Don Schmitt and Tom Carey join Whitley to discuss Roswell: the Ultimate Cold Case. It was and is the central event in the vast, years long coverup that has characterized the UFO phenomenon ever since it unfolded in July of 1947 . The entire rejection of the UFO reality started with official US denial of this incident. But WHY, and what is to come?

Don and Tom take us deep into the mystery in this unforgettably powerful show, literally PACKED with new information about Roswell, the bodies, memory metal, the role of the Batelle Memorial Institute, Dr. Robert Sauerbacher and MUCH MORE! Don’t miss this one!

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  1. In this dreamlike virtual reality the beings coming from another realm than earth, and the covering it up from us by the government -and by even powers beyond the government- symbolizes that by taking on the human experience, the consciousness of the humans we seem to be covers up our awareness Who we really are, coming from our subconscious knowledge of God, so that to believe God is appearing here now in our human appearance is considered blasphemy, and should not be made known to our human selves.
    Yet again: “ET 101”

  2. Roswell never goes away for a reason.Thanks for another great show Whitley.

  3. Impressive effort by these men. Except for the arrogant presumption that we must be alone in the universe – because, well, we must be! – there’s no doubt that the evidence compiled here would win the day in court. I could have sworn that some years ago I heard (or read) a quote from the daughter of the man who uttered “creatures” when shown a Roswell article on his death bed that, in fact, his daughter asked him point blank what he had seen in the desert in 1947 and he answered that he had found “creatures.” The latter version seems more compelling to me but, of course, I’m likely mistaken. It would also be interesting to understand why Linda Moulton Howe declined the million dollar offer to test her material from “Art’s parts.”

  4. Author

    I didn’t think either of them said that we were alone in the universe. Obviously, given the existence of the bodies, which I am quite sure do exist—or did—we are not. I still wonder, though, whether or no they are from THIS universe.

    1. Oh yes. That was meant to be a touch of sarcasm. I meant to convey that only blind adherence to the belief that we are alone in the universe, still held by many but certainly not your guests, would overcome the evidence these men have amassed. Feels more and more like the burden of persuasion is shifting from those who believe that we are not alone to those who continue to deny the existence of a nonhuman consciousness.

    2. Whitley – I have always believed – and Don agrees with me – that life is the norm – not the exception – throughout the universe. I have ALWAYS stated this belief whenever asked. As Jeff Goldbloom states in the movie Jurassic Park, “Life finds a way!” I have always believed that. Best. Tom Carey

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