Jennifer Sodini is an oracle card reader and healer. She has also had a series of profound UFO experiences. In this episode, she describes her own deep immersion into spiritual practices and tradition, and its connection to her healing work. She’s also had a lot of profound mystical experiences.

Jeniffer, in partnership with artist Natalee Miller, created an oracle card deck called the Amenti Oracle: Feather Heart Deck and Guidebook. Mike and Jennifer do an oracle reading in the second half of this show. 

She has her own podcast series, Radio Amenti. These are conversations she hosted with psychics, healers, tarot readers, and young visionaries.

Also, Jennifer spoke recently on a Stuart Davis’s podcast, Artists and Aliens. This two-part set of interviews is highly recommended, and is linked HERE. Her website is linked HERE.

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  1. Great show, as usual! I have a son who suffers from severe anxiety and depression, but I never thought before that the cause could possibly originate in a past life. I’m so happy for you, Mike, that you are healed from clinical depression. If someone wanted to get a past life regression, do you have any suggestions for finding the right therapist? Thanks so much!

  2. Another excellent program with great guest. I appreciate your candor Mike about the impact and suffering with depression. And most happy for your healing through the regression

  3. Fascinating, but why is it whenever anyone is regressed to a past life, they are someone famous or someone witnessing incredibly important events? Who worked in the fields? Who emptied the chamber pots? Everyone is someone important. I just find this really trite.

    1. Trite is a good word to describe your response to this podcast – especially given Mike’s emotionally charged and decidedly non-famous past life experience.

      Past life regression, like the whole spectrum of these phenomena, is subject to so much we do not understand about the mind and consciousness. It is almost certain that what people claim to be past lives runs the gamut of unconscious desires, wish fulfillment, genetic/inherited memory, psychometry, tapping into the collective unconscious, and genuine past life experience (not to mention things we don’t understand or can’t conceptualize) . So what’s your point?

      1. Author

        The point is there can be a very real healing. Both Jennifer and I said we doubted the reality of the memories that emerged under hypnosis. We didn’t know if we could trust the “story” that we saw.

        Yet we both experienced a powerful healing. That is all that counts.

    2. Author

      As I said above, both of us experienced a real benefit from the hypnosis session. The storyline is less important than the results.

      Mike C

    3. I really have mixed feelings about past lives. Sometimes I feel maybe it’s ancestral or perhaps it’s the influence of other spirits along with the collective and individual subconscious.
      However, if it’s true,
      I think I may have been a scullery maid actually 😃

    4. Mike never said he was famous. I find your comment egotistical, judgemental and trite.

    5. “Dylansdad” manages to skip the whole point of Mike’s healing! Years ago I experienced a brief past-life regression, which showed me committing suicide. No sense of healing at all, but it sure seemed to explain my inborn pessimism about myself and the whole human race. Yet Dylansdad appears intent on reinforcing my anguish. Not a loving message, IMHO.

  4. Once again, a great show Mike….it reminded me in part of Brian Weiss’ book “Many Lives, Many Masters”. Massive kudos to you for leaving in the part where you got emotional as that is rare amongst men in western culture.

  5. Mike, your willingness to put your emotional vulnerability on display was incredibly touching.

    While I may not be especially credulous in regards to some of Jennifer’s experiences i found it an interesting listen as always. Thanks.

  6. Please interview Jennifer again.
    Maybe you could do a deck of cards for her, Mike.
    One of your best shows.
    In case you have not noticed a lack of empathy runs thru this country.
    This show helped to offset that lack.
    Thank you.

  7. WOW….you are the best Mike, thank you. I need some healing.

  8. This was an incredible moving show! A definite learning experience. Thank you for being so open.

  9. As a person who has done energy work on people for 35 years who watched the Reiki marketing blitz in the 90s while Polarity Therapy floundered, I always cringe when I am reminded that people now associate the word “reiki” with energy work as part of the common vernacular now. It’s like the terms “googling” I guess. I enjoyed everything else about the interview though.

  10. Mike, thank you for sharing your experience. I too suffer from serious depression and I’m still looking for a way out of it.

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