Mike Clelland’s Unseen Podcast: Certified hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith explores the hidden memories of close encounter witnesses. She has been working with experiencers for over 30 years. Her work began with a focus on PTSD, and this soon overlapped with the UFO contact experience. Yvonne sees her work as a way to help lessen the suffering that comes with these very difficult experiences. She is a therapist first, and a researcher second.

In august of 2018, Mike did a hypnosis session with Yvonne, and that experience will be the focus of this interview. He was confronted with some very challenging issues, and they explore the deeper meanings and implications of what emerged in that session. 

At the end of the interview, Mike shares the audio recording of the hypnosis session from three years ago. A warning, because of the very strong emotions, parts of this might be very difficult to listen to. It was a difficult decision for Mike to include this personal testament, but it helps to better understand the overall discussion with Yvonne.

You can contact Yvonne through her website, HERE

She has written two books, and these are easily found on Amazon.

Coronado: The President, the Secret Service and Alien Abductions, from 2014.

Chosen: From the Alien Hybrid Program to the Fate of the Planet, coauthored with James P Lough, from 2017.

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  1. Author


    You are welcome. That was a tough one to post.


  2. Always a gem! I think the “Now is the time” message was concerning “The Messenger’s ” book. You started writing it immediately. I listened to the book on Audible and it took me to a dreamy world. Like Whitley, you have a strangely pleasant, hypnotic voice. Who knows what unconscious things surface down the road? Meanwhile, for the rest of us.
    What is covered here is light years ahead of the rest of the dribble. Post this on social media. Now that​ the general public is passing the “knots and bolts” shock, ​the future is fragile. ​

    Let’s not just sit back and watch the government start spinning it into an alien vs. humans scenario, to recruit war money. ​We also have to find out more about the alien’s true agenda. Being taken against our human will, is an intrusion, after all. I dont care what we agreed to. There has to be a better way to communicate.
    This is all a slippery slope that we must climb and by doing it, guide the rest. The good news is that this would not be happening if we were not evolving. I remember being compelled to ask Mike on Facebook why he was not on a podcast again after his iconic Hidden experience blog. Which I highly recommend: http://hiddenexperience.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html
    I hope everyone reading this follows their own intuition. Let’s be muses that help /inspire. Thanks Mike for your courage.

  3. Thank you for this podcast. It was a pleasure to “meet” Yvonne; she presents as sane, compassionate, competent. And it was very moving to hear the recording of your regression, Mike. And very sobering. I have to believe that if you were being called on the carpet for not getting on with some task you’d been assigned/had agreed to do, then surely by now you have provided enough activity to satisfy the task. But as you say…what, exactly, were you tasked with? Perhaps more will be revealed in time. For now, please know that your human associates are very pleased with your contribution to educating us all about some aspect of this very strange phenomenon, and doing so with an exceptional gentleness of spirit.

    While I do not claim to be an abductee, I know that I’ve had my share of strange experiences, and interestingly, I have felt, many times, a kind of “anger with the gods” or guardians about their apparent cluelessness on how difficult it is to life this life on earth in the state that it’s in. I have sympathy for your point of view on this. Thank you for all that you have done and that you no doubt will continue to do!

  4. Thank you very much for this newest PodCast from you.

    You edited it almost perfectly: except for the first F word that you did not bleep out.

    But the 10 of the whole story was tremendously important for me.

    I agree: Why can’t I remember this so called “CONTRACT” that I “apparently signed” in a previous lifetime or incarnation or soul-swapping-person?

    You were (I think) MORE Emotional on one of your previous PodCasts before this one: The one where you also had a “release” of tension, but that one was not as deep of an Hypnotizing Session as this new one was clearly.

    Keep up the good work, go for it, and find out the truth for us please!

  5. Mike,
    Excellent interview and discussion. Thank you!
    Bless you for having the strength to share it all with us.
    Love your work.

  6. Thank you so much Mike for your class act. I get the impression that the beings that you were talking to had no idea about emotions at all. This is not the first time that I have heard/read about such encounters, and yet I know a young man here in Australia who has been on board craft since he was little and is very calm about it. Maybe it could be that his mother always knew and sometimes went with him and is very protective of him.

  7. Thank you for being so brave and courageous to post this! So very important! Praying for you! (((Hugs)))

  8. Author

    Thanks everyone. I should say that I am doing quite well, the anguish in the audio does NOT reflect my day-to-day life. So please don’t worry about me!

    I truly appreciate all the encouraging comments.

    Peace and strength,

  9. Many thanks.
    tons of us are stuck on Earth, not really knowing our orders. Me, I came from an intensely abusive childhood, [and have been told by a few psychics I have either no or a strange soul, or highly advanced spirit.
    I have never understood family or lovers, have been suffering mentally and physically. I’m actually comfortable with my spirit guides, a reptilian who lived before humans, and sort of a dog man. it’s possible that some us, including autistics like myself, have come to help and learn about emotions. Earth is a confusing place to me.

    You are much better at explaining yourself . Very good and intense episode. I try to keep track of where you are on the podcasts, including Where Did the Road Go.

  10. Hi Mike
    It has taken me this long to respond because I was SPEECHLESS! Honestly to think of the level of suffering you ceaslessly endured all those many years and the seemingly portions of your life it stole dealing with depression!! Only to be told by ET this was what you volunteered for. What can one say other then thank God it is finally over!! Bless your heart. Your interviews….well worth waiting for my friend. 🌱

  11. Author


    Thank you for your support. Please know, I am doing very well right now. So don’t worry too much about me.

    Peace and strength,

  12. Mike, I am grateful for your story, integrity and courage. The timing of this interview and your reflections on the hypnosis session are deeply meaningful.
    The time is now.

    Peace, Michele

  13. Hey Mike,
    Im a bit late on this because I travel & listen on a thumb drive. Firstly, THANK YOU for opening up and sharing. Thats true courage. Yep, its tough. It was mentioned in an earlier post… that the so called aliens didnt understand “emotion.” What fascinates me is that in a spiritual situation, moving into a different “container” …. you still retained your emotion. That makes me VERY curious if the connection to the container is a bit more that meets the eye…its the difference between playing the game and just sitting on the sidelines…watching.
    Thanks again,

  14. Omg Mike…this is so awesome…WOW…I love this…omg YES it is SO hard to be here…YES IT IS…haaa they are like parents, suck it up, you agreed, sounds like my family. Great you shared this.

  15. Mike, I agree; it’s difficult on this prison planet. Intuitively, my parents knew that it would be for me; hence, my name Barbara –foreigner in a strange land/stranger in a foreign land. Thank you for sharing such a personal, potentially vulnerable experience. It helped me as I’m sure it as others.
    (your Black listener in the Mid-Atlantic) I say that bc I’m a rarity here but feel I belong.

  16. Thankyou for Sharing, since I’m studying Psychotherapy that was very interesting.

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