Joshua Cutchin is a bold and thoughtful author, and he joins Mike to explore UFO contact and its strange connection to a long list of of seemingly unrelated experiences—things like remote viewing, shamanic journeys, OBEs, NDEs, the faerie realm, bigfoot and death. 

Is an ancient folklore still alive today, welling up in the form of the modern close encounter experience? This is a fun roller-coaster of an interview! Joshua has written extensively on these overlapping subjects in his fascinating books, all linked HERE.

He’s also a published composer and a professional tuba player! He currently resides in the small town of Roswell (not that one, the one in Georgia). His website is

Listen to Joshua’s previous interviews with both Whitley and Mike, all linked HERE.

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  1. Joshua and Mike,

    Fascinating show! I’ve been living in this high strangeness all my life.

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