World-famous reporter Dorothy Kilgallen died just as she was about to give her explosive book about the JFK assassination to her publisher and friend, Bennett Cerf, the founder of Random House. The manuscript has never been found.

Whitley writes, “When I decided to start Dreamland’s new conspiracy series, I wondered where to begin. How it turned out to be with the Dorothy Kilgallen story is a story in itself!” And you’ll hear that story in this amazing show. You might ask yourself, ‘who was Dorothy Kilgallen and why should we care? It’s a fair question, and when you listen to this terrific interview with one of the world’s great investigative reporters, Mark Shaw, you will understand perfectly why her apparent murder probably prevented the exposure of the entire JFK assassination coverup.

When she died, Dorothy Kilgallen was nearly finished with what promised to be one of the most explosive books ever written. She believed that she had cracked the JFK assassination case. She told friends that she feared for her life. She said, “I’m going to buy a gun.” Then she was found dead in her Manhattan townhouse under what proved to be very unusual circumstances. The death was ruled an accidental overdose of sleeping medication, but, as Mark Shaw demonstrates, there are a whole lot of reasons to believe that simply is not true.

So what DID happen and why? And why is the JFK case so important? As Whitley says during the show, after the assassinations of JFK and RFK, shadowy criminal elements became more powerful than the US government–in fact, they began to control it. They still do.

Mark will also be appearing in our subscriber video room on October 24 at 11AM Pacific. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to ask your questions of one of the most prolific and accomplished investigative reporters in the world!

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  1. A thoroughly enjoyable interview. It’s very easy and, frankly, relaxing to listen to Mark’s voice and that his discussions are extremely interesting is the icing on the cake.

    I’ve often wondered about Dorothy’s naivety in being a blabbermouth and it’s very sad what happened to her, albeit not unexpected. In contemporary events we see unexplained deaths happen quite often.

    Looking at Jeffrey Epstein we have to wonder about that being a similar departure from this realm. One wonders whether Ghislaine Maxwell is feeling somewhat uncomfortable right now. An unhealthy and unhappy area of current events if ever there was one.

    One last thing, quite a marvellous thing, I might add, and I’ll not be the first person to notice this but…

    Doesn’t Mark look like John Denver? His voice is similar too, in it’s peaceful tonality.

    Now Mark’s own work stands strong and I’m sure that he doesn’t really think much about this resemblance. That said, his discussed connection to spirit and as a seeker for truth and harmony, I have to wonder whether he is actually connected to a much larger soul tree/family than he is currently considering?

    Great show.


  2. I havent listened yet but am so excited bc Whitleys interviews “go deep. ” A decade ago, I listened to another masterful interviewer–Guns&Butter– with Mae Brussels that mentioned JFK and KiIgallen. Thank u Whitley for sharing your journey on this planet, 20 yrs of adventure, learning, spiritual growth, soul-searching, —FUN.

  3. Fascinating interview. JFK was killed 10 years before I was born but when I think of him and his brutal and sudden death I always feel such a sense of loss. He was not perfect, to be sure, but he appealed to the better angels of our nature. And despite his great wealth and upbringing, he conveyed a sense of humility that made him seem all the more accessible. I think it was Pierre Salinger who relayed an account of a time when he, JFK and a small group were at a hospital late at night visiting Joe Kennedy after his stroke. On the way out, JFK passed a small boy’s room and noticed that the boy was badly injured. JFK stopped the group, asked for a pen and wrote a short note wishing the boy well to be left for the boy when he woke up. No one else was around. No press. No photographers. Just the president and a boy struggling for his life in a dark hospital room.

    Years ago, I googled images for the newspaper headlines the day after Kennedy’s assassination. Of all the headlines, including the ones in the U.S., it was a newspaper in France that, in my opinion, captured the loss most poignantly. The headline read: “Light of Democracy Snuffed Out.” How true.

  4. If Ron Pataky was truly involved in Dorothy Kilgallen’s death, might he still fear that telling the truth would result in retribution from the people he collaborated with, or if they have died in the meantime, then from the organizations they represented, which may still be operational?
    These would include the people to whom he divulged the contents of her last book who wanted her to die, and perhaps those to whom he owed money.
    Power legacies can last generations, both in blood and bureaucracy. And fear is a powerful motivator.
    Also, Mark, did you ever look into whether Pataky paid off those significant gambling debts, or whether they were suddenly “forgiven” or were paid by someone else — and if so, how soon after Dorothy’s death? I understand that might be hard to investigate, but you are really good at getting good leads and following them to fascinating conclusions.
    And, Mark, you said you’re hoping to still find Dorothy’s missing manuscript. What is the possibility it was immediately destroyed? That’s the surest way to make something go away forever. If it wasn’t, might it have been used to blackmail people she implicated in her writing, either for money or political favors or other nefarious power-wielding?
    Apologies if you have already addressed these questions in your book. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading it.
    Loved this interview!
    SOOOO cool that Dorothy still communicates with you both, Mark and Whitley!

  5. In one of her books, US psychic Sylvia Browne reported that every book and scroll or any other record ever written down still exists in the Hall of Records on the other side. If so, perhaps Whitley’s implant could sample the Kilgallen manuscript or so many other lost records.

  6. Author

    Interesting idea. So far, the implant seems to work indirectly, in the sense that, if I want to know something I have been researching, new directions for exploration appear and I end up finding information in unexpected places.

    This is such a consistent effect that I attribute it to the implant, but, of course, I can never be certain.

    There has never been any direct Q and A that I have been able to detect or follow. I think that it is designed to support research and inner exploration without becoming a crutch.

    1. I wasn’t a fan of Sylvia Browne, but she was correct about the Hall of Records. You don’t need to use your implant. Anne might even be willing to direct you to the information or give you some clues if you ask her. Or find your way to the Great Library on your own.

  7. Wonderful discussion but I so wish that our old friend Jim Marrs could have been here and part of this interview.
    He was an expert on the JFK assassination and knew a great deal about Dorothy Kilgallen and her mysterious murder and could have added a lot to the discussion.

    1. Agree. I first heard about the involvement of Dorothy Kilgallen from Jim Marrs. Good to know she is not forgotten via Mark Shaw. Excellent interview by Whitley and Mark. Hope to hear more on the subject as information surfaces. Fingers crossed.

  8. Hi Whitey and All,
    I greatly appreciated this interview. Enlightening!
    My take away from the first discussion of conspiracy theories is that there is an element of truth in many of them, but then the blame is misdirected, and as you both said, this muddies the water.
    As another example, I’ve been in 12 step recovery groups for many years and have come to meet survivors of satanic ritual abuse, so I know that it is real. However, whether Q- anon is correct in who they identify as perpetrators or covering for the perpetrators etc.. is the mystery.

  9. I had things going, so I’m late getting to this episode of
    Dreamland…But, wow!

    I’m not sure what is more disturbing, the information discussed in this interview, or that I remember nearly all of the people and situations that were discussed (including Texas politicians)!

    I am curious, Whitley—did you happen to know Anne Robinson? She was a friend of mine who worked for many years for the Johnsons and KLBJ Radio. I also got to know some others, including LBJ’s attorney, who continued to represent Mrs. Johnson.

    This interview was simply fantastic!

  10. This interview made me think of a book I read called “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”. Jim Marrs did the foreword for that one. A fascinating story, and it makes me wonder if there are details there that would link up to Dorothy Kilgallen’s theory. I’m re-reading it currently and then plan to read Mark’s books. Great show!

  11. Absolutely brilliant show! Looking forward to more of Mark Shaw! Lots of WOW moments! Appreciate it Whitley!

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