Denise Stoner and the mystery of contact

January 29, 2020
Denise Stoner is a researcher, author and experiencer. She had a remarkable contact experience in Colorado in 1982 which was thoroughly researched and is featured in The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human-Alien Contact Ever Reported, from 2013. She... continued

Encounters with The Other, Ben speaks about his life

January 22, 2020
Ben has had a lifetime of powerful experiences that might seem to imply UFO contact, but the overlapping details are so strange that it has left him baffled. His experiences can’t be boiled down into a sound-byte. This episode allows Ben to... continued

Confessions of a Spooky Mind with Walter Bosley

January 15, 2020
Confessions of a Spooky Mind by Walter Bosley is a short little book and a memoir of sorts, describing some of the strange events in his life. He has written a lot of other books too, both fiction and non-fiction.... continued

Audio Book Excerpts from Hidden Experience (Part Three)

January 8, 2020
In this episode, Mike Clelland will be sharing audio excerpts from his recent book Hidden Experience, subtitled Collected writings from ten years of blogging 2009—2019, a personal journey of owls, synchronicity and UFO contact. Those blog posts defined a transformative chapter of... continued

Greg Bishop and the challenge of understanding UFOs

January 1, 2020
What’s up with the UFOs? This is not a simple question, and Greg Bishop tries to frame a way to confront this very difficult subject. Greg is an author, radio host and philosopher of the weird. Over the last few... continued

Spirit Communication with Psychic Medium Marisa Ryan

December 13, 2019
Marissa Ryan is a psychic medium as well as psychic investigator. The focus of the discussion is the emotional end of her work as well as her personal experiences. This ranges from her work with law enforcement to private readings. Mike... continued

The Source and Significance of Coincidences with Sharon Hewitt Rawlette

December 4, 2019
Why are some coincidences be so deeply personal and powerful? Why do they overlap with so many other strange phenomena? There seems to be a connection to other events like past lives, OBEs, NDEs, psycho kinesis, premonitions and times of... continued

The Shamanic Journey of HUMANO

November 27, 2019
Alan Stivelman directed what might be the most beautiful documentary ever made on the subject of UFO contact, Witness of Another World. Whitley spoke with Alan about his powerful film, and this amazing interview is archived on Dreamland. Alan directed an earlier film... continued

Audio Book Excerpts from Hidden Experience (Part Two)

November 20, 2019
Mike Clelland started a blog in 2009 to try to make sense of the odd experiences that were unfolding in his life. His writings were a sort of public diary, written in real time as the experiences were happening. All... continued

Magical Thinking with Michael M. Hughes

November 13, 2019
On this episode we will explore magic with my guest Michael M. Hughes.  Michael calls himself a “magical thinker” and he shares the experiences that shaped his outlook on the deepest of mysteries. Michael is both a ceremonial magician and... continued