Author Richard Dolan said this about The Messengers: 

“I would characterize very few UFO books as beautiful, but this one is.”

The owl has held a place of reverence and mystique throughout history. And as strange as this might seem, owls are also showing up in conjunction with the UFO experience. Mike Clelland has collected a wealth of first-hand accounts in which owls manifest in the highly charged moments that surround alien contact. His book explores the owl’s connection to the UFO experience. It also includes profound synchronicities, ancient archetypes, dreams, shamanistic experiences, personal transformation, and death. From the mythic legends of our ancient past to the first-hand accounts of the UFO abductee, owls are playing some vital role.

This episode features a full chapter from the upcoming audiobook The Messengers. It’s read by voice artist Michael Hacker, who has also read audiobooks by John Keel and Brad Steiger.

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  1. I’m not a UFO experiencer, but inexplicably, around 5 or so years ago, I developed a fascination with owls and had never given them a second thought in my entire life prior to that time. Now my house is filled with owls of all kinds, from decorative items for the house to jewelry. Not long ago, I encountered an owl when I stopped at the end of a road near my home. He was sitting directly across from me on a road sign in the middle of the day. He looked right at me for what was probably just a few seconds and then turned his head completely around for another few seconds before flying into the woods behind where he was sitting. I don’t know if any of this means anything, but I really enjoyed this podcast!

  2. I already have an audiobook called Stories From The Messengers by Mike Clelland. Is this the same thing?

  3. I am not an experiencer but I do have a history in my life with synchronicities. I bought the audio version of this book on audible and last year when I was listening to it I had two very weird run ins with owls! I find it fascinating because I’m 40 years old and I’m from the country Originally and I NEVER see owls. Then and since I finished the book I haven’t seen another one.

    The first one isn’t very exciting. I had to take my son to the ER and of course we were there until 2 in the morning. He broke his arm at football. When we left we were both starving so I went through the Taco Bell drive through. We sat there a good few minutes and my son got all excited and he was like OMG mom there a huge owl in the tree right here. It was right beside the drive thru and I couldn’t see it even if I leaned over so i backed up so I could see it. It didn’t seem that big to me but it was pretty. It was really dark I don’t even know how he was able to spot it.

    The next story will be in the next comment.

  4. The second sighting was just CRAZY and cool! It touched me in a way I will NEVER forget it.

    A little back story. My husband just retired from the Army and we bought a house and decided to put down roots close to Fort Stewart Ga because this is where he retired and my kids are in middle school and high school and we didn’t want to have to move them.

    After he got out our friends had a contract with Balfour Beatty (the people who own and run military housing now) to clean, paint, and maintenance houses after people move out of it them.

    So we started doing that for a while and I actually loved it because I’m a night owl and I would work all night and listen to audio books and such while I painted or cleaned. During this exact night I was listening to “Stories from the Messengers.”

    I listened all night and about 4am I ran out of ice for my ice water. There was another house a cpl blocks away that I had already finished but hadn’t been inspected yet so I still had access to it. I always turn the ice makers back on (we aren’t supposed to) but I need to have ice cold water at all times lol. I’m a little high maintenance about my ice lol.

    I didn’t really want to stop working because I was in the zone but it was about to be PT time then there would be a ton of traffic and ppl everywhere so I decided to just run over really quick and get the ice. It was about a mile away. Far enough I drove so I could get there and back quickly.

    Now to make this description perfectly clear I was in Savannah on Hunter Air field. There is lots of housing there. It was 4am and still dark. As I’m driving down the road I see something in the road. I was far enough away I couldn’t tell what it was but I assumed it was a dog or cat. Maybe an opossum. Who knows really but those are the most likely critters. It wasn’t big enough to be a deer although surprisingly there are deer there. It’s so weird. Hunter Airfield is in downtown Savannah lol. I was surprised at how many deer there were there.

    Anyway as I got closer I still didn’t know what it was but it wasn’t moving. It just stayed there. I finally got closer and I could see it was a HUGE owl! I literally have never seen an owl that large. And it sat there and looked at me for a a minute. Finally it lifted up and took off. It was so majestic. I remember vividly the one leg still on the ground and the other up already. Weird thing to remember but then it just flew away and it was just so huge and gorgeous.

    I know I didn’t do a good job describing it and how I felt and maybe I didn’t do a good job at describing any of it it. I’m not a writer. I’m also not going to proof read so please forgive typo’s!

    I will never forget that huge owl in the middle of the road! I’m only 4ft 11in so if I were to have gotten out and stood beside it it would have been almost as big as me! It was an amazing creature! No it wasn’t 4ft tall…but it was just awesome.

    I’m from West Virginia deep in the mountains lol. Ive seen everything and even had a lot of wild pets and I can’t describe this encounter but it was amazing and the fact that I was most of the way done with this book at the time made it even just that much more…..unbelievable!

    It really was something I’ll never forget!

  5. I wouldn’t so much see owls as hear them often on my roof at night right after an abduction. There is no logical connection between the two, but there they were. To my knowledge, it was always after an abduction as if the owls were having a briefing on what just happened. By the way, I lived in a suburban San Francisco community, not out in the sticks.

  6. Most enjoyable. Very well written and narrated. Held my attention throughout. Thank you.

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