Susan Demeter has had lifelong paranormal experiences with what she refers to as Cosmic Forces, and this includes UFOs. She is a Canadian-born author, scholar, and artist. 

She is also a practicing witch! And the focus of this conversation is the overlap of witchcraft and powerful, often mystical experiences, and this includes UFOs.

Her recent book, Cosmic Witch is subtitled Magic, Witchcraft, and the Supernatural, it is part memoir, part history, and part a call to activism. She is presently working on a series of independent experiments to influence paranormal events, and this will be the focus of her second book: Cosmic Witch Vol. II, Conjuring UFOs, and this will be available later this year.

Robbie Graham’s 2017 book UFOs: Re-framing the Debate comes up in this conversation, as does Russel Targ and his remote viewing research through the documentary Third Eye Spies. Both of these are addressed in previous shows here.

Visit Susan’s site, Out of My Mind’s Eye

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