Debra Jordan-Kauble is the author of Extraordinary Contact: Life Beyond Intruders. This remarkable book goes far beyond the headlines and clickbait in this new era of UFO reporting. This book is her journey, and it plays out as remarkably hopeful.

Deb was the central figure in Budd Hopkins’ important 1987 book Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods. She wrote her own book in 1995, but it’s been out of print for years. Her new book is a powerful update, with a lot of new accounts and reflections. Much of this conversation is focused on the emotional and spiritual difficulties that surround the contact experience. Mike and Deb also talk about Budd Hopkins, someone they both knew well.

Whitley recently did an excellent interview with Deb on this same book, and the full-length version is available for non-members. This is essential listening, linked HERE

Deb’s website: DebsHome

You can get Deb’s book HERE.  

Budd’s books, including the new reissues of Missing Time and Intruders, are linked HERE.  

There is an excellent video of Deb telling her 1983 experiences, by Adnan Ademovic of UFO HUB, linked HERE

Mike sat in a coffee shop in Brooklyn and did a drawing in his sketchbook, look closely at the book on the table. Image from 1996

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  1. Love listening too Debs, I can relate to some of the dreams. Funny I have a dream where I’m trying to get to Ben Nevis in Scotland strange.

  2. Love listening too Debs full of wisdom I’d love to go and chat with her font of knowledge. I can relate to some of the dreams. Funny I have a dream where I’m trying to get to Ben Nevis in Scotland strange. Telepathy goes along with these experiences, definitely. I’m same with looking after animals I will stop traffic too for our fury friends. Think we all have these abilities.

  3. I adore her. In a sea of marketing and influencers, she is a breath of fresh air. I, too, was a teenage girl hustling guys on my best friend’s dad’s CB in the 70s, so that gave me a great bit of amusement. Yes, teenage girls in the 70s were a force to be reckoned with (a.k.a. “wild”). The whole idea of a “cute” alien guy with shoulder length hair back then cracked me up and I totally got it. Alien David Cassidy!

  4. The formal interview sounded & flowed just as naturally as the conversation afterwards. Your personality shines in all you do! Thank you.

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