The amazing Laird Scranton returns to Dreamland with Primal Wisdom of the Ancients. We go back to Gobekli Tepe, to Egypt, to Sumeria and even deeper to find out what the past has to tell us now. We discover that, thousands of years ago at Skara Brae in Scotland there was a world-school, and what it meant and what it taught, and what all this has to do with the single greatest intact repository of ancient science that still exists–the esoteric tradition of the Dogon people of Africa!

Then we go even deeper into an amazing discussion between Laird and Whitley about how the message of the deep past about world change that is unfolding NOW relates to the UFO close encounter experience and the ongoing personal relationship Whitley and so many others have with the visitors.

This is one information-packed show, another great Dreamland.

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  1. Excellent! I have my own copy of ‘Skara Brae’, and knew I could not miss this new interview with Laird Scranton. It did not disappoint, and it also clarified my own life and experiences and the path that I have been on through several lifetimes. (Yeah, that’s a loooong story!). Thanks for this one!

    The information about The Opening of the Mouth Ceremony of the Ancient Egyptians and comparison to the ancient people of the Orkney Islands and the shattered skulls as ways to free souls was particularly interesting to me at this time. I am in the middle of a course about ancient civilizations of North America, and the practice of freeing the souls of the dead through the top of the head of the Mogollon culture of the American Southwest was very similar. Archaeologists wondered why so much of their beautiful pottery included holes through the bottom of bowls. They discovered the key to that mystery when they found graves of the Mogollon, with the deceased buried in a sitting position and a bowl upside down on top of the head—with the hole as a way to free the soul!

    This was my favorite interview by far this year, and I look forward to reading Laird’s new book!

    1. YEAH COSMIC! Glad to see you in the posting. =)
      I gotta listen yet.

      1. Hi, Harley! Don’t miss this one! It really checks all the boxes for me, and for many of us at Unknown Country.

  2. Laird never ceases to amaze me with his high wisdom and deep humility! Whitley, it’s my understanding that the vesica piscis is a symbol of the divine feminine as the portal to the great mystery.

    1. Duann, in another recent interview, the Sheela na gig was discussed, and it is also relevant to the vesica pisces. As is ‘pisces’ (fish).
      A whole show could be devoted to just this symbolism. There’s an idea…🙂

  3. Earlier in the show you both touched on the frozen mammoths found in Siberia.
    In. 1974 I took a night Geology course at UMSL The best investment I ever made That course was the impetus that brings me to this site today The Professor covered not only Geology but a variety of esoteric subjects that we are still questioning today
    Anyway he brought up the lilies In the stomachs of the mammoths
    The thinking at that time was that there was a pole shift.
    If there was The tempurature surroundings mammoths could have been fairly moderate
    Then the shift happens. The wind picks up to a thousand miles per hour. At which point the animal is frozen from the inside out in matter of seconds.
    He backed up this concept with the finding of thousands of animals dead and piled up Canadian peat bogs. They seemed to be blown there by the wind.

    1. see the work of douglas vogt and the diehold foundation for your explanation. also chronicled by suspicious observers. its time everyone knew that time on this planet is metered by solar eruptions every 12068 years….next is 2046 give or take….

    2. I remember one of the time-life science library books talked about the mammoth who was frozen while eating flowers.

  4. Whitley’s Dream Book comment really got my attention. Not only about the ‘black waves’ (which I have seen, too), but also the ‘subterranian’ ones. I keep having recurring dreams about what looks like an abandoned city- one that is underground. No stairs- just spiraling ramps. Not dirty- very clean, with indirect lighting. It looks like it is either recently abandoned, or awaiting its citizens.

    I’ve been having variations of this dream for years. I wonder where this place (or places) is.

  5. This is an absolutely spectacular show. I listened as I lay in a hot bath of dead sea salt. As I lay there, relaxing, I began to realise the scope across which mankind has endeavoured to warn future generations of periods of cyclic destruction.

    Linda Howe pointed out that our solar system travels through denser areas of space in the Milky Way galaxy so couple this with polar axis shifts and we see why some things need preserving in certain ways after survivor amnesia sets in & mankind reboots into new divergent cultures.

    So many years ago, I wrote of standing on a Californian coastline as a tidal wave thousands of feet high was approaching during the night. People were fleeing in their cars and beside me stood a small dwarf wearing a shiny blue uniform. He said to me, in a croaky voice, ‘Ja, it said so in the Vedas!’

    Was the crust being pushed under the ocean as a result of polar displacement? Was the tidal wave caused by a passing celestial object? Who knows.. I guess there isn’t much to do about such enormous cataclysms other than prepare our souls/consciousness.


  6. Many wonderful topics, but what really touched me was just after the 1 hour mark. Discussion of ‘Multiple Presentations’ being assigned to convey the same ‘Symbolic’ wisdom. As well as our filtered perception of reality picking up the ‘Intent’ and filtering it as a perceived ‘Reality’.

    Brings me back to ‘A New World’ chapter ‘Is any of this Real?’ – This is a quintessential question.

  7. Laird Scranton, you have given most of us some really important messages from this interview. I want to believe there are people out there doing the work/giving humanity messages and perhaps not even aware of their contributions to humankind?  

    People born into this world who communicate with the non-physical entities that want our species to survive in a positive light. 

    A few things here. Since I was part of an on going dream group several years ago, a request came from, ‘DREAM NETWORK JOURNAL.’ They were asking for/interested in hearing about/reading the accounts of destructive dreams. This was happening after 911 and there was a lot of interest in what people were dreaming or IN TUNE WITH. Not very uplifting but I will include a dream I had at the end of this post. I might have posted it before?

    THEN, FROM OUR DREAM EDUCATOR, ROSEMARY…….A quote from her dream.

    1/23/2002 “Lucid Dreaming Peace Quilt”

    “I hear ‘We Can Be Kind’ playing. [This is a beautiful song I recorded recently, written by David Friedman, asking in a world where there is pain, what can we do? We can be kind.]–Wsk6E

    This is a dream that goes back into the late 1970’s or early 1980’s. I have just completed a series of dream classes with Rosemary (Dream Educator) and she suggested submitting this dream.


    DREAM: I am a much younger me and standing inside my dad’s radio and television repair shop. In front of the shop I see people of all races/ethnic groups holding hands and forming a straight line all the way down the street. I look up into the sky and see a large man; he is throwing a sheer curtain from heaven, down to earth. On this curtain there is written the names of all the prophets and holy men that have ever walked this planet. As the curtain starts to fall and has almost reached the earth, all the people that have been holding hands are frantically trying to roll it up before it reaches earth.

    TOO LATE, the curtain has touched down. Everyone runs and tries to hide; I run into the back of the shop and seek shelter under a doorway. The wind is TERRIBLE and then it is over. I AM DEAD. I am now flying on the back of another entity and looking down at the earth. All of the land has been burned; will anything ever grow here again?

    This dream has stayed with me for many years. I was there and felt all of the emotion. Being in the presence of the curtain with all of those holy people whose names are written on it was humbling. The words, the warnings, all of those teachers who came to show us how we should live according to GOD’S law, THEN…..The cause and effect of our actions.

    1. Author

      Sorry for the posting delay, Carolee. The spam filter is having another attack of paranoia, apparently.

    2. Carollee – For me, a number of images from the dream correspond to root energetics that define material structures. The natural mode of electricity is to express itself linearly, and magnetism expresses itself through rotation. Rotation that simultaneously moves linearly is the definition of a spiral or a coil. The word “earth” is a symbolic term for mass, which is one of the byproducts of those energies coming together. A similar symbolic term for vibration is “wind.” The place where they come together is represented as a kind of gateway or doorway. The Dogon use a myth to describe these dynamics and the character (Ogo) who carries them out essentially covers himself over at that gateway.

  8. Whitley and Laird, please view the Veritasium video at titled, “The Bizarre Behavior of Rotating Bodies, Explained.” True to the Religion of All Science, the host displays **many** displays of not-quite-symmetrical objects (in weightlessness) spinning and then shockingly flipping end-over-end! And then he says, Earth won’t do this — DUH, deliberately **ignoring** the fact that Earth’s liquid innards all support all the causative factors he lists! His science is in fact apocalyptic.!

    1. Loquamur – Twisting and spinning are inherent dynamics of magnetism and electricity. Electromagnetism naturally wraps itself when it encounters a flat surface. I see lots of specific evidence to suggest that planets periodically spin due to electromagnetic effects, and that the earth has done so several times in recent human memory (12,000 years).

      1. Thanks, Laird. In this case, elec. and magn. forces take a back seat to the mathematical rules of inertia and spinning objects — all asymmetrical objects flip even if their materials are wood or stone. Several demos during the vid. History is long, human memory is abysmally short, as you point out.

        1. Did you notice that the liquid-filled bottle completely stopped rotating, once the flip had completed? If the Earth has flipped in the past due to the Dzhanibekov Effect, then even with a partially liquid core, I would have expected it’s rotation to have slowed dramatically, for each flip…and if this phenomenon has repeated itself, many times, over the ages, then wouldn’t this have resulted in the complete cessation of axial spin?

  9. At titled, “Dzhanibekov Effect,” there’s further dismantling of the YT Veritasium channel’s illogical claim that the spinning Earch cannot flip.
    This counterclaim notes numerous geophysical variables, nicely punching holes in the irrational conclusions I noted in my comment on Aug. 30.

  10. Interesting that there is a strong Templar relationship with the Orkneys. Also, the description of the “pot belly” reminded me of the image of the Grail as a chalice/container. In Irish Celtic folklore, with its motifs generally accepted to be pre-Christian, there are stories of otherworldly women carrying cups filled with regenerative water. The Vesica Picses was the symbol chosen by the Glastonbury group at the early 20th to represent the Chalice Well where the Grail was supposedly stored and then re-found. The idea of hidden knowledge preserved in code and symbol is profound to me. Our brains have evolved language and alphabet to use to communicate and less symbolically, some had said, but I don’t necessarily agree if you factor in the power of advertising and fake political information by politicians and their “handlers” to use mythological symbols and motifs to manipulate the mass mind. Was just looking at an article and the trailer last night of Werner Herzog’s new docu film, Nomad, about Bruce Chatwin’s life and travels. He is most well-known for The Songlines, which I had to look up and it’s a book about the aboriginal culture in Australia’s use of songs to convey important info about navigating the landscape. These songlines contain knowledge that has been maintained for 60,000 years of their memory as stories! They have been compared to the mnemonic techniques of the oldest stories that we have in the West like the Odyssey and Illiad that we know were transmitted orally for some millennia perhaps. It is often noted that everything we know about the druids is from the Roman writers, and it is assumed that they were pre-literate; however, others have surmised that perhaps the knowledge was not to be shared with the uninitiated because it was too dangerous in the wrong hands. In the world that we are in today, we see the danger of the uninitiated being in charge of great powers. By “initiated,” let me clarify that I use that word to mean the connection and integration of the oversoul with the human physical nervous system in the physical body (it’s “avatar”). Maybe they could write it down if they wanted to, but the “songline” method was preferable because the uninitiated would not be able to understand them or maybe not care to try. This brings me back around the Hamlet’s Mill, which I found and read because of you, Whitley. Thank you! It is a fascinating perspective.

  11. Just today I came across references to Aboriginal Australia in relation to one of the signature practices of the creational tradition I’ve been pursuing. The focus is on localities set with a view of a distant mountain or island, over which the sun either sets or rises. The mountain or island provides a point of reference against which the seasonal migrations of the sun can be tracked. That placement has implications both for the practice of agriculture, as well as important cosmological symbolism. The aboriginal site involved is called Uluru or Ayer’s Mountain.

    1. Yes, apparently they tracked the Pleiades across the landscape in reference to those markers, like most all of those ancient cultures. “Ancient” is probably not the correct adjective. I still like the term “pre-delluvian,” but we may need a new term for pre-solar flare. I think they were living in relation to the land and the earth and the cosmos in a way that we do not really comprehend now. Why would they track the stars that way? Was it only to mark time? In Hamlet’s Mill, if I understood anything of the author’s premise, it has something to do with the precession and marking deep time. The landscape/horizon has a great deal to do with that. Whitney can probably clarify this as he has read it several times and I am atill processing my first reading. As a professor of English, I enjoyed the reading of the original source material for Hamlet from a cosmological perspective immensely. Also references to the Kalevela, which I researched and wrote a paper about when I was working on my masters. My focus was mythology and folklore from a Jungian and shamanic perspective to the degree that I was able at a conventional university. It is very interesting to me that there is a global unity of ideas underlying so many cultures’ stories and symbols and it turns out, maybe in relation to the planet itself. LITERALLY. This implies that it may even be stone age knowledge that humans have essentially lost. Late 20th and 21st century research in cave art has shown that those early humans were not knuckle dragging morons. One French researchers into Paleolithic art went shows on video that using a flickering torch in the Lascaux cave reveals the running animals to be a type of stop action animation like digital art today! I think we are right to look back, very far back, for answers, because some important knowledge has been lost.

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