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When this week’s guest got married, she found herself in a lot of physical pain, which led to an out of body experience, which led to an amazing week of blatant interdimensional activity. And editing this show has led to the host having major personal revelations about what interdimensional contact is, why it unfolds the way it does, and a whole bunch of things he isn’t willing to share yet, but may change him forever. As if that isn’t enough? By the end of the episode, you WILL believe in unicorns! 
A tall order you say? Have a listen and be nourished. 

From Whitley: One of his BEST! A great conversation!!

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  1. It’s so rare to hear
    It’s so rare to hear someone’s original, uninfluenced experiences these days. I’ve never heard of a brown unicorn before. People always see white ones. It must have been real!

  2. The Gateway Experience from
    The Gateway Experience from the Monroe Institute and the three books by Robert Monroe (Journeys out of the Body, Far Journeys, and The Ultimate Journey) are a great place to start. Gateway is expensive but worth it because of the structured system it provides. It’s a good combination following yoga when you’re up at 5 am. I also dig the Hemi-Sync Mediumship Series by Suzanne Giesemann.

  3. That was an awesome show,
    That was an awesome show, with some really fascinating experiences described by Crystal and some great discussions… a bit disappointed that the unicorn didn’t fart rainbows… that would’ve made my week – me and my Internet inspired mental overlay. I wonder why I have never seen such a pure beast? Ah… I think I may well have just answered my own question there. Anyway, yeah, the whole interview had a joyous feel that I found refreshing.

    I was going to recount a story that related to the ‘Why?’ question but it would have put a slight downer on the mood, so it’ll wait, I’m sure.

    If Crystal is interested in lucid dreaming, I would recommend Robert Waggoner’s book
    ‘Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self’.

  4. Hey Jeremy, Crystal,
    That was

    Hey Jeremy, Crystal,
    That was a very light interview… nice.
    I have 1 curiosity: If the lady(Pinky) was asking questions of Crystal, wouldn’t you return the favor? Curious about the person who was asking you questions? …other than, “can i pet your dog?”
    it was a smooth show that’s sure.
    Thanks much,

  5. Very cool show! Thank you.
    Very cool show! Thank you.

  6. Kind of on the same level as
    Kind of on the same level as HG, I found the Pinky story too open ended. How did their encounter end? Did Pinky disappear, or just rapidly walk off or ….? And yes, why did she not ask Pinky a few questions back? Interesting show. “Experience Light”.

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