – than that.

    It is equally true, I believe, to see it another way. That God _needs_ all of Creation. Not so much that God is bearing us, but that without us, God would not, and could not, exist.

    Or at least that God’s existence would feel immediately intolerable – without Creation.

    Just throw the question of free will back to a perfectly omnipotent and omniscient Being. How can you have free will when every possible outcome is already known? Every possible creative challenge, and all of the considered choices behind such creation, is already met?

    Every last nuance accounted for, every move God could make anticipated, every train of thought pre-concluded, every feeling instantly exhausted in possible enjoyment.

    That’s the given state of existence for a truly omnipotent and omniscient Being.

    God becomes “the One from Many” by the instantaneous and infinitely ongoing realization that Creation – limited existence in infinite variety – is absolutely _necessary_ to maintain health, life, and sanity if you are an omnipotent and omniscient Being.

    God – the One – now has true free will in the limited individual scope of all the conscious beings that make up the Many.

    We are not a burden to be borne, but a needed expression of existence that does nothing less than make God’s own life bearable!

    There are infinite holographic fractal layers of nuance, creativity, surprise, curiosity, challenge, and feeling that God is now free to explore.

    NOW free to explore. Because WE exist.

    I believe this is why free will is irrevocable for us. God would _annihilate_ Herself if She changed Her mind about that gift!

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