Shanelle Schanz is the granddaughter of Kenneth Arnold, the man who unwittingly coined the term flying saucer. He saw nine silvery objects in the sky on June 24, 1947. This happened while flying alone in his private plane near Mount Rainier in Washington state. While certainly not the first sighting of its kind, it was the one that exploded onto the national stage, ushering in the flying saucer craze that forever changed the popular consciousness.

He died in 1984 at the age of 68. His daughter Kim Arnold has spoken publicly about her father, she described the difficulties that his sightings created in his life. Shanelle has taken over the role of family spokesperson, to keep his memory alive

Shanelle talks about her grandfather and how his experiences impacted their family over several generations. There is a lot more to the story, well beyond simply seeing something unusual in the sky.

After the formal interview ends, there is a twenty-minute excerpt from Mike’s book Stories from The Messengers. It is a full chapter on Kenneth Arnold and experiences that go way beyond just seeing something unusual in the sky. Accounts of other UFO sightings, floating orbs, psychic events, and government harassment.

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  1. WOW…looooved this. You are a master Mike! And your voice….so calming….you are so great! My lord this is interesting. I’ve lived in the PNW for nearly 20 years. I’m in Cleveland now, but I’ll move back ASAP. The PNW is enchanted✨💖

  2. Mike, thanks for the podcast ! I have a question to you , Not related to this podcast , but related to owls. Have you considered the role that the owl plays at the Bohemian Grove?

  3. Author


    I wrote about the big owl in my first book. You are not the only person who has asked me about this!


  4. A friend sent me pic of an owl 6 ft away from him as he was in his deer stand last week. He said it stayed for about 15 minutes. I asked and he said he has had similar encounters with owls. He didn’t answer seriously when I then asked him if he had ever seen a UFO. Got to try.

  5. Thought you might like to see/read about this little MIRACLE OWL. I received it today by way of e-mail…….

    Tiny Owl Found In Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree After Long Journey To NYC

    This year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree might be looking pretty awful after its journey to the Big Apple, but it turns out the real magic was perched right inside it.

    A tiny owl that was found within the boughs after traveling roughly 170 miles from upstate New York is winning hearts as he recovers at a wildlife rescue in the upstate town of Saugerties.

    The Ravensbeard Wildlife Center wrote Tuesday on Facebook that it was excited to share a “rare holiday story” about a secret inside this year’s tree.

    The rescue center said the northern saw-whet owl, one of the smallest owls in North America, was rescued from the 75-foot Norway spruce that was trucked into the city after it was felled in Oneonta last week.

    Ellen Kalish, the director and founder of Ravensbeard, told HuffPost the stowaway wasn’t found until workers were unwrapping the tree in the city. She suspects he might have been stunned or pinned when the tree was wrapped up.

    An employee of the company that transported the tree found the owl, and his wife called the rescue, telling them her husband had the little bird in a box “tucked in for the long ride.”

    They lived about an hour south of the Ravensbeard facility, so Kalish met the rescuers halfway to collect him.

    Back at the rescue center, the owl was given fluids and “a buffet of rodents ― all you can eat” as he settled in for his recovery in a warm, dark place after his three-day road trip without food or water.

    They named him Rockefeller.

    “He’s been just recuperating, getting his body weight back. Today he had a vet visit with X-rays to confirm my examination that I didn’t feel anything was broken,” Kalish said.

    He will be released on the center’s grounds in Saugerties this weekend in order to avoid further trauma from transporting him again to Oneonta, which is about 75 miles west.

    More than $3,000 was raised for the nonprofit after it shared Rockefeller’s early Christmas story.

    “It has been an incredible outcry of people giving,” Kalish said. “It’s really going to help us through the winter and then some.”

  6. Somehow, everything that Shanelle Schanz said gave me a sense of déjà vu. I seem to remember having heard this session verbatim long before October 28, 2020, this podcast’s date.

    I started listening to it, but got interrupted by a phone call from a friend; I restarted it, not having looked at my watch, and when 9/11 was mentioned, I looked at my watch, and it said 9:11. Coincidence?

    Also, I seem to remember a commentator (I can’t remember who it was) saying that some of the listeners (to this podcast?) nearly fell asleep but woke up startled by the sound of the click of the microphone at 9:45, which did happen to me earlier tonight.

  7. Hey, Mike! I keep coming back every few days to see if a new Unseen is uploaded. Is everything okay with you? If you could just check in with your supporters/admirers/fans, I’m sure I won’t be the only person grateful.

    Hope all is well, though, and you’re just taking a well-earned break. 😊

    1. I second that emotion. We love you much, Mike. Your programs are always so satisfying. Sure hope everything is OK with you. Check in with us on the Message Board…?

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