Richard Dolan is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State. And also UFOs for the 21st Century Mind, an overview of the entire subject and all its complexities. 

His most recent book, Alien Agendas is the focus of this interview, and Richard approaches the UFO subject with a historian’s eye; analyzing the different alien types and agendas based on longstanding patterns observed by witnesses. This is both a careful review of the best evidence of human-alien interaction, as well as bold speculation of who the aliens are, and what they might want. 

 Alien Agendas, begins with our ancient history and potential genetic modifications and monitoring by extraterrestrials. He also addresses the long history of interaction with perfectly human-looking beings who don’t seem to be from here, and how these reports continue through to the present day. He also analyzes accounts of different beings: gray aliens (both small and tall), reptilian beings, mantis beings, hybrid beings, and a wide range of others. 

He argues that the alien presence is especially important now. This is because of the rapid transformation of human civilization into something we’ve never before experienced—we’ve been confronted with radical new technologies that could usher in a dark era of tightly controlled social order.

His site is Richard Dolan Members (linked HERE).


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  1. I think what is being discussed here is the Spirit World. Richard is afraid of the dark spirits that come from the lower depths of humankind, while Mike is trying to have a relationship with the benevolent spirits of nature. Now what spirits are, objectively, is a much less simple question. I don’t pretend to know, but living with them is the most important knowledge we can ever obtain, I feel sure.

  2. Great discussion. Thank you Mike and Richard.

    Asking questions is the method I use and receive answers, clear, precise truthful answers, within ten or fifteen minutes. Manifest works that way too as long as it is kept simple. No need to dwell on a goal in a ponderous way. Keep it light and ask. Ask and you shall receive.

  3. So much truth in this interview. Mr. Dolan is right on point.
    I watched for the second time the brilliant move “Brazil” and recommend it highly. Its a sci fi that starts with a regular Joe that is killed because the computer made a mistake with a letter in his last name. For those that don’t think this dystopian world is here, just think of how much we have to twist ourselves into a pretzel when doing a simple task, if the computer does not agree. And we are only in its infancy.

    In China, if you cross the street the wrong way, the computers are programed to target the person, picture taken, credit score goes down and infraction remembered for ever. What control! Not even Hitler or Stalin would have dared dream of this. Meanwhile we are mesmerized by an increased forced sensuality along with a 5- inch gadget that we stare enthralled, like monkeys do at a shiny object. Of course, some aliens along with are very own, are helping it right along.

    However, all is not lost. We have our own divinity which they do not, as much as they would like to. It is also not all black and white. Like humans, not all aliens are the same. There are also higher subtle realms that want the best for us and help us daily when we look their way. Let us hold on to this. The universe, nature, likes to be noticed, it will help.

    These aliens directly affecting us are not all that, either. In my encounter when the robotic entity kept pressing my forehead asking if I believed I pushed back forcefully and screamed “I already Know!!” This startled it so much it stepped back. They are not good at surprises. We are stronger than we think. Let’s reclaim our humanity, our sense of humor. After all, it is the bohemians, the rebels that always push humanity forward. Let’s put our loud music, rock and roll, Opera, whatever lifts us, and dance, rejoice for being alive in this body. Let’s take care of our body and respect it.
    Let’s gently touch our earth.
    Let’s not just take care of our pets but play with them. They have so much joy to teach us! Let’s not take our self so seriously and laugh more. Let’s have a little plot of land to grow a flower for birds to enjoy. Let’s reach to have a rainbow body as William Henry talks about. Let’s reach to be impeccable as Carlos Castaneda wrote. Let’s do the little things, even like subscribing to this important site. Lets write a blog, whatever it takes, to awaken. There is truth about creating your reality. You have gifts. Share them.

    As in the book Mr. Dolan refers in the interview, “The Call to the Heights” by Geoffrey Hodson: “Let’s display evidence of an increased evolutionary status.”
    We are here for such a short time. By being more ourselves and enjoying our world we help it evolve.

    “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve always imagined.”
    ― Henry David Thoreau

    1. Indeed. So many who complain about Big Tech and Control…yet how many of those complaining are jumping on the newest electronic gadget and technology for what appears to be only “personal use”? We have willingly gone to the killing field, and if so, have not much right to complain about it, unless we also advocate for wise use. Who does that? So many who think that “freedom” is complete and total lack of accountability either personally, or on the part of Big Tech, for our words, which lead to actions, and bitterly rant about losing our freedom of speech. Yet like ODD kids, we bring the consequences of our irresponsibility and advocacy of aggression onto ourselves! It’s totally nuts. People seem to be so confused. It’s not going to an either/or…either we have Total Freedom, sans responsibility, or we have Total Control, sans the right to any personal deviation from the norm. We’ve got to *grow up* and learn how to be responsible for our thoughts and actions, and how they impact everyone else around us. Once, before our tech days, there were social norms that prevented irresponsible speech and actions. Now, with the advent of social media,. we seem to have thrown that out the window. So it appears we bring “back to Square One” upon ourselves. The question is, how do each one of us contribute to this problem, and what can each one of us do to correct the course we’re on, individually, so as to impact the whole?

      As Mike said, our technological abilities have so far outstripped our spiritual awareness, and note I did not say, “religious.” And yes, there is a difference between religion, and spirituality.

      Mike and Richard are without doubt two of my favorite researchers, authors, and thinkers in this field, primarily because both of the are dyed in the wool Truth Seekers. In spite of having their own personal point of view and values, they always question assumptions about all of this, even their own. This is what we need to get to the truth. Thank you, guys, for what you offer and the role modeling that you provide, most of all.

  4. Mike you r so inspiring as to lead Richard to “lighten up” that brilliant mind just a bit! His heart is there but mind is stuck in old emotional baggage.
    Richard Dolan and Mike Clelland make for a fascinating show. What’s not to LOVE!

  5. Oh Mike, a great sunblock that does not burn at all is MyChelle Sun Shield available at any health shop or online. 🐦

  6. Good thoughtful discussion. Some of the best versions of both Mike and Richard. Thank you.

  7. Always a killer discussion with Richard Dolan. He’s extremely thoughtful, insightful and very very good at verbally expressing his thoughts in such a coherent and astute manner. I love hearing him talk out his mind. Great show Mike – Thanks to both of you.

  8. There is no way to reach Richard Dolan unless one pays to become a member which cuts the man off from anything he does not want to consider. He does need to understand more about growth and spiritual awareness. New research shows that we are a form of consciousness using physical bodies to gain experience, knowledge, compassion and empathy as we function within a field of creative energy, know to most people as love. So Mr Donlan’s assessment is very distorted.

    1. I have had a serious problem with Dolan since he began to support Donald Trump and was ambivalent about the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol. There is nothing more shabby than a supposedly intelligent person who seems to get his political and social information from QAnon and Fox, supports a party that has a hankering for American fascism, voter suppression and a vast right wing lie network. If I am mistaken, I will apologize. Your comment seems to reflect the views of Thomas Campbell, author of MY BIG TOE. (a theory of everything). In terms of spiritual consciousness, there is no comparison between the two.

      1. I too was dismayed when I learned that Dolan had the notion that Hillary Clinton was The Big Evil. I don’t know what he thinks about that, or where he was politically at that time, now that he’s met The Big Liar. Would be interesting to know. I love his research and his analytical approach, but with regard to politics, he seems to have made a strange bedfellow. There’s a big problem with total control, but there’s a similar problem with total lack of self-control, and that seems to be where the right wing wants to go. Happy medium, anyone?

      2. Didn’t you say you were through with this site after Whitley interviewed Brooks Agnew (another “wrong-thinker” in your opinion) or was it John Hogue?

        I find it strange that so many people with such an ostensibly “highly spiritual” outlook (as many on this site seem to consider themselves to possess) have such a fanatical politically based litmus test against their fellow human beings and hearing what they have to say.

  9. I finally got around to listening to this podcast. Interesting to hear Richard reflect on something of a “spiritual nature”.
    I got to thinking about the idea of hybrids and aliens living among us. I heard someone spouting about this recently who claimed that Donald Trump was such a being even claiming that he was a reptilian. My immediate response was that was just plain weird. Incredible claims require incredible proof. They said take a look at how his appearance changes over time. When he is in front of the camera he has a rather normal appearance being tall with broad shoulders. Think of an upright alligator. Then take a look at photos of him golfing and chasing after his lost ball in the bushes. He has a huge belly in proportion to his shoulders. It’s like when a snake swallows it’s prey and has a bulging belly until his meal is digested. That’s why he went golfing every week, out of the public eye, so he could eat. Next someone will be telling me that skinny 12 year old with dark sunglasses and a helmet scooting by on his skateboard is a gray. I guess you could hide a lot under that helmet. Then there are the tall Nordics disguised as tall Nordics. Incredibly sneaky. What will they think of next? Now I find myself looking over my shoulder at every middle aged guy with a beer belly.
    When Richard makes such a speculation what is it based on? Does he have first hand knowledge or is it just base on other’s comments?

    Rickety Man

    1. I would suggest that Donald Trump exhibits what is known as a Reptilian mind. But it is a far stretch to think he is a Reptilian. People can also act demonic but they aren’t literally demons. Stop scaring yourself with these outlandish conspiracy theories. Trump is a sociopath, totally obsessed with himself without the slightest concern about anyone else. And 74 million Americans think this is just peachy! I guess they are the same?

      1. Good point. I don’t put much merit in conspiracy theories though I thought the one about Trump being a reptilian was kind of funny. If one tries hard enough I guess you could come up with a conspiracy theory about almost anything. Donald Trump hides his enormous belly while in public with the assistance of a great tailor (i.e. padded shoulders) and probably a girdle.
        Rickety Man

  10. Aside from Stanton, I think Richard is one of the best UFO investigators. Openly willing to question hypnosis etc. {its a good thing} But the end of the interview {1hr 30min subscriber interview }. It takes a very speculative turn. I don’t feel that we need implanted algorithms and AI, it may look like that now to any material scientist. Putting some collective all intrusive and invasive control into any society will end in tears. Denial of the soul and faith would be a serious mistake. To suppose E.T must do this to travel to the stars or control of or subdue a planetary species, denies the existence of a soul. To make us travel to the stars., to make us a controlled society, where anyone’s freedom of thought, is quickly denied and censored to fit the collective, eventually to take any freedom away from any individual denies the rest of us. Think about it, one simple discovery that could unleash free energy or travel to the stars denied because it is at odds with the collective brainwashing and understanding of science at the time. If we have a soul and an afterlife, it is non material in nature. A purely materialistic science will deny this. So its denial would eventually see its own end. It’s not evolution its involution. I don’t think the visitors operate in such a way.

  11. When it comes to our evaluation of hypnotic regression and what it can tell us; there are two distinct scenarios. They are dependent on what the subject has experienced, per se. The first is whether the subject has experienced a traumatic event, or not.

    If not, then I would posit that they might have difficulty remembering any particular detail. If they have experienced some sort of existential traumatic event, like an abduction event, then the subconscious mind would immediately focus on that in an effort to resolve the crisis.

    Perhaps that is why some regressions are not too intense, and the subject is left wondering if their recollection is accurate or not. On the other hand if the subject has had a mind-blowing, (not in a good way) experience then their subconscious is in serious turmoil (ala: Betty and Barney Hill) and any regression will revisit this event post haste.
    The touchpoint for the hypnotist would be the physiological symptoms presented. Not just a reminiscence, but rather a reliving of the experience with all the trauma induced and exhibited during the session.

    There would be no question during the session as to the authenticity of the original event. At this point during the therapy no resolution has been presented. So the confusion and fear is, at this point still unresolved and the subject is basically at the point of panic. If the hypnotist doesn’t observe this –then, most likely the subject is confabulating.

    Remember, what we are examining is a highly disturbing event, that would affect the experiencer on a survival level. This is no small thing and they would certainly have a hard time dealing with it, during and long afterwards.

  12. I was motivated to read Dolan’s book before I made a statement. I see the universe through a spiritual lens. I believe Dolan is not taking into account that the human spirit is very rebellious and while we may visit the singular structure he fears, I believe we would not stay in that state. We are extremely creative and restless, (which I think scares our cousins) and we would break out of any singularity after some time. The pendulum swings both here and, I believe in the universe. It’s part of the All Creator’s process. I also, in my humble opinion, don’t think that our cousin’s are looking to take us over. They have been here much longer than the last three decades… I have personal history to state this. They could have taken over our society faster than we know if that was a goal. I believe that, like us, they have a variety of opinions and goals regarding us. If we could begin looking at them like they are sentient and part of our universal family of star children we might make a leap towards relationship with them. But, if we look at them, like Dolan seems to, with suspicion and not grace, we won’t make meaningful contact for a long time.

    1. I would suggest these beings are interested in us, not geography or territory. There may be harvestable products we possess simply by being alive that they can extract and use in some inexplicable way. I don’t know what possible advantage it would be to an alien race to “take over” and make themselves responsible for 7 billion human beings. That is why empires eventually collapse, simply because it entails so much overhead, bureaucracy and work to maintain. I realize that human empires strip mine the captive nations in the empire. But there is no reason for “aliens” to strip mine earth if they have access to untouched other planets and the asteroid belt. We’ve already strip mined the earth to some extent. One scientist said that if there was a Dark Age, we could never have a technological society like ours again. Why? Because we have mined all the iron and other metals from easily available locations. So a future society would have a much harder time finding them unless they excavated our dumps.

  13. I just wanted to express more widely to those on this comments section what I posted in response to another poster….

    I find it strange that so many people with such an ostensibly “highly spiritual” outlook (as many on this site seem to consider themselves to possess) have such a fanatical politically based litmus test against their fellow human beings and hearing what they have to say.

  14. I suspect that we are the indigenous being visited by the advanced civilization. Didn’t end well for the indigenous people of the past. Fingers crossed that we do better with what is to come.
    Appreciate Richard Dolan as a guest.

  15. You were fighting for a positive conclusion.. How about love is the answer.
    Nothing matters but love.
    Hatred puts you in a black hole.
    But said.

  16. Fascinating and scary. Authoritarianism (or whatever you want to call it) is the wave of the future, I fear. I am glad I’m old and won’t be around for the worst of it.

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