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When you have a man with the last name “Knight” and a man named “Excalibur,” naturally, you have a roundtable. But instead of going medieval, this one goes into the heart of all high strangeness experiences. Carol Fong, Shay Trias, James Knight, and Excalibur join host Jeremy Vaeni for a deep and honest discussion about our natural, intimate connection with the Super Natural.
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  1. Great show jeremy. Lots for
    Great show jeremy. Lots for folks to think about.

  2. I just listened – well done.
    I just listened – well done. Keep on… asking those questions and being willing to go within to find answers which may not be available until one is ready… does it seem that to learn one must let go of expectations, hopes, desires, judgements, … and become open to the fullness?

  3. Is the Universe geared
    Is the Universe geared towards diffusion?

    I think reality in this Universe is primarily geared towards diffusion. When we ingest foods our body “uses” the energy, which eventually departs through the body. It diffuses and leaks out into the surrounding area, adding to its dispersal. We lose energy in this manner, every day. Energy gets “used up” in this Universe. This action has the tendency to inflate consciousness, expanding it (the Universe’s expansion is also part of diffusion). It makes the body and brain increasingly bloated, and not as adept at holding onto energy like it used to be able to do. Diffusion is discovered in virtually every aspect of existence, we live with it diurnally. It is part of entropy. Entropy is diffusion in action. Younger brains and bodies express and exhibit more compression, more energy, and greater awareness of the moment.

    Was life in this Universe tailored this way intentionally, having a tendency to lean towards diffusion? Perhaps by alien entities? Is the diffusion process responsible for forward time movement? If it is, it is responsible for the erosion of DNA? For aging itself? Are we being truly manipulated a by a Universe construct which is dictating our physical existence? Is it why there are constant battles for resources on this planet? Are we traumatized by death after being under the spell of the Universal construct of diffusion? Can all problems in the world be directly and indirectly attributable to diffusion as a phenomenon? Are we fighting a personal battle against diffusion because of our mere existence on this planet? Who stands to win if we are caught inside a diffusion construct?

    Okay. What is the opposite? If energy diffuses normally, naturally inside of this construct, how can this tendency be allayed? I believe that it can. Energy can be amassed, built up, compressed* rather than used. Energy can be vitally interconnected, rather than discrete and diffused into simplicity. In other words, diffusion can become compression. Catching lightning in a bottle is the way to counter entropy. This may have happened with the initial Big Bang singularity, we may be seeing the imprint of compression in it before it exploded. When compression occurs it is a NOW moment, beyond space and time. In that moment, the limitations of our space-time diffusion reality are exceeded.

    If Science has only partaken in a promotion of diffusion reality, it is promoting our own death and ignorance. If other dimensions operate according to compression and energy accretion rather than diffusion and energy loss, then Physics has misled humanity about our destiny. The “heat death of the Universe scenario” where energy diffuses until it fizzles away, only applies to this constructed “simulation” Universe.

    I’d like to again convey an experience I had, a long time ago. It involves a singularity of some type (not the Big Bang singularity) and may point the way towards some degree of comprehension. It happened when I was 14, and involved Kundalini phenomena.

    When I was 14 years of age I entered a shower in my home and let the water run over me. I was under the impression that something significant was going to happen, and that I was on schedule for an appointment of some type. I turned off the shower, laid down on my back and relaxed in the tub as the water began to drain. I began to hear a whispering sound of many voices, and I began to feel energy sensations move from the bottom of my spine, up my middle section, and into the higher crown chakra regions. I was seeing threads of energy which blossomed into gorgeous colors and images, I observed strings of energy that sparked up and played out, the phantasmagoria that erupted was full of liquid light and strong emotions. At one point, I witnessed the impression of two faces looking at me, but I did not discontinue my emotional and mental journey, I delved further into the feelings that were materializing. About halfway into the experience, the poles of right and left energy seemed to reverse, although this seemed natural and familiar to me. I simply noted it and headed deeper into the energy waves and spatial realities that were flooding through my brain. I was inside a tunnel, it appeared, and this tunnel defined my visual scope. As I really started to run the energy, I noticed that the energies were becoming more and more intense. I could feel Earth energy bubbling up inside of me, which then progressed to Sky energy at the top of my crown chakra. I noted that energy from these two ports influenced each other, and that one responded in accordance to the actions of the other. One energy arose out of the other, and I generally continued my “up, middle, down, middle, up” sequence constantly. Sometimes I went from up to down, middle to up, so the sequence of directions got shifted at times. The energies seemed to be wrapped around each other in principle, much like The staff of Asclepius, or Hippocratic Oath symbol. Threads of energy extended with great dispatch, becoming more elongated in each passing instant. Intensity of vibration continued to burgeon, flow advanced, and suddenly I was rushing down a tunnel at an incredible speed, perhaps light speed or greater. I was reaching the uppermost limits of my crown chakra energy. I reached down into the Earth energy one last time, feeling the dense viscosity of it, then I observed a very tight string of energy racing to the absolute top, to the cap of my head. For an instance, I paused, then I focused the total accumulation of the energy that I remembered from the entire experience on the base of my spine. A pin prick of focused light exploded (or perhaps imploded) at that moment, seeming to ricochet off of something. Concurrently, I inhaled deeply, and the breath seemed to permeate my entire being. I then let out an ecstatic exhalation. Time appeared to stop, and I could see and feel the essence of everything within the apparent “singularity”. I could see an invisible road leading to the singularity, I was aware that it was the energy road I had just traveled. I observed a golden yellow dot portion of the singularity, superimposed upon a brownish dot. The feelings I experienced were greater than any feelings I have ever had in my entire lifetime. Everything was interconnected and mingled in the singularity, which evidently persisted for a few seconds then faded. It seemed like an inordinately long amount of time had elapsed. I looked at my eyes a few minutes later in the mirror, and they were brighter than I have ever seen my eyes appear.

    I later learned this was a Kundalini experience, and that running energy like this could be learned as a technique. During the experience I felt that I could stop anytime, but the actual energies I experienced were not fully under my conscious control.

    That’s my experience.

    Diffusion may not be all bad. It may allow for explosions of change, because when energy is mainly detached and disengaged from other energies it can act as a potent catalyst. We may owe tremendous forces of change in our World to entropy and diffusion. However, as far as studying alternate dimensions of reality go, diffusion is a trap that keeps us imprisoned. Do we want to meet the Jailors? Is that what Alien secrecy is about? Is that why we have not learnt of their presence here officially on Earth? Are we being kept in a diffusion cage? Is the Universe intentionally configured to create diffusion? Are aliens waiting for us to “roll over and die” and include ourselves in their reincarnation cycle? Does the diffusion cage make it possible for them to maintain control over us, cycling through lifetime after lifetime?

    If it is problematic to hold onto our energies, this is a predicament and a limitation upon our power as spiritual beings. If aliens conceived of this Universe as a trap or a teaching facility (could it be both?), it is unknown to most humans.

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