Usually John Hogue visits Dreamland in January and July, but this time the world was in such turmoil in July that we waited until Steptember when–guess what, MORE turmoil!

So here we go anyway, with a dive into the pandemic, the coming election, the presidency and the Curse of Tecumseh that continued like a dark clockwork from the assassination of William McKinley to the near-assassination of Ronald Reagan…and then what happened? And what will happen next?

John lays out as never before a vision of how the United States works and what the country’s astrological chart means for its future. And by the way, why DIDN’T John talk about the pandemic last January? It was just on the horizon. Listen to his fascinating response.

This is a perfect show for this dark and tumultuous time. John will meet with subscribers in our video meeting room on October 10 at 11:00AM. Don’t miss this great discussion!

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  1. Oh My. The only government is self – sovereign governing of oneself.

    Very good listen, Whitley. Thank you for having John on. Will you have him back before the election?

  2. How things appear is not necessarily how they are. We are at a moment when people are waking up and there are signs daily to the fact that is true. Yes, the moment is dire, however, there is new life moving among us. As John Hogue says here, love is the factor, not politics. By spring there will be clear signs this is true. We simply need to get through this election cycle. Neither Trump nor Biden are presidential in any way. Sad case.

  3. Also, take note of all that has taken place in the past week with Trump’s taxes being exposed, Melania’s recordings with her friend who wrote the book, their testing positive for the virus. This interview was done before these things were exposed. Trump is not in good shape. He is in legal jeopardy personally once he is out of office.

    1. Author

      What a week for Trump! His taxes are exposed, he blows the debate and now he’s in the hospital with COVID! I am not so ready to believe at this point that he could win the election, but I am really feeling very at sea about the future of government in our country.

      The only thing I see that will bring peace in the house is a decisive Democratic victory on election day. If that doesn’t happen, the situation is going to get very murky.

      I think that it’s possible that Trump will resign soon, perhaps because of his illness, but also because of his legal problems. He may need a pardon from Mike Pence if he is to stay out of the federal hoosegow. How he will deal with the New York State situation once out of office is another matter. But at least he would be free of federal jeopardy.

      If he loses the election decisively and without question, I would say a resignation before leaving office would be a virtual certainty.

      Events outstripped this show within days of its being recorded. I do almost no current affairs on Dreamland. John, in fact, is the only current affairs guest. A lesson to me, for sure!

      1. according to the QANON group he is fine. had to get out of the public for the next two weeks. so what do we believe….what is the truth…

        1. Author

          Perhaps you haven’t seen the press conference with his doctors. Of course he’s ill and in the hospital.

          1. Hi Whitley. yes, i saw it. but the QANON’s are saying otherwise. I am not a QANON. But I do see these things online….

          2. I don’t think he is ill. I think he is being protected. In 2016, he said he wanted to end the endless wars – something I would have thought you would be in agreement with. The deepstate does not want an end to war – that’s how they get rich. There is a coup going on and has been since he was elected. If the other side wins, backed as they are by the Chinese the Republic is over.

          3. Author

            He sure looked ill on the video he did from the hospital. Sounded it, too.

        2. One thing to bear in mind is that it would be extremely out of character for Trump to publicly fake an illness–the bone spur story notwithstanding–to avoid what he loves most: the public eye. To him, it would be admitting what he perceives as a weakness just to be out of the limelight… it doesn’t track.

          I caught some clips of his previous rally, and Trump was indeed slightly hoarse and stuffy, and I seriously doubt that he was faking it.

          I think Whit’s spot on in that, regardless of who started it, QAnon is a psyop bent on leading its adherents down a path that serves only Q’s purpose.

          1. “…QAnon is a psyop bent on leading its adherents down a path that serves only Q’s purpose.”

            Nailed it. Who *is* Q, anyway? It matters; we need to know who. Disclosure, and transparency, on QAnon, please.

      2. Your observation, Whitley, that “events outstripped this show within days of its being recorded” is exactly right. As I listened to the recording, I had to keep reminding myself that it was made just days ago, so much has changed. The fast pace of events seems like a marker for our times, as we seesaw from one startling event to another.

      3. As written previously, how things appear is not necessarily how they are. Case in point. How differently things are in a matter of days and hours.

        People, focus on a positive future. It is within reach. Do not be fooled into believing you have no personal power. You have great personal power. Put your thoughts and energy into the future you want to create for yourselves and your families and friends. We can do this together.

        And let us thank The Donald for showing us the underbelly of America. Karma is real. Our country is still paying off what we have done in Iraq yet alone what we have done at home. Let’s be part of the solution.

      4. When I last mentioned how one of the programs were Trump bashing, Whitley responded with he tried to make the show as apolitical as possible. It’s okay to talk about and like or dislike a certain candidate all you want. I consider myself an open minded person recognizing everyone has a right to their own opinion. But let’s at least be honest. From this show alone, and there are others, it is anything but apolitical. Although I joined this site to hear about the supernatural, namely ufo’s and ancient mysteries, I don’t mind hearing other peoples points of views, even if they ALL are on the left. It doesn’t offend me. However not everyone is like me and some gets offended if somebody else happens to disagree about politics or spefically Trump. Whitley if you want to take sides against our president then that’s your choice. It’s your show and you can say what you want. It’s okay. Really. But whenever I make a point that you said things that where against Trump from an earlier post in the political section and then you deny it and say you try to make this show as apolitical as possible, and then turn around and say things in this show and the comments, then I feel vindicated. I don’t really need to be because I heard what went on in the other previous show. Again, I don’t mind you or other commenters in here talking about how much you dislike Trump. But if I am going to be told how wrong I am from a previous statement then I will defend my point of view whenever the time comes. I do like Trump. He may be one of the greatest presidents we ever had. If not the greatest. He dares to stand up to this dark, evil, corrupt government and media. In reality they’re not after him. They’re after us. He’s just in the way.

        1. Author

          I am not against or for political candidates. I am against global warming denial and COVID denial. CO2 is what causes global warming and we need to respect each other enough to wear masks. The science on both things is, quite simply, correct.

          The visitors have said little about COVID but a lot, all of my adult life, about global warming. I believe them and this site reflects that. When politicians or guests or, for that matter, anybody denies their extraordinary knowledge, I am just not with them.

          This doesn’t mean that I hate Trump, but because of his extremely overt public stance on these two issues, support of him or otherwise is completely intertwined with both taking the wrong road on COVID and denying global warming.

          As to the rest of it–the deep state and so forth–I have been dealing with hidden insiders for a long time. They are there. But it is also true that they think that they have our best interests at heart. They believe their own guff, in other words. It’s very unfortunate.

          1. Well I don’t mean to do a back and forth Whitley. Especially with you since I have a tremendous amount of respect for you as a talk show host, author and person. Now that I got the blubbery out of the way…Everybody has their reasons to lean left or right. In the case of COVID Trump was very early in meeting the crisis head on. By eliminating all travel from China on January 29. Biden called him a xenophobe for doing that which means racist for those who don’t know. He then banned travel from Europe on March 12. He shut down the best economy on record at the time over COVID. And delivered aid to different cities in need. Was on TV with his Coronavirus task force. He didn’t want to tank the already diving stock market by acting panicked about the virus and I understand that. That along with all the Russian allegations which have been debunked. Personally I think it’s just lunacy for the things the media comes up with and then starts piling on. But it works because many Americans just turn on channels like CNN or whatever and just accept it without looking into anything. The dumb masses I call them. Then as far as global warming is concerned I believe the Democrats use this as something just to get votes. Do we really want the same dummies who caused rolling blackouts in California due to their energy reduction plans to become the whole country? Kamala who herself is from California will soon be President since Biden is clearly in decline, if they win. I have no confidence that Democrats can do anything right. They screwed up the whole Obama Care thing and want to give tax money to illegial aliens and on and on and on… they will bankrupt this country which I believe is their goal. Since from their policies they are all socialists and communists they obviously want to see capitalism fail. So they can remake their own nation in their own image under systems that have never worked in the history of the world. So they’re just fine to throw us into economic and financial and energy chaos and sell it as protecting the enviroment. They are only using that as a political way to achieve their real goal. Destruction of the US from within. Now that they got the media on their side and a sizable number of people like the ones in here, I believe that it’s just a matter of time. It’s like the point of no return with terminal cancer. To be a radical party like the Democratic Party and still be viable at all speaks volumes to where we really are as a nation. The Republicans have there own issues as well. But the reason they are not as concerned with the whole enviroment thing is because they know that even if we do everything right as a nation who cares about the enviroment, countries like China, Russia, India, and so on aren’t going to go along. All they care about especially China and Russia are greed and world domination. All of those enviromental policies means sacrifice in terms of being at a disadvantage to other countries who just don’t care at all for anything except greed and world power. Personally I agree with you on the enviroment Whitley but I just think we are screwed because of the human greed on this planet will never be vanquished until we do ourselves in. The only way as I see it we make it through all this is direct intervention by Jesus or aliens or something like that because I’m sorry I have no faith whatsoever in mankind. Any benevolent race out there would be best to stay away from the warmongering humans. To me we are like the armpit of the universe. I’m sorry to sound so fatalistic. To those who don’t agree with me on all this I will NOT go back and forth with you as I have consumed too much as it is in all of this. But Whitley is worth it. So there you go.

        2. he’s not everyone’s cup of “tea” but he is between us a horrible globalist cabal that wants to appropriate the wealth of this country and turn us into a scared American version of China with Total Social Control and we the people don’t want it. Lot of people who believe that the world can be more fair, etc. think DEMS are the ones to do it – oblivious to the reality the that DEMS started the KKK, that the “Green New Deal” is built on fantasy (takes more energy to build a windmill for ex than it will ever provide) and DEMS are the architects of Planned Parenthood to eliminate black and brown people etc etc – we’ve been carefully taught. I didn’t think I liked The Donald early on – but he’s the brash patriot that is keeping those horrible people at bay – all the Bidens, Pelosis, Kerrys and Romneys whose kids are all in Burisma…. we live in crazy times.

  4. Well, as usual, Hogue is wrong. The debate showed Trump to be totally out of control and Biden was in total control. Perhaps before Hogue talks, he should just state his political affiliation upfront.

    1. Author

      I had the impression that Hogue was expressing his fears, not his hopes.

      1. perception is interesting. trump seemed in control and Biden was wearing an earpiece and something hanging out of his left cuff. he seemed very frail. I don’t have a favorite btw… i like to watch a YouTuber “Body Language Ghost”. She had some interesting observations.

        I think Hogue is sad and fearful for humanity.

    2. I could not agree more!
      Biden is doing a great job during the town hall with Lester Holt tonight. John has always been a rightie. I just can’t put much stock in an Osho, also known as Acharya Rajneesh, Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh, and later as Osho, follower. Really?

  5. Does Hogue get his information from Fox News and Breitbart? Seriously. My God, the GOP has pulled out all stops to steal the election for Trump by GOP electoral teams in RED states ignoring the popular vote and giving all the votes to Trump. Hogue admitted this but made it sound like a moral decent action instead of totally ignoring the American public. I can’t listen to him anymore. All the nonsense about Joe being senile is right out of Fox News. Meanwhile, Trump will not disavow violent White Supremacist groups and cannot string a sentence together coherently. Hogue is really something. A Russian “Hoax”? A REPUBLICAN Senate committee did its own investigation and found that Russians did interfere in the 2016 election and are doing so again. Whitley, can’t you do better than this???? I never saw you as a Fox News junkie. I am a full time caregiver for a family member, so I am pretty much locked down. I watch a lot of different media each day. Hogue was channeling Fox and right wing propaganda throughout this entire interview regarding the election. It was appalling. Like you, I am also an old white man, but I care about equality in this country versus Trump’s White People First caste society that is on the drawing board.

    1. At this point, I really don’t give much credence to Hogue’s judgment. His assessment of Biden, like his view on Obama, is way off-base, as is his astrology. Although he claims to be unbiased, the major news source he cites is RT and he has written admiringly of Putin. He also seems to share the right’s creepy obsession with Hillary Clinton. Kamala Harris as her “puppet”? Give me a break.

      1. I will repeat, everything political that Hogue says is from Fox News and other right wing propaganda news sites. It is embarrassing that he is allowed time on a website devoted to spiritual advancement and a raising of consciousness beyond the norm. I won’t listen to Hogue again.

      2. That is a QANON thing about Kamala as Hillary’s puppet….much going on about it. I don’t know what to think, myself. But if one follows some of the top names out there this is what the Q’s believe. It’s anybody’s guess.

      3. I agree. I hate to say anything negative about guests but John doesn’t have much credibility in my eyes at all. I listened to this entire interview but this will probably be the last time I give my time to hearing him speak for 1.5 hours.

  6. Author

    I delayed doing this show until things seemed to have quieted down. I have not stopped laughing ever since!

    As far as John’s politics are concerned, I never ask my guests about their politics. I didn’t get the impression he approved of election stealing at all. He was simply saying what he feared would happen.

  7. Author

    I listened to it again. I think he’s actually a leftie who’s disappointed that Biden got the Democratic nomination. Thus the completely arbitrary dig at Kamala Harris.

    I can’t find anything on his site that is pro-Putin. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. Can you drop a link, WJ?

    I have recently dropped some long-time guests because they are COVID deniers. You’ve got me wondering now about John, frankly. If he’s a Putin supporter, maybe it’s time for a break here, too.

    1. A leftie who thinks that any Russian interference in the 2016 and 2020 elections is a hoax? Seriously? That is right out of the Fox News playbook.

      1. Julian Assange stated more than once Russia was not the source of the Clinton-Podesta emails leak. Instead he suggested it had been Seth Rich. Here’s one of those times:
        “Julian Assange on Seth Rich”
        Hear it from formet CIA analyst Ray McGovern and former NSA technical director Bill Binney:
        “Russiagate and Seth Rich”
        More on this issue:
        Better we don’t believe the propaganda lies from the MSM…

        1. the threat IS China and has been for a few decades – I studied Chinese for four years with a Chinese woman whose family got out – she hated the CCP – as do most Chinese people – and used to say they were “at war” with us but we were too naive to see it… It’s getting clearer all the time.

    2. I can’t recall a particular quote from all of the voluminous prose on Hogue’s site. But he tends to go on (and on) in rather florid and often snarky terms about people he obviously doesn’t care for. When I said that he had written admiringly of Putin, I meant something along the lines of what Dorothy L. Sayers called “praising him with faint damns.” Hogue wrote of how smart Putin was, and disciplined in chess and martial arts, contrasting him with, e.g., Obama.
      I wouldn’t put John Hogue in the same sort of category as COVID deniers, and I’ll still listen to see if he says anything that feels valid, but I look elsewhere for astrological insight.

      1. Three hits that come up on goOgle (in Corporate America, engine searches YOU!) sound like what you’re describing, but it just reads like Hogue admires Putin’s preternatural levelheadedness and other statecraft skills, but not the ends that he puts those skills toward. He outright refers to Putin as “another modernizing autocrat” in the second link.

        His contrasting Putin with Obama also doesn’t seem to have to do with Obama’s intelligence, but rather Putin’s more extensive experience in manipulating world affairs–of which is fair, he’s been a master manipulator on the world stage for decades.

        New Cold War Predictions, Neocon Conspiracies, your Comments about Hogue on Coast to Coast Am…

        Civil War in Ukraine, Kerry Skull-and-Boning Fact and RT (Russia Today) to start a New Cold War…

        Ceasefire in Ukraine while NATO rattles Spearhead. Did Russia really Invade? Nostradamus, A New Cold War…

        I’m under the distinct impression that Hogue doesn’t like any world leaders.

    3. It is your site Whitely but we all have an opinion. Mine is usually on the fence trying to have the larger perspective. But wouldn’t this make you like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook? I realize you have a right to have anyone you desire and to not invite those you have no interest. but I don’t know. It seems people can’t have an opinion anymore…why is that Whitley? What has happened to Humanity? I still check in on Joseph and see what he is saying. And sometimes, CAF, and a host of others you do not have as guest on DL. But why not have a roundtable and have a mature discussion of why all these differences and what that means for humanity rather than huddle in a corner. I don’t even think I’m voting for a President this year. I am probably just going to vote for the local election races.

      1. Author

        I’m not going to have people who endanger the lives of others by telling lies for money on my show or site. Bottom line. COVID denial is not an opinion. It is a lie but it’s also one that frightened people, all too many of them also now desperate economically, want to believe. That’s what makes it so dangerous.

        If the administration had followed scientific advice from the beginning and provided testing and masks and explained why they were so important, at least a hundred thousand lives would have been saved, and probably many more, and we would be on the way to recovering right now instead of worrying about a second wave. And our national leader would not be sick along with a good number of his colleagues and supporters.

        COVID is not a matter of “opinion.” It’s a matter of nature, and nature doesn’t have opinions. It simply does what it does.

        1. If the phenomenon were confined only to the U.S., I could see the idea of the pandemic-as-a-hoax idea being somewhat plausible. But as someone with a perspective outside of the U.S. I can barely fathom the massive amount of resources it would take to stage a production of this magnitude on a global scale–the sheer cost of it would far outweigh any potential profits that will be seen by the corporations.

          This is not a drill folks, COVID is the real deal.

          1. And according to the covid deniers, the entire intent of this huge conspiracy is to make Americans wear masks in the supermarket. That’s a lot of effort just so someone wears a mask while shopping. It is madness, pure and simple. And right now, as Trump is in the hospital, his representatives are giving press conferences on his condition while NOT WEARING MASKS!

        2. And now Donald and Melania and many around them have Covid-19. God being willing to experience that as each on of them, to show the rest of us to trust God in us, and not what worldly authority figures say.

        3. Not a medical person but the thing I found most interesting is how deadly seasonal FLU is – far worse than something the vast majority survive with little to no effects… but still – was it developed as a bioweapon sent here on purpose? Lots of mysteries.

      2. With polite respect, you seriously cannot decide between Trump (the man who put thousands of children in cages) and Biden? Seriously? How does a person live in the same nation I do and not have horror at what has been going on? I will be as charitable as I can be and assume you recently awoke from a coma?

        1. It was Obama and Biden who build the cages. And they send more people back across the border than any president before or since, including Trump:
          “Obama seeks aid to stem surge in illegal border crossings”

          “A first look inside holding facilities for immigrant children”

          “What OBAMA Got Away With.”

          As for taking sides, this is my side:
          “George Carlin – Why I Don’t Vote”

          1. PS:
            This is why the “elite” behind the scenes through Obama and Biden did not want Flynn in the White House advising Trump, and tried to get him locked up for years in jail so he would not be able to:
            “Ex-DIA boss Michael Flynn: White House took “willful decision” to fund, train Syria Islamists ISIS”
            All those wars were planned years ahead, and the MSM would spread the war propaganda lies and false flag operations to shock the public so much it would support those wars.

            Hear it from retired four-star general Wesley Clark himself:
            “Wes Clark – America’s Foreign Policy “Coup”

          2. I think you might want to re-watch those first two videos:

            The first one states that Obama was asking Congress for $2 billion to get the children out of those cages and into more humane housing–children that were sent across the border on their own, and not separated from their parents by Border Patrol, as we’ve seen in recent years.

            The second one specifically states that the facilities were adult pens constructed around 2000 (Clinton era) that had to be hastily converted to house the overflow of kids, after the regular facilities filled up. The allegations of abuse in the video are being put against Border Patrol, and not the government itself.

            I’m not saying that Obama’s hands are clean, but if those two news reports are evidence, then putting kids in cages is not one of his sins.

        2. Obama put the cages there, and children are used and trafficked across the border, brought there by people who are not their parents. Should, then nothing be done for them?

        3. Might I add: never paying taxes, admittedly morally ambiguous (to put it nicely), unintelligible, uneducated, disrespectful, grandiose/ego-maniacal, disrespectful of the rule of law, manipulative, rude, probably a Russian asset, and well, fat and orange. How anyone who is an American who lived through the Cold War, remembers anyone who fought in WWII or lost a family member in war, is a veteran, a parent, a married person, or even a human being can vote for this biological meme bag is beyond me.

  8. I find John Hogue’s analysis compelling. Seems he has a track record, for trends at the very least, that demonstrate that he does more than spout his own opinions. I also don’t feel that John’s predictions are rooted in his personal politics and I don’t sense that he holds extremist, or even heavily biased, views toward our current or would be leaders. Simply opining that Biden’s cognitive abilities may very well decline over the next fours years to the extent that he cannot function in office doesn’t mean that John has “bought into” anything. Seem plausible enough for a 77-year old.

    Like so many, given these last years and the years ahead, I struggle to maintain inner peace and an optimistic outlook in the face of so much uncertainty. My son will be born, today actually, and a man I deeply trust – Whitley – says that the visitors predict a 70% decline in the human species over the next 50 to 100 years should things continue on their present course. Nothing is inevitable. But these are challenging times, to say the least. John Hogue seems to agree.

    1. Donald Trump is only 3 years younger than Biden. Trump is also very obese and seems to think McDonalds is high cuisine. If Trump was 10 to 20 years younger than Biden, all this GOP Biden bashing might make sense. But 3 years? I would feel like a total fool saying that someone 3 years older than me was a doddering “old man” while I was the embodiment of youth and vitality.

    2. With regards to human species decline, the global and U.S. political climate is an indication that it will take a miracle for our species to make it to the end of the 21st. That’s why politics are TOTALLY appropriate for this show.

  9. Author

    Congratulations on the birth of your son, Sergios! I love children, which is the main reason I am out here doing what I do.

    On their behalf, let’s all work to make certain that the visitors’ warning doesn’t come true!

    Incidentally, if this is your first child, I have a thought: At first, it will not seem that having a baby in the house has anything to do with a spiritual journey. But it DOES, every moment of it.

    When your little one is just new, connect as deeply as you can with their eyes. You will see the amazement and wonder with which they regard the world around them, and it will be unlike anything you have ever known before.

    “The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,
    Hath had elsewhere its setting,
    And cometh from afar:
    Not in entire forgetfulness,
    And not in utter nakedness,
    But trailing clouds of glory do we come”

    –William Wordsworth

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Whitley, for your kind and inspiring words. I do intend to take that journey. I’ve long been inspired by Wordworth’s poem. I am likewise guided – in the context of my personal faith – by the way in which Jesus referred to children and invited us all to be like them so that we can can fully access our own joy.

      1. And another, Whitley!
        And Sergios, also another blessing for your son and your whole family.

  10. It would be a shame to drop John or any other guest because they might have a different perspective. What’s wrong with a different point of view? If that’s the case, might as well just listen to the main stream news. Denier or not, I think everyone has something valid to say, especially long time guests that we enjoy. Please don’t be like the “truth police” and pass judgement. There’s already far too much of this going on right now. That’s why I enjoy shows such as yours, they usually make room for alternate opinions.

    1. Hogue does NOT present his opinions as opinions. Instead, he heists his opinions on his “accurate” reading of Nostradamos and astrology. It would be just fine if Hogue said “In my humble opinion, Joe is a doddering old man and Trump is our savior”. But instead, he used astrology to proclaim that Joe is a dangerous old man who will lose all cognitive ability in office and probably die. GIVE ME A BREAK! Then he proclaimed the Russian interference in our election a hoax = fact rather than again his (right wing insane) opinion. If this man wants to create a podcast to bash everything more progressive and liberal in society than the invention of the wheel, he can do it. He can easily create a YOUTUBE channel and post his opinions = fact on his channel. But I subscribe to Dreamland and I would like the guests to not be so dogmatic in their mere opinions and then dishonestly try to gain leverage on those opinions by making them seem to be divine prophecy or astrological destiny. And by the way, NOT all opinions are equal. The opinion of a world class Doctor like Doctor Fauci trumps (excuse the pun) the delusional ranting that comes out of Trump’s mouth about using bleach or a malaria drug to stop covid or right wing pundits on Fox News who tell their audience to ignore Fauci and instead trust Sean Hannity!

    2. With regards to human health and safety, I respect Whitley’s difficult choice to do the ethical thing, which is not to proliferate ideas that are dangerous to people’s well-being. There are quite a few who have died because they were convinced that it was not real and those who proliferate that idea are complicit.

  11. “The sowing of the seed of strife bringeth contention.” For me, this sums up DONALD TRUMP.

    The previous interview with John Hogue indicated he felt Trump had a kind heart according to his astrology chart. I cannot remember the exact words but subscribers who want to check it out PLEASE do and listen for it??? If I am wrong about this, then I apologize now. I cannot re-live that interview nor do I want to listen to this one.

    Psychology study indicates that narcissists are more involved in politics than the rest of us.

    Thought for the Day…….Edgar Cayce

    “The sowing of the seed of the spirit bringeth peace. The sowing of the seed of strife bringeth contention.”

    Edgar Cayce reading 1541-11

    1. I would say that anyone who manages to become president and is willing to start wars for the “elite” and their financial interests in wars -the MIC, the Big Corporations, Deep State intelligence community, and above all the Bankers- is a socio- or psychopath. The same multi billion bank account holding “elite” also own the 6 corporations which in turn own the MSM.
      This is a sharp analysis uploaded within the last 24 hours of that:
      “The CIA’s Plot To POISON Julian Assange!”

      At the same time this is a dreamlike virtual reality, a nightmarish Matrix. Who we really are if Good beyond description, yet because of that we were willing to give our Life for the humans we seem to be in this world. Knowing beforehand that we would experience being the opposite of Who we are in truth. Of which we see an near infinite amount of examples. For how many times have we experienced doing things we deep down in our hearts didn’t really want to do, and feel bad about? That is so we come to the realization of Who and How our true Identity is beyond the our human appearance in this virtual reality.

      A reminder:
      “ET 101”

  12. Author

    COVID denial is dangerous because it encourages people to forego protection. That’s why the president is in the hospital and so many of his associates are coming down with the disease.

    I make room for alternate opinions on Dreamland, certainly, but I cannot in good conscience allow guests who advocate things that I have unimpeachable reason to believe might result in harm to my listeners.

    There is no genuine debate about COVID, what it does, and how to prevent it. It’s a dangerous virus, it causes a whole array of symptoms and can result in death, and wearing a mask in the best way we have of protecting ourselves and others.

    People are jumping on the COVID denial bandwagon because it generates revenue. If I denied COVID here and let COVID deniers have a voice, I’d triple my subscriber base in a week.

    How would I face the families of those who died because they heard such lethal advice on my show and followed it?

    1. Whitley, I am glad you have integrity. We cannot turn this nation over to the people who have authoritarian personalities and want a savior to tell them what to think and to deny their “better angels” for political expediency. I have been shocked how many right wing people are into ufology. I don’t honestly get it. I respect HONEST RATIONAL discussions, but all I find on the internet is these people ranting and raving about wild conspiracy theories and proclaiming that wearing a mask is equivalent to the mark of the beast and makes them pawns of the New World Order. Only this nation is so insane. I have relatives in Scotland who are begging me to get out while I still can. (Yes, I am the proverbial abductee with Celtic Blood on both sides of the family).

  13. This makes two weeks in a row there’s a little bit of a freak out over politics. Hogue always writes about geopolitics. Today is nothing new.

    I don’t agree or resonate with everything John Hogue says or writes-never have. But I do find his perspective interesting. Educational even, because he does do his research and consults astrology, etc., which informs his work. If nothing else he sometimes inspires me to think more deeply about a topic.

    Let’s not let politics, particularly the partisan politics of our day, cloud our enjoyment of life. Let us all use our own discernment to know what is true and what is not true. And above all, let us keep an open mind.

  14. “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”
    ― Rumi

    That’s who I am now. Don’t know if if I am more wise, but I am working on myself to be a better human being. My future depends on that. I can’t affect any positive changes or outcomes for the world until I change myself.

    “I delayed doing this show until things seemed to have quieted down. I have not stopped laughing ever since! ” Yes, if you don’t laugh at some of this absurdity, it will drive you nuts! So, being a better human being includes cultivating a sense of humor. We watched ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ again a few days ago— so simple, so silly, and so joyful!

    I think John was spot-on about some things, but maybe missed the mark on other things. We’ll find out, won’t we? Something positive and totally ‘out of the blue’ could happen as well. Some things don’t even require an oracle, but just the ability to read human nature, pay attention, and know our history as a species.

    Enjoyed the interview, immensely!

  15. I enjoyed John’s presentation until he brought up Hillary and his fear of her. I thought that strange as she is long gone.

  16. Author

    Weird Hillary Clinton beliefs are some sort of neurosis, seems to me. She’s just an ordinary politician. Her ideology, slightly left-of-center Democrat, is garden variety. Why in the world she has become the target of so much invective I don’t understand. And the really weird stuff–the cannibalism claims, etc, how can anybody believe stuff like that without even a shred of evidence?

    1. QAnon and right wing websites still parrot Hillary as the evil feminist archon who is secretly controlling the universe with George Soros. Together, they cast their spell on humanity. Sounds to me like a classic Disney villain like Cruella de Ville. People are scared. Society is changing and people want simple explanations. Hillary is one such explanation. The sad thing is that these people ignore the often very complicated REAL reasons for our dystopian reality right now. If we need to project our fears and evil on a super villain, perhaps we should go back to Satan. At least that way, no mere human’s life is in danger from some deranged conspiracy fanatic.

    2. Have you read Tranceformation of America by Cathy O’Brien? You should; Hillary’s in there, along with many others. You want proof? You’ll find it there.

      1. Author

        Given what happened to me as a child and my knowledge of the Finders cult and many things that have happened since, I have read and researched Tranceformation very carefully. The book does not provide what we would normally call proof. It suggests things, certainly, and I feel certain that some of it must be real, but what? That is never pinned down. Like the vast volume of material I have read on this subject, there are always loose ends. In my life, too, God knows.

  17. I have been very vocal in the comments section. Obviously, this triggers me a lot. I won’t apologize for that. My own brother in law died of the virus in April in New Jersey at 42. Yet some people don’t care because he is only part of a small statistic. I have responded to such people with “And how many Americans must die before you care?” I think humanity’s greatest failure is a lack of empathy. Jesus tried to instill it in people, but instead it became words-only-dogma, not practical in a predatory capitalist society. I just really become angry when people take advantage of an angle (like being a Nostrodamos and astrology expert) to push their own agenda. I had a friend (now we are not speaking) who a couple years ago wrote a book where he claimed that he channeled Jesus. In the book, Jesus constantly bashed the New Deal, the so-called “welfare state”, controls on the environment and seemed to share the views of the Koch brothers. My friend was a professed Libertarian whose view was “I’ve got mine, so screw you”. So he wrote a book using Jesus as legitimacy to spew these views. I wrote a devastating review on Amazon and the book never went anywhere. Maybe it was just before its time and Ivanka could have held a copy aloft for the cameras. But my point is that I can’t stand people who put their views into a prop, be it prophecy, astrology, channeling Jesus, or whatever.

  18. Fascinating podcast. Glad to hear John Hogue again.
    Lots of insights on the spiritual meanings of what he mentions came to mind. But instead of summing them up, this is what came up in me to post here, as it points to the divine intelligence and wisdom in us where all the solutions are waiting for us to open up to:
    “The Mind Will Never Find Peace – Louise Kay”
    “Looking Through the Disguise – Eckhart Tolle”

  19. When my sons were little, I had plaques made for both of them with my favorite poem, ‘IF’ by Rudyard Kipling, inscribed on them. I plan on doing this for my 3 grandchildren this Christmas. Kipling was a man of his time, so I have tweaked the poem a bit, to make it more inclusive for my two grandsons and my granddaughter.
    It is relevant more today than ever…

    By Rudyard Kipling

    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too:
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or being hated don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;

    If you can dream — and not make dreams your master
    If you can think — and not make thoughts your aim,
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same:
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools;

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss:
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with Kings and Queens — nor lose the common touch,
    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all people count with you, but none too much:
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And — which is more — you’ll be the best of humanity, my sons and daughters!

  20. Hello Mr. Strieber and Mr. Hogue. Please keep doing these interviews. As a longtime listener and subscriber (and eternal fan), I feel that it would be a great loss to your show if you stopped doing interviews with him.

    Thank you

  21. I enjoy hearing John but to my interpretation, he’s usually wrong about things , makes half baked deductions and back pedals frequently. I never take anything he says seriously, but I love hearing different perspectives and I think that’s what this show is about.

  22. I like John as a person. I have purchased some of his books. I have noticed that he is able to predict something in a way that if he is wrong he can explain it to actually indicate he was right. Entertaining to a degree.

    But, yes, I am not interested in deniers. In the case of CAF I think she has a lot to offer but the denials and her recent attitudes toward certain subjects I believe come from Farrell’s influence. He himself has become bolder in his exposing of his real self in the last 4 years.

  23. I’m in my 70’s, and may not think as quickly as I once did, but I’ve got enough brainpower left to see the differences in a future with Trump/Pence or Biden/Harris in charge. Biden may not have dazzled in the debate but he showed that he’s vastly superior to Trump. Biden has never been a great speaker or debater but he’ll lead us in the right direction in the next four years.
    Hogue’s comments about Hillary being a “shadow president” and having Harris in her pocket puts everything he says under suspicion. Too bad, because he had worthwhile things to say about climate and Bush/Gore.

  24. Wow! Lotta comments here….welp…we sit n wait ….see what happens….oh lordy

  25. Author

    He’s going to be with us in the subscriber video room on Saturday at 11 AM Pacific. Let’s ask him what he means about Hillary and Harris.

  26. Soothsayers and futurists.. I take with a grain of salt. Its a lot of spin and interpretations. We can not see into the ethers. The future is like a frosted glass- we can only see shadows. I like John. I like Marla Frees. I like Natalie Sudman. But frankly its never anything solid. I mean to be frank: tell me what stock or horse will win if you can see the future. ( crickets) (or spin)

    The thing about Mr. Hogue is he is also an astrologist and Nostardamus scholar. I like the Tesmuch (sp) curse.

    Pandemic.. c’mon man , Nostradamus was a plague doctor and John claims to many issues going on. (huh?) and that’s why he missed a 100 year event?

    13-0 picking the popular vote. That a good record – but 14 is when he will break that record. (huh?)

    I like the 248 orbit of Pluto… starting with the Declaration of Independence.
    Entertaining discussion… I will be going to dig deeper into John’s site…but its mostly conjecture in my mind…

  27. Great interview as always! I always find John’s thoughts really interesting I especially like the phrase don’t be afraid to be brave. It was funny a friend of my husband said we should just have bumper stickers about ” vote for your favorite too rich, white, out of touch men”. So you have one who’s potentially senile already or one who cannot put a paragraph together without it written down for him. The thing I found the strangest for me with Trump is that he is certainly not religious, doesn’t go to church, and yet he has the religious right all lined up behind him. I mean with Romney for instance he was very religious obviously part of the Mormon church. Biden supposedly is Catholic but I just don’t get the far-right evangelicals lining up behind Trump he’s not exactly mr. Family Values. Multiple Mistresses, wives, kids etc etc. What a long strange trip it will be indeed. I’ve got to the point I only watch the news every few days. Time will tell and I’m looking forward to Johns next section of information! Thanks for having him on Whitley

  28. I’m not a fan of Hogue as a seer or prophet; I believe he bends the wording and general discussing of upcoming events in such a way as to be guaranteed to claim accurate hits. I was extremely critical of his failed (IMO) prediction of 2016 – when he all of a sudden started to claim that he predicted only the popular vote. Nonetheless, I think he’d be an interesting person to talk to over coffee or whatever and I’m not really bothered by all that very much as I take this stuff with a bucket of salt. Now, all that said I find the harsh criticism and cavalier flirtation with censorship on this site to be appalling in the extreme.
    I hope Whitley is not overly influenced by the opinion of a certain person in this comments section that decries any view other than ‘progressive leftism’, does not think twice to demean the guests opinion as nothing but ‘talking points of fox news and Breitbart (the implication of which is that only right leaning media is ‘propaganda’), feigns amazement that people with right leaning views are interested in UFOs (as if it were the provenance of only ‘certain people’), even baits Whitley himself with a barb about hoping he hasn’t become a ‘fox news junkie’ (apparently for the crime of interviewing a long time guest with possibly different views than himself), and generally displaying a rather nasty online demeanour and who then has the audacity to lament the fact that people in this country do not display enough empathy!
    It seems every time I consider subscribing to this site something happens that puts me off of doing so. It looked to me that Whitley was open to entertaining the possibility of censoring of Mr Hogue based on some of these criticisms of his guest – essentially founded in the fact that he is perceived by some to now display some right leaning ideas. I sincerely hope that is not the case – this is just the sort of cancel culture type stuff that will actually do more to drive a wedge and sow division in this country.

    1. Have to agree about 2016. It was always the winner and then when he made a mistake, it was suddenly the popular vote winner he predicted?

      Nonsense, if you are wrong, admit it.

      John has always been too right wing for me. This will probably be the last interview of his I listen to.

  29. I listen to John Hogue here and there, once in a while. As in the past, I find his predictions intriguing but definitely biased. He has always been right-leaning which irks me so I don’t pay heed to much of what he predicts. Still, now and then, I find his perspective interesting but take it with a grain of salt. I don’t think either Presidential candidate is completely qualified but I know which one is dangerous as evidenced by our current state of affairs, and which one has common sense and empathy. COVID is real, global warming is real, and everything Qanon is spreading is dangerous and absolute hogwash. Why anyone would give Hillary Clinton so much power is beyond me. I will see you all on the 10th at 10am to get some questions answered! Please, vote.

  30. I try listening to John’s prognostications with on open mind realizing that we all bring our biases to the conversation.

    I wanted to know more about the Curse of Tecumseh and went to Wikipedia where I discovered that Zachary Taylor, elected in 1884, died while in office, obviously a deviation from the supposed curse. Also numerous presidents not elected in the Tecumseh 20 year interval have faced threats and assassination attempts, so it is not unique to Reagan or Bush. It would appear that John is being selective in what he is presenting, or if he missed this bit about President Taylor, what else is he missing?

    Not being an American, obviously I don’t play a part in your country’s political decisions. As someone who has a family member with a disability and having volunteered to work with the disabled, it was very disturbing to see then candidate Donald Trump mock a disabled reporter during the run-up to the 2016 election and see the laughing response from his supporters. Knowing the courage of the disabled and what they deal with in trying to live a productive and fulfilling life it makes me incredibly sad to see so many of your citizens so blind to the suffering of others. It is mentioned in an above post that John Hogue has previously said that Trump has a good heart. Maybe he does, but he has an odd way of showing it.

    On the matter of the candidate’s mental abilities and having personal experience in public speaking, I think we should be more understanding of what it takes to think on one’s feet in a public setting. Knowing that Biden has dealt very well with a stuttering disability I think that the occasional miss-spoken word can be forgiven. The intent behind the words are what is most important. Remember that President Trump misspoke this past month when talking about herd immunity when he said “herd mentality”. We all knew what he meant, though I had visions of all his supports going like lemmings over the covid-19 cliff.

    I think the bigger question to consider on the matter of prophesy, prediction, and curses is how does it relate to the way we live of lives. As humans we have the ability to use our capacity of critical thinking in decision making. If we give up this ability to take responsibility in choosing our own destiny, we give up something of ourselves. There is something to be said for both the individual and society as a whole in making well thought out, intelligent choices, and living with the consequences, both good and bad.
    Rickety Man

  31. Lots of pontification during this interview. Of course, my personal motto remains, “Trust No One.” Yet there is indeed some sense in the air about massive change and restructuring afoot (most such chatter is illogically positive/happy, of course). Such a sentiment fournd in an opinion piece in today’s New York Times at if you like.

  32. Never been much of a fan of Mr. Hogue, but I came and listened. Makes me think, which is good when spending many hours alone these days. Helps me sort out my own thoughts and beliefs. If we are not challenged to do so, well, “move it or lose it”.
    As far as guests, I do appreciate that Whitley and the other podcast hosts present us with an amazing variety of guests and subjects. Please continue to do so, but thank you for declining the covid deniers.

  33. White Knight, a correction to your remark: “In the case of COVID Trump was very early in meeting the crisis head on. By eliminating all travel from China on January 29.”

    I was on a flight to California in early March 2020. A wide body plane load of passengers from China had just arrived. My daughter was waiting for me and confirmed that flight was direct from China, according to the posted arrivals. The Ontario International Airport is small and not very busy; no mistaking the arrival just before mine.

    On the topic of John Hogue, Whitley seems to have held him in high esteem so some years ago I picked the 3 most important predictions (in my opinion) he was making at the time.
    (1) Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic nomination and the presidency (he hedged that bet as time went by);
    (2) The U.S. would be at war with Iran within a year;
    (3) Some of the events scheduled to take place in Beijing (the Olympics there were coming up) would have to be relocated because of the air quality.
    John Hogue was 0 for 3. I could have done better without the astrology charts and Nostradamus expertise, or whatever he was using, just by guessing.
    I haven’t listened to him since.

  34. Author

    I have been confused and disappointed by the change in approach of some of my long time guests.

  35. As to Dylan’s Dad… I did not get any favored Right wing slants from John Hogue’s interview…

    Your perceptions seem , well pardon me- a might off mate.

  36. First of all, regarding the comments of both the guest and host about issues of weight gain (during pandemic-enforced home isolation, probably), my advice is “dietary fiber.” In other words, most processed US food is hugely deficient in dietary fiber, so over-eating in order to feel full is almost inevitable. The solution is to add fiber (such as oat bran) to a hot morning cereal, consume more high-fiber vegetables (such as jicama, a fiber powerhouse), eat high-fiber fruit such as raspberries, and so on. If you do that, you will both find that your weight stabilizes, despite the current year of enforced inactivity. 1) When John speaks of “many more shocks that are coming” (during the 2020s), he may be seeing actually positive changes that have been overdue for awhile. I view those necessary shocks in a positive way, where US involvement in out-and-out war becomes extremely unlikely during the 2020s. There is an old tale of students listening to the Buddha: As that teaching ends, a student asks, “Who are you — a saint, a ghost, or a man?” Buddha replies, “I am awake.” So, if we all “wake up” during the 2020s, that would be a very positive outcome. 2) Having watched Joe Biden during the 1st Presidential debate and the Town Hall, he only made a few verbal missteps, which at his age could easily be connected to his having overcome stuttering early in life. (Oftentimes, such early life speech issues recur decades later, in a milder way.) I think it’s very likely that Mr. Trump, however, will indeed find a way to victory in 2020; there’s ways and then there’s ways. Time will tell. 3) John Hogue’s statement about the meaning of the Bible’s section called Revelation is most convincing … it’s about the sacking of Jerusalem, he says, and is *not* about our time. … A fascinating episode of Dreamland … thank you both.

  37. When is a John Hogue returning to Dreamland? A visit is long overdue.

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