Linda Moulton Howe reveals some blockbuster ideas and information in this intense interview!

Linda Moulton Howe and Whitley Strieber met in 1987, and Linda visited his cabin when Communion was still in manuscript form. From then to now, they have remained friends and colleagues. In this extraordinary discussion, Linda asks almost as many questions as Whitley does, making it as completely fascinating and absorbing exchange as you are going to hear on subjects ranging from the agenda of the grays to the problems with “disclosure.” It ends with, of all things, an amazing and beautiful discussion of one of the apocryphal gospels, the Gospel of Mary, which plays an important part in Whitley’s new book on Jesus.

But why did Linda decide to get the Gospel of Mary a few days ago? Why did she bring it up just when Whitley was working on it? We listen as a higher level literally intervenes in this wonderful conversation, working through the minds of two people who live as best they can in the light.

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  1. Could the chaos come from the end of the 248 year Pluto orbit? ( As John Hogue pointed out)

    I do feel a Civil War brewing…militias, divisions.. southern/midwest states vs Coasts? Urban vs Rural?

    I feel a shared hatred of the Intellectual elites like Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Elon Musk etc.. that they feel will take all their jobs with AI and place more taxes on them….????

    1. You have a shared hatred (who do you share it with?) of intellectual elites, yet casually use the internet which was created by those elites. How interesting. Those elites also keep the food distribution system going, allowing you to live where the food is not produced and probably could not be produced. And then there is the electrical grid that was not created and maintained by Ma & Pa Kettle. I just can’t fathom of how anyone could talk casually about a civil war. If you didn’t die of starvation, you would find your money useless and unable to even purchase a light bulb, assuming some militia idiots hadn’t blown up the grid towers outside your town. This kind of talk speaks of privilege by people who have never gone hungry, been without a warm roof over their head, or dealt with having a medical condition where life was dependent on delivery of medications.

      1. Dylans dad: The far right extremists have a shared hatred in common- and that is what binds them in solidarity.

        And what are you talking about? I suspect you misunderstand me. I have been involved with climate change protests and advisor on Al Gore’s climate reality leadership corps. As a scientist I stand with Gates and all the rest. I am talking about why the division. The Trump base is vastly blue collar worker rural workers who see disruptive advancements as a threat to their living, witness the AI self driving trucks, etc. They see the eastern college elites as people of privilege. Re listen to the podcast, the host spoke of Civil War as a possible reality- I merely expounded on that topic.
        Now can we click glasses and continue?

  2. There has been much talked about the Visitors wanting to build strong souls within us… but no real mention of the status of their own soul. Are they helping us to help themselves, in that they need to assist us in that task, in order to tip their own soul towards the Divine? And talking about traps, are there different types of souls… ones that are trapped inside the time stream within physical bodies… and those that are not… or even one’s that are trapped outside of the time stream, hence the desire to experience time indirectly / vicariously?

    I still get uncomfortable when Whitley talks about letting them experience the time stream by essentially allowing cohabitation of his senses. If their actions to help our souls were a selfless act in order for them to assend (for want of a better term), then why the symbiotic bargain? It’s almost as if we are talking about them providing a sniff of the forbidden fruit, in return for a drop of temporal bloodletting, so to speak… And I use that term intentionally as a nod to vampire lore, as a means to cast light on a nagging doubt in my mind, of their intentions. But in saying that, I know there is no clear cut line between dark and light…that on that boundary lies complexity…ourselves included.

    1. Author

      I discuss this extensively in A New World. Of course they need help, too. If they didn’t, I doubt that they would come here.

    2. I also am very skeptical of the Greys and didn’t buy the soft sell in A NEW WORLD. My memories of Grey abductions were always harsh and cruel. As a result of these events in childhood, I have very little hearing ability left in my left ear (after a long needle was inserted that crunched through the ear drum to deposit something that showed up later in an x-ray behind my eye – a tiny bb type object). I have a laser like burned spot around my left optic nerve that medical authorities have studied and have no explanation for, since humans could not do such a thing with such precision. I now have poor eye sight in that eye. I would wake up with bruises on my arms where I had been restrained. I would wake up with the top layer of skin on my face peeled off in the shape of triangles. I would have razor sharp cuts around my eyes. I experienced a lot of sexual manipulation that gave me sexual trauma for the rest of my life. I would wake up with my penis feeling so sensitive that even the brush of the sheet would send me into convulsions of pain. I will never be able to see the Greys as well meaning little Grey Monks who can give us warm and fuzzy feelings of enlightenment if we let them practically possess us! No thank you.

      1. By opening your eyes every morning and experiencing being but a human again, and believing you are only that, you have let yourself be abducted by the most feared cruel predator know to us in the whole universe: a member of the human race.
        You were willing to undergo it in accord with the divine plan to extend the Kingdom of God to earth, that eventually also the souls in this world would know and enjoy that beyond all the appearances Who and What they really are and What they really have is limitless, heroic, wise, intelligent, creative, pure altruistic infinitely great loving Charity.
        Much love indeed.

        1. Thank you….I think. Nowhere in my comment did I say I believed myself only to be a human being. I simply stated that I do not need the Grey Goon Squad to reach spiritual maturity, thank you very much. Human beings have been doing so for countless thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of years. If you think your only path to spiritual maturity lies with the Greys, more power to you (and God help you).

    3. The “vampire” sucking the “blood” out of us is a symbol for the ego making us believe we are only humans, thus sucking out of us that which gives us life as consciousness of Who we are in truth.
      God in human appearance is not calling us to become cannibals when He tells us to “eat My flesh and drink My blood”, but to accept and assimilate the truth that what seemed to be but our body and our consciousness is really the body and consciousness God is experiencing having as each one of us.

      1. Very true. Have you been reading a lot of Deepak Chopra recently? You sound just like him.

  3. In 2008 I went on a tour of Egypt with William Henry . Our group was allowed private time in the great pyramid . Each of us got a chance to lie in the “sarcophagus” in the kings chamber two minutes . I was the first one in . I saw images of structures in my mind’s eye. I really didn’t know what it meant until we were on the bus the next day going to the Citadel . Scattered all over the hillside were antennas exactly what I saw while lying in the sarcophagus . I knew then that I had been shown that the great pyramid was for communications .

    1. I urge you to read A SEARCH IN SECRET EGYPT about the true experiences of Paul Brunton when he spent a night in the Great Pyramid. Paul was an early and mid 20th century mystical explorer, now credited with being the first to bring Yoga and Meditation practices to the USA. Paul Brunton has written many wonderful books on the spiritual path from a highly experiential level. I suspect he would have very dim views of the Greys of today. By the way, a channeled source, the RA LAW OF ONE material, claimed that the Great Pyramid was originally a center of healing energies. But the elite of the time reserved this for themselves instead of sharing it with everyone in the society. The Great Pyramid can no longer be used for healing since the energies that were once channeled through it have been displaced with time so they no longer go through the pyramid. Just another metaphysical point-of-view to ponder. And never forget the Edgar Cayce readings about Egypt and the influences of Atlantis.

      1. I read a very long time ago that the Nile ran right next to the pyramid. The water was pumped into the pyramid and landed in two chambers. (They may be the Queens chamber)
        Anyway both chambers have copper sheets on the back walls. Much like a car battery.
        I really do believe it was and still. Is a power station.
        A few years ago a non doctored photo was taken of one of the pyramids in the Yucatan. A laser like light was detected.
        Linda has some really interesting stories on Earthfiles about an underground pyramid 60 to 90 miles East of Mt. Denali.
        It is secret and buried over 700 ft below the surfice.
        To put that in perspective the St Louis Arch is 654 ft.
        She said that the energy produced by this pyramid had A potential to supply enough energy for half of Canada.

  4. Author

    So interesting! I suspect that if you could go there in the out-of-body state, remarkable things would happen, maybe even projection to the Orion star system and whatever is there. We have lost/forgotten so much!

    1. Since I first heard you say this, I have been trying to do this. But I rarely go out of body, and when I do get in that state I think to myself, “how easy this is I can do this whenever I want. I’ll go back into my body now because I can leave whenever I want.” But then of course it’s not so easy, and it’s another 6 months or longer before I go out again.

      One day I hope

      Great show thank you both!

      1. This is sort of folksy, but I reckon that I am IN a body in order to learn lessons, so I will not attempt out-of-body. OOB will become my “normal” soon enough, since I am almost 70 years old. I’m in no rush! LOL

  5. Not to be picky but Art Bell’s DREAMLAND was on Sunday nights. I had a highly stressful complex job in System Design and dreaded each Monday. So DREAMLAND was a wonderful buffer between the weekend and the workweek. I would go into my man cave (before the term was coined) with a glass of red wine, lay down on a comfy couch and listen to the interviews, back at a time when there was little competition for this subject matter anywhere else. I had a framed picture of a Grey on the wall. As an aside, that framed picture was found at the foot of the stairs one morning. No idea how it got there.

    1. Your true Self Who is imagining the world it experiences here as you made it appear for you, so that you would remember you are not really from this world. Or rather, that It would remember that as you. For you.

      1. Very helpful. (Eye roll). You should have your own podcast, something that begins with tinkling Celtic harp music perhaps. Then you could give masterful readouts of the paranormal experiences of total strangers, interpreting all of reality to jive with YOUR belief system. But you would have a lot of competition in this field!

    2. This being on demand, you can turn it on to listen to it on Sunday nights just like you used to.

  6. “Communion” originally means “Communion” or “Union with God.”
    There are the fallen as well as the not-fallen angels or messengers. We are free to choose to heed one or the other. One says we are but humans, separated from God. because God has abandoned us. The other side says that God has not only not abandoned us, but out of His infinitely great love wills for us that also we enjoy what He enjoys. And that to accomplish that He took on our human nature also now so He is experiencing everything we experience, as each and every one of us. Even though for God to experience being but a human doing human things instead of enjoying His infinitely great divine happiness is the crucifixion.
    As Children of God -spiritual extensions of God- those among us who believe that are not really from this world.
    May the following serve as a reminder to distinguish between who we but seem to be and what we but seem to do, and Who we really are and what we are really doing:
    “ET 101”
    That God may come to Himself, His life, and His original infinitely great joy also in us, we may remind Him of that and He us by remembering often:
    “I Am that I Am.”

  7. Looking at it from a more developed spiritual viewpoint, as mere humans (if we were only that) we are biological robots programmed with artificial intelligence -information- learned in this world.
    This is a virtual reality like dream, and thank God we are not merely who we seem to be: programmed biological robots with artificial intelligence.
    May we awaken to our true Nature which is divine.
    According to Jesus and the mystics of old we ought to love ourselves and each other not as mere humans but as gods.
    Jesus: “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are ‘gods.’?”
    ~John 10:35
    “What God seeks, he being himself God by nature, is to make us gods through participation, just as fire converts all things into fire.”
    ~St. John of the Cross, Sayings of Light and Love, #107.
    (That “fire” is the burning love of God.)
    “Accordingly, souls possess the same goods by participation that the Son possesses by nature. As a result they are truly gods by participation, equals and companions of God.”
    ~St. John of the Cross, Spiritual Canticles. Stanza 39.
    “Preach these glad tidings to the world: that I, the Son of God, became man to make men gods;”
    ~Ven. Louis of Granada. Summa of the Christian Life: Selected Texts from the Writings of Venerable Louis of Granada, O.P.
    St. Athanasius of Alexandria was an author of the phrase about Jesus Christ which has become popular in Christmas homilies: “He was made human so that he might make us gods” (De incarnatione 54,3, cf. Contra Arianos 1.39)
    “God loved us when He made us in His likeness, yet a much greater work is for Him to make Himself the image of man. He lowers Himself to us to take us with Him, He makes Himself man(kind) to make us gods, and descends from heaven to take us there, and, in the end, died for us to give us life.”
    ~My translation from St. John of Avila’s Spanish letter 67, de Ávila, San Juan. Obras Completas de San Juan de Ávila.
    “For this they hear and observe, “A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another:” not as those love one another who are corrupters, nor as men love one another in a human way; but they love one another as those who are gods, and all of them sons of the Highest, and brethren, therefore, of His only Son, with that mutual love wherewith He loved them, when about to lead them on to the goal where all sufficiency should be theirs, and where their every desire should be satisfied with good things. For then there will be nothing wanting they can desire, when God will be all in all.”
    ~St. Augustine, Homilies on John, Tractate LXV, Chapter XIII, 34, 35 § 1.

    More examples:
    “Divinization (Christian)”

    1. The Avatar for this day and age is The Glory of God, the return of the Christ Spirit (not Jesus’ soul, but the Holy Ghost), in Arabic: Bahá’u’lláh (12 November 1817 – 29 May 1892 CE). His difficult ministry full of torture, imprisonment exile and further imprisonment lasted roughly 40 years.

    2. Thank you for that link. My attention in that PDF was drawn to the story of Adam and Eve in Part 2: Some Christian Subjects.
      Luke in his genealogy from Jesus back to Adam calls Adam “Son of God.” Adam stands for all of humanity. And the spiritual development in us is described thus:
      “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”
      ~Luke 2:52
      So God as a human has to grow in divine wisdom or Self-knowledge, awareness of His stature or glorious greatness, and in favor or love of Himself as God in human appearance.
      The development in us is also described this way:
      “So will it be with the resurrection of the dead: What is sown is perishable; it is raised imperishable. It is sown in dishonor; it is raised in glory. It is sown in weakness; it is raised in power. It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body. So it is written: “The first man Adam became a living being;” the last Adam a life-giving spirit.”

      The spiritual, however, was not first, but the natural, and then the spiritual. The first man was of the dust of the earth, the second man from heaven.
      As was the earthly man, so also are those who are of the earth; and as is the heavenly man, so also are those who are of heaven. And just as we have borne the likeness of the earthly man, so also shall we bear the likeness of the heavenly man.”
      ~1 Corinthians 15:43-49

      1. PS:
        The dead are we as long as we don’t consciously enjoy union with God Who is our true Being and our true Life.

        1. I seem to have a lot more sympathy for the spiritual journey of 7 billion people, many of whom are dealing with starvation and terrible conditions, even in the glorious USA. So I cut them a lot more slack and would never call ANYONE dead because they had not achieved Union with God, which is the goal of Mystical Practice that can take a life time to accomplish as more than an intellectual exercise but instead an experiential reality. And ironically (the universe is one big irony) the people who truly achieve this would be the last to call anyone else dead. In other words, I don’t suffer platitudes easily.

  8. Linda and Whitley are angels -messengers- of God. Regardless if they are conscious or unconscious of that divine fact.

    1. I had to bite my tongue. LOL You say many pretty lovely things and I appreciate them. I see a future for you writing verses for Hallmark Cards. Just kidding, dear one. May your total union with God (film at 11) have lunch sometime with my total union with God and together we will float away on gossamer wings of angelic purity after leaving a generous tip for our Grey Waiter. Blessings to you, Starseed Wanderer to Starseed Wanderer, Light worker to Lightworker, person who flushes a toilet statistically at least 3 times a day to another person who statistically flushes a toilet at least 3 times a day. (Actually, I have one of those annoying Low Flow toilets so sometimes to get the job done I have to flush 6 times a day).

  9. They might be out of print now but i highly recommend Mary Summer Rain’s books about the prophecies of the Chippewa Grandmother, “No Eyes”. Especially “Phoenix Rising”. Phoenixes are often depicted looking like Peacocks. She didn’t mention the Greys much in her books but she did aparently also have contact with the Greys. Unfortunately she retired from public life shortly after her husband committed suicide, or she would be a fascinating guest for Dreamland… BTW, anyone seen the recent Mary Magdalene film with Joaquin Phoenix as Jesus? Any good? Worth spending the time for it? It was’t marketed much, not sure if that raises or lowers its chances of being good…

    1. My brother lives in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. I live in Phoenix, Arizona. A coincidence? I think not!!!

  10. Whitley,
    I once had a dear friend who had died come to me during a dream. The only thing I remember was that just before I opened my eyes he said “I don’t look like you knew me any more. But just so you know it was me I made myself appear to you as you knew me.”
    So I believe after leaving the physical body behind we experience having a spiritual body. So maybe Anne does mean that.
    But however that may be, as we are all one in God we are all His extensions, so in that sense as God we are all in each other.
    I’ve read that those no longer in a physical body have more freedom from illusions and support us in our spiritual development.

    1. We can also support them in their continuing development by praying for them.

      1. Yes. And that would at the same time be God in them praying for us. For in Him we are all one. That the joy of Jesus increasingly be in them as well as in us.
        “I have told you these things so that My joy may be in you and your joy may be complete. ”
        ~John 15:11

    2. I was visited once by a dead friend who looked nothing like he did while alive. He was translucent and very beautiful, while in life he looked like the burly guy on the wrapping of paper towels in the supermarket (muscular with a dark beard). He said to me that he no longer looked as I remembered him because he was no longer that person. He also said he was moving on and would not be able to contact me again. But he said that a copy of the person I knew was in the Akashic records and this image could talk with me if I wanted. Very strange stuff but true.

  11. Whitley, I may be out of place commenting on John Hogue’s ZOOM meeting today. For this I apologize. Especially to you Linda.
    Also Whitley you did an admiral job officiating that meeting. Thank you.
    I felt that my comments would be read by you anda greater amount of members of this community if I did.
    I have watched and listened to John for years. I have personally emailed and corresponded with him over the years.
    At this very dangerous point in time for our Country I feel it is important that people realize John is not the beneficent voice of reason.
    I listened intently to this ZOOM meeting. I read between the lines.
    John swears he is looking at our situation from a dispassionate analytical perspective based in astrology and his Oracle.
    He then starts sputtering right wing propaganda that has its roots in Putin’s FSB..
    For instance. He says that the “Russian hoax” was a fabricated Hillary Clinton endeavor.
    Let us go back to the beginning.
    The “dossier” was a document ordered by Right Wing Republican opponents of Donald Trump.
    It was researched by a EX premier agent of MI 6.
    When it came time to pay the Republicans got cold feet so it was offered to the Democrats.
    So far every bit of that dossier has proved true.
    At no time did John criticize Trump. John never criticizes Trump.
    If he has, please show me were I am wrong.
    Trump is a serial adulterer, self admitted sexual predator, grifter and con man. He has gone bankrupt 4 times and cannot get a loan from a legitimate American or European Bank. His own son said that all their financing for the last 30 years has come from Putin’s mob (oligarchs).
    Putin controls 50% of everything in Russia.
    He has done nothing for this country since being in office. He has spent the last 4 years using the White House as a cash register and DISMANTLING every government agency.
    I have heard him giving a speech in Europe telling European bankers his next main goal was to dismantle and destroy Social Security and Medicare.
    John is right about one thing. This country is being set up for a Civil War. Putin wants a Balkanized USA.. I read this desire over 10 years ago.
    Every thing John has promoted is right out of the Russian propaganda playbook.
    How do I know? I subscribe to Russian Propaganda sites to see what they are doing.
    Putin was a member in high standing in the KGB. If you know the history of the USSR especially Stalin you know that one of the ways the Communists held onto power was by turning the Russian Orthodoox Church into an earpiece for the KGB.
    It has not changed since Putin and the FSB is running the government of Russia.
    After today’s ZOOM meeting I am more sure than ever John Hour’s Oracle is a combination of Breibart, Drudge, FOX News and Limbaugh.
    I can see this country being Balkanized. I pray that this never happens.
    John will blame the Democrats.
    He never once critisized Trump or his atrocious government. Not once. He is a Trumpist.

    1. Author

      I read the agreement between Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee that John characterized as proof of a sinister cabal. It was entered into during the primaries and worded as it was to insure that the DNC could not use the money to Mrs. Clinton’s disadvantage during the primaries.

      There was nothing sinister about it.

      1. Whitley, did you call John on all his right wing political garbage or just let him spew this conspiracy madness? I am just one person, but please don’t have him on again. He can wrongly impact innocent minds. This nation is up to its lips in lies for the last 4 years. It has to stop!!! John evidently has been brainwashed by the right wing propaganda machine that has no respect for its own political base, lying to them constantly via Fox News, QAnon and other sources like Breitbart and OAN. John is a wind up toy repeating all this garbage and then daring to claim it all comes from his non-existent Oracle and astrology. We cannot afford this garbage anymore. We have militia thugs in the streets plotting to kidnap and kill a Blue State governor, for God’s sake! Do not give these people air time. You know lots of psychics with good hearts and souls. Replace John with them. John is now a casualty of the right wing hate machine.

    2. For several years I had the feeling that the country might be headed towards balkanization. If this happened, I also had the feeling that the separate regions would be at constant war with each other. I hope we’re both very wrong and something takes us off that road if we are indeed on it.

    3. I have noticed this direction when he wrote “The New Cold War” (it seems like ages ago). I would not be trusting of Putin’s motivations.

  12. Whitley, thank you for writing a book about Jesus. I spent most of my adult life at the buffet table of the New Age/Metaphysical movement. But when my life drastically changed 2 years ago where I became a full time care giver for my spouse of 43 years due to Parkinsons, AFIB, COPD and now Alzheimers, I knew that the buffet was too weak a structure to sustain me through the greatest external challenge of my life at the rip age of 68. I went back to my roots, seeking spiritual solace in the Roman Catholic Church. My fantasy was that this 2000 year old structure would serve as a powerful paradigm for my caregiver journey. After all, who knows more about suffering than the Catholic Church (having caused a lot of it)? So I was welcomed back into the bosom of Mother Church where I was confirmed with a little dab will do yah of anointment. But after only 2 years, I have left the Church yet again physically, intellectually and emotionally because I was continually experiencing a relentless and arbitrary gay bashing. Gays remain a major scapegoat of this organization. I tried to over look it (as a gay man) but finally ENOUGH IS ENOUGH when a priest I loved and respected began to speak to me in the most vulgar terms about the gay “life style” (it is a sexual orientation, by the way. A life style would be being a dairy farmer versus a Wall street Broker). Anyway, I realized I cannot find solace in a hypocritical institution that refuses to accept my innate godliness. Yet I did not want to throw Jesus, Mary and the Saints out with the tainted holy water. So I have been on a quest to rediscover the mystical Jesus and THE WAY he promoted instead of focusing on what a filthy sinful piece of crap that I am, per that Church. I have been reading mystics through the ages and am on an entirely new path. I hope your book will be part of that new path that takes Jesus to my heart and soul but leaves the institutional Church to spin its wheels as the world leaves it behind. [And Lodehere, if you respond to this with more cotton candy New Age platitudes I will throw a metaphysical cream pie in your face. LOL]

    1. Good for you. I was raised in 12years of Catholic School.
      It took going to a public university for my eyes to open.
      My son is gay.
      All I could think of when he finally came out in his twenties was, my God the pain that you have been enduring.
      I love him and remember quite well heterosexual puberty. It sucks. I cannot fathom the pain of hiding it from our family all those years.
      It made me think of all the clergy I met over the years. Many were heterosexual but I am sure a bunch of them traveled another path and took their guilt out on others.
      I have lived 68 years I have seen a. Lot.
      The one thing I am sure about is love. Love is all there is.
      When you team that up with The Sermon on the Mount and the Sacrifice of the Cross that is all you need to get by.

      1. Thank you for a beautiful post reflecting your sincere journey. We 68 year oldsters have seen a lot.

    2. @ Dylan’s Dad, this might interest you, the following quote is from Bahá’u’lláh’s Tablet to the Christians, “O concourse of priests! Leave the bells, and come forth, then, from your churches. It behooveth you, in this day, to proclaim aloud the Most Great Name among the nations. Prefer ye to be silent, whilst every stone and every tree shouteth aloud: “The Lord is come in His great glory!”? Well is it with the man who hasteneth unto Him. Verily, he is numbered among them whose names will be eternally recorded and who will be mentioned by the Concourse on High. Thus hath it been decreed by the Spirit in this wondrous Tablet. He that summoneth men in My name is, verily, of Me, and he will show forth that which is beyond the power of all that are on earth. Follow ye the Way of the Lord and walk not in the footsteps of them that are sunk in heedlessness. Well is it with the slumberer who is stirred by the Breeze of God and ariseth from amongst the dead, directing his steps towards the Way of the Lord. Verily, such a man is regarded, in the sight of God, the True One, as a jewel amongst men and is reckoned with the blissful.

      “Say: In the East the light of His Revelation hath broken; in the West have appeared the signs of His dominion. Ponder this in your hearts, O people, and be not of those who have turned a deaf ear to the admonitions of Him Who is the Almighty, the All-Praised. Let the Breeze of God awaken you. Verily, it hath wafted over the world. Well is it with him that hath discovered the fragrance thereof and been accounted among the well-assured.

      “O concourse of bishops! Ye are the stars of the heaven of My knowledge. My mercy desireth not that ye should fall upon the earth. My justice, however, declareth: “This is that which the Son hath decreed.” And whatsoever hath proceeded out of His blameless, His truth-speaking, trustworthy mouth, can never be altered. The bells, verily, peal out My Name, and lament over Me, but My spirit rejoiceth with evident gladness. The body of the Loved One yearneth for the cross, and His head is eager for the spear, in the path of the All-Merciful. The ascendancy of the oppressor can in no wise deter Him from His purpose. We have summoned all created things to attain the presence of thy Lord, the King of all names. Blessed is the man that hath set his face towards God, the Lord of the Day of Reckoning.

      “O concourse of monks! If ye choose to follow Me, I will make you heirs of My Kingdom; and if ye transgress against Me, I will, in My long-suffering, endure it patiently, and I, verily, am the Ever-Forgiving, the All-Merciful.

      “O land of Syria! What hath become of thy righteousness? Thou art, in truth, ennobled by the footsteps of thy Lord. Hast thou perceived the fragrance of heavenly reunion, or art thou to be accounted of the heedless? …” (Glory of God, The Most Great Tablet, ).

  13. Please don’t hijack threads. If you don’t like what Hogue has to offer, why do you listen to him?

    This thread was interesting until it was diverted to the same crap argued out on the news day in day out.
    When Hogue says things I don’t agree with, I ignore it and move on. His ideas aren’t me. The opposite of his ideas aren’t me either.

    I like it here because Whitley focuses on Love, Compassion, and Humility, and implementing tools to build a strong soul.

    When a guest is on that I feel or think strays from this, I just move on. I use the power of the off button. I don’t feel threatened by others who think differently.

    I hope you will keep Hogue inline for future Dreamlands. His views are interesting often run counter to my perceptions and I can grow because of it.

    Yes, Eugene, “love is all there is”. Christ said “the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” The Buddha said “we ALL have Buddha nature.” It’s difficult for me to discern that in both our candidates and often, most who are polarized on either side of the political fence.

    Love is all there is.
    I hold it to be true nonetheless.

    Peace to you all my brothers and sisters.

    In love and service,

    1. Perhaps Whitley could book the Proud Boys to broaden your perceptions? As a PAYING member, I think I and anyone else have a right to question the decency and relevance of a particular guest. As an analogy, if I paid a monthly fee to eat at a restaurant, and some of the meals were simply awful, you seem to be implying I must just silently deal with it and use the situation to broaden the experience of my taste buds. Whitley can ignore me if he wants to. And I did not hijack this comment section because I only responded to another person’s displeasure with Hogue’s right wing ranting on the Saturday public discussion period. If love is all there is, why in the world would YOU wish for more hate and lies? Why are hate and lies “interesting”? I am not against a guest merely because I disagree with him or her. With Hogue, he is merely spouting lies. That should never be acceptable.

      1. Thank you for your thoughtful and unsurprising response. Can you feel my eyes rolling like you did to Lodehere? I’m a PAYING member too and I, like anyone else who PAYS, have a right to request to stay on topic. There was plenty of bashing and hashing on Hogue’s guest thread. Some valid. Some less so.

        Besides, Linda and Whitley are actually interesting and worth discussing.

        I can see you have very strong thoughts, many I agree with. I just think Hogue is misunderstood because he isn’t party line bashing Orange Julius for an hour and using Putin as an excuse for the sorry state of our country. I’m glad he didn’t. There are plenty of forums where it is appropriate. I can forward you some links if you need. :0)

        And there are legitimate other reasons why our country is failing. If you can get over yourself, try asking Hogue yourself. If you aren’t mindlessly insulting, he will respond to you.

        This is probably why the Visitors don’t give political opinions or show they care about it. It’s just people arguing over perceptions rooted in ego. It only serves to divide people who need to be working together.


  14. There is an excellent book about the pitfalls of biblical translation entitled Misquoting Jesus, The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why by biblical scholar Bart Ehrman.

  15. How I love being able to “eavesdrop” on a conversation between Whitley and Linda. They give me hope for our future.

  16. Firstly, I was just about to add a lengthy reply to Lodehere, as a response to one of my posts but I accidently deleted it – and I’m too lazy to re-write it all!- so that will have to wait for another day.

    Secondly, Whitley mentioned how some of the questions / comments I had above are already addressed in ‘A New World’ (which I have intentionally not read, as every time I have come within sniffing distance of that book, I have had the weirdest dreams, as a response). Yesterday, I thought I would check out the book on Amazon and read some of the reviews…then this morning, I had this creepy dream:

    Dream: I walked into an upstairs bedroom at night (not mine) and approached the window, as I had just noticed an unusual flash of light outside one of the windows ( – a thought went though my head of it being caused by a particular female – I can’t remember any more detail than that) …anyway, as I looked out of the window (leaded like a game of a tic-tak-toe) into the evening between two houses, I saw a large group of ‘people’ making a quick exit between and behind the houses. When I looked closely, these were clearly not human, at least not the small ones at the back. One of them looked really strange as well, with disproportionally large shoulders, whilst the others were slender looking things, more like children with big heads. Then a few of them turned back and I got a clear look at one of them…she had the face of a young girl, quite a pretty little thing, but her hands were huge with elongated fingers…creepy as heck. The thought went though my head something like ‘Finally I get to see them’ but the feeling was an ominous one, as I looked over my shoulder into the darkness, half expecting them to come into the room behind me. Then I woke up, with a slightly sick feeling in my stomach…I could do without dreams like that.

    1. SHERBET UFO…….

      What if that unusual flash of light was an opening giving you the privilege of SEEING/BEING with them…..‘Finally I get to see them.’ In most probabilities they are not going to look like us and it doesn’t appear they were a threat??? If it happens again, why don’t you try to greet them in your thoughts/mind with LOVE. They just might respond to that, try to find a way to remove fear. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they want to interact with you. 

      1. Carollee, thanks for the response…this is a complex one for me. I’ve had these kind of vivid ‘dreams’ before. To cut a long story short, in the very first of them, I was asked, point blank whether I wanted to meet them. My response was excitement that quickly changed to fear. So the offer was taken back…for them only to turn up anyway. To which I responded with indignation… “How dare they appear without my permission. This is MY dream… Blah, blah, blah”… and that turned to swearing and shouting… To which they duly did what I wanted and Fu….. erm… went away. But that generated a knee jerk reaction of retreat with a self imposed wall created by a repeated intent of rejection.

        I guess what I am torn between, is fascination on the one hand but the need for any kind of contact to be on my own terms, or none at all, on the other. I know that sounds naïve and the reasons behind that are mainly ego-based… Fear of annihilation… Fear of loss of control… A sense of my own sovereign nature, with an indignant “I am quite capable of doing this on my own, thank you very much”… But the absolute bottom line, that I have only this second fully admitted to myself, is that I truely resent them ever turning up in the first place. Maybe that is like blaming a moth for being attracted to a night-light, I don’t know … But as a result, I have spent the last twenty five or so years hiding my light, because I don’t want to attract them again. Of course that comes down to fear once again and not wanting to put myself in a position of loosing control. I don’t know… I have a lot to think about. I want my cake and to be able to eat it too… that’s the problem.

  17. I have a hard copy of the Gospel of Mary, but for those that would also like to read it for free, I recommend this link:

    It includes commentary and examples from other teachings as well, beyond The Gospel of Mary. Since much of this Gospel has gone ‘missing’, some may find this helpful, (Or just stick to those parts of the Gospel that we still have, and take it from there.)

    P.S. It was great to hear ya’ll talk about the late, great Jim Marrs! I met him at the first ‘Dreamland’ Festival years ago, and I also corresponded with him thereafter. He was always willing to listen, and was also very cool, kind, curious, and intelligent— the best kind of what we in Texas call a’ Good Ol’ Boy’.

  18. I recently viewed “Walking with the Tall Whites,” a documentary that chronicles the experiences of Charles James Hall, a former Air Force senior sergeant, with the Whites while he was on active duty. I don’t know what to make of his story, except to note that his account was detailed, fluid and came across as genuine. The documentary would seem to support Whitley’s statement that the Whites shared themselves and their technology much more openly than the Greys, which makes it unsurprising that they would have been asked to leave for fear of cultural colonization.

    1. I’ve watched that myself… actually there are several of them and every one of them has a very strong whiff of the truth to me.

      I watched one of them where he also suggested that the relatively recent ‘tic-tac’ UAP caught on tape by the military, was one of their small white scout ships… which kind of flies in the face of them supposedly having left.

      So… I don’t know.

  19. Whitley, I have a couple of questions about Anne’s reincarnation, if you don’t mind my asking, that is. Do you have a sense of why she chose to reincarnate at this particular point in the time stream? Is there anything that she has shared with you regarding the period of time when her new incarnation reaches adulthood that you are able to share with us? Thanks so much for another great show!

  20. When I heard Whitley talking about Anne being reincarnated while simultaneously being in the non-physical realm as well, I immediately thought of the ‘Rita Books’ by Frank DeMarco, in which they address just this issue. I gained a better understanding of how the Buddhist teachings of Rebirth can be reconciled with their teaching of ‘no permanent self’ by reading Frank’s books than traditional Buddhist books. I believe Whitley had Frank on as a guest in the past, may I recommend another! BTW, this conversation with Linda was great.

  21. I was struck deeply by Linda’s experience with the peacock. The peacock has been an intimate part of my journey, especially my return to Christ through gnostic experience and work.
    It led me to explore it as an early Christian symbol and appears in the Life of the Apostle Thomas, as well as the heavily persecuted Yezidis.
    I haven’t received a hug yet but I think the peacock angel watches me when I pray.

  22. I’m just going to go ahead and give my ego full reign here, just like so many others do on this site. I’m here to learn things and to ask serious questions. So far I have asked questions on two podcasts and have been ignored. It seems to me that the comments posted consist mostly of schoolyard bickering and long, indecipherable diatribes about God knows what. I see very little contribution to the discussions. Very disappointed, not in the things I have listened to and learned a little about, but in the climate of the “community” here.

    1. TCSMITH886, If you’ve got a question for Whitley specifically and haven’t had a response, then I would suggest emailing him directly on ‘whitley at strieber dot com’ – I am sure he would take the time to respond.

      With regards to the other points you mentioned…firstly, it might be worth having a look at the Message board and maybe even posting a few things there. Give it some time and you may find some interesting discussions start to develop, as those areas tend to engender more thoughtful interactions, rather than front page ego stretching, as can sometimes happen here. I tend to find my own interest in this comments section and the extent to which one can have or read meaningful discussions, tends to come in waves. I find the energy in the room has taken on a prickly edge of late, from some and would personally welcome a return to a more thoughtful, introspective focus…but who am I to request that – people write what they want to write, right? But from my own experience, I find that to think deeply about a topic and to respond in kind to another’s points, takes a great deal of energy – it certainly does for me…and I feel that energy maybe just has another focus, in the current climate. It’ll come back…I’m sure.

      1. Sherbet, thank you for your response and suggestions. I will do both of those things!

  23. October 17th: I just listened to this discussion between Linda Moulton Howe and Whitley Strieber. Here’s what I got from that recording: 1) In Linda’s dream, she is in a long bamboo building. The dream interpretation books I have read all describe any dream of a building as a representation of one’s own self, one’s own consciousness, therefore the long bamboo building may represent the many “rooms” of Linda’s consciousness. Linda’s dream experience then involves being hugged by a peacock. In Buddhist imagery, the peacock represents reincarnation, so reincarnation may be one level of meaning for that part of Linda’s dream. 2) Linda asks, “Humanity is now divided more than ever … why?” The author Naomi Klein and others have pointed to any cataclysmic Earth events (like the 2020 pandemic) as a signal to Earth’s “power elites” to employ what some economists (e.g., Milton Friedman) have called The Shock Doctrine, which is an opportunity to take more power/money from newly helpless people. If so, any use of The Shock Doctrine not only transfers wealth, it increased the divide between the material haves and the material have-nots. So that could be one type of answer for Linda’s above question. 3) Speaking later about the implant, Whitley describes receiving information that way about diverse topics … so could Whitley ask the implant about any writings stored in the Hall Of Records on the other side that were created by the MOTK? It just might be worth asking that question, if Whitley has time to do that. 4) Thanks, Whitley, for doing your own translations of the Gospels from the Greek language … that effort may open a door for your readers to an initiation process, approaching the consciousness of Jesus. The very name Jesus, on the other hand, may be a modern approximation, since some scholars have argued that the actual name by which Jesus was known during his lifetime was Yeshua Bar-Joseph (in the Aramaic language).

  24. I myself have been reading Elaine Pagel’s “The Gnostic Gospels”, so when you and Linda started talking about the Gospel of Mary, it was a great synchronicity. I think that part of this new paradigm shift that’s happening (called the Holy Shift by my friend Andrea Perron) involves a deeper, truer understanding of the real significance of Jesus. We must realize he was telling us we are all one, not that he is the only Son of God who came to cleanse us of our horrible sins. That’s a grave misunderstanding. We are all light beings, and he was telling us that.

  25. Whitley,
    We have technology that is not underground and is at least 60 to 100 years beyond what we are allowed … Just military technology alone in the 1980’s when I was in the Navy … just now showing up…

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