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Did host Jeremy Vaeni predict the surprising Kilauea volcanic eruption that ran from May to August 2018, back in August of 2014? Maybe he did; maybe he didn’t. The importance of this uncertainty springboards us into a vast discussion of ethics concerning those of us having transcendental experiences, including Visitor phenomena. And that brings us right up to a wall that is our final wall, but is a door if you’re looking with clear eyes, and is the reason this show is called The Experience in the first place.

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  1. To answer your first question
    To answer your first question about the volcano eruption, my take is no, you did not have a prophetic vision. Sounds to me like you were excited about Hawaii and connected the names of the whales to where your mind was focusing at the time. That doesn’t seem like prophesy to me.

    A topic that seems to keep coming up in recent shows is the “unconscious”. In this particular episode you use it in a negative sense as conjecture that experiencers may follow an “unconscious script” or “unconscious role”. Your implication is that if experiencers aren’t fully aware and question their motives and relationships then they risk acting out on a false habitual role. This may be true but it speaks to a limited understanding of the term “the unconscious”.

    In the book Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self, the author, Robert Waggoner, quotes Jung on the unconscious. Robert writes “In dreaming, one touches the unconscious, something that extends beyond the waking self. As Jung observed, “Looked at in this way, the unconscious appears as a field of experience of unlimited extent. If it were merely reactive to the conscious mind, we might aptly call it a psychic mirror world. In that case, the real source of all contents and activities would lie in the conscious mind, and there would be absolutely nothing in the unconscious except the distorted reflections of conscious contents… The empirical facts give the lie to this.”” (C. G. Jung, “The Relations Between the Ego and the Unconscious,” in the The Basic Writings of C.G. Jung, ed. Violet Staub de Laszlo (New York: Random House, 1993), 196)

    So Jung is saying that the “unconscious” is much more than simply a regurgitation of our conscious experiences. I bring this up as a prelude to discuss your question: “How do we differentiate our own unconscious projections from the reality?” My take is that the unconscious is the reality. The unconscious includes and transcends our sense of self (ego), thoughts and experiences. This fits in with your quotes about how we can’t differentiate between the thoughts and the thinker or the experience and the experiencer. In the Buddhist view our true nature is boundless space that is empty but filled with infinite potential. This sounds a lot like Jung’s description of the unconscious: “field of experience of unlimited extent”. In the Buddhist view you can’t have boundless space without awareness they are inseparable.

    So, to answer your question I would say that we can’t know our truth or our true nature until we become aware of our own awareness. By nakedly observing our thoughts as they arise without elaborating on them or rejecting them we can become aware of the unbounded spaciousness of our mind. The unconscious or boundless nature of Mind hosts our ego and sense of self. In abiding in the true nature of mind It is possible to dissolve our projections, prejudices, habitual habits and come face to face with our boundless true nature.

    I had a vision once where I saw myself totally focused on my sense of self and the roles I play in this world. In the vision I had this inkling that there was something behind me so I turned around and saw the pure light of awareness blazing towards me. I felt immense joy and instantly I knew how perfect everything was.

    Christopher Rosing

  2. Hope this posting works…The
    Hope this posting works…The ability to save a post seems to come and go weekly…

    ‘Predicting the future’…

    From my numerous experiences with this sort of thing, there are at least three categories:

    1. Synchronicities
    Synchronicities appear to be more about the Universe guiding you to be in the moment and also encouraging you to pay attention. Occasionally you might be lucky enough to get some kind of validation for something you may have said, done, or experienced in the past. In your case, Jeremy, the Universe ‘winked’ at you about your comments about a possible volcanic eruption via the names of whales. And you’re right, the major volcanic eruption was only a matter of time, and being a resident of Hawaii, was probably always sitting in the back of your mind. Besides getting your attention. synchronicities can often lead to exploration and the desire to ‘figure it out’, which leads to more and more questions. This one is my personal favorite!

    2. Dreams
    Ah, dreams! They are a little different, and can also be in the synchronistic realm, or give you actual predictions. Usually, they are harder to gauge what they are saying to you. Sometimes they really are just your mind dealing with day-to-day ‘stuff’, but they can also be very cryptic and full of symbolism. Knowing oneself very well really helps in deciphering them. Some symbols may be universal in nature, and some may be more personal to you. For instance, I rarely have a ‘bad’ dream or nightmare. When I do, the dream is so vivid that upon awakening, I remember it very well and realize that it truly is telling me something to watch out for. Last week I had a very bad dream that resonated with me and put me on alert. I even told someone close to me about it. Within 3 days a serious family issue came out of nowhere, and I recognized signs from the dream. Did this dream predict the future? Kind of ‘yes, kind of ‘no’. For me it was more of a heads-up to be prepared for something in the near future. I have also learned that if a tornado appears in a dream, something tragic is on the horizon, and not necessarily of a personal nature for me. For instance, without taking up time giving all the details here, I had a tornado dream in the days prior to a man driving his truck through Luby’s Cafeteria window and opening fire on patrons and employees in 1991 in Killeen, TX, a short drive up the road from where I live in Central Texas.. He killed 23 people and wounded over 20 others. I only mention this one because it was well publicized nationwide at the time.

    3. ‘Knowing’
    Of the 3 categories, this is the one that for me is the most problematic and harder for me to handle. ‘Knowing’ happens in the moment and without warning, and when it happens, I have learned that that it is almost like a freight train that cannot be stopped. Sometimes the ‘knowing’ is blurted out by me in front of other people without thinking, leaving them and me to ask, “Where did that come from?”. When the event happens, people are left asking, “How did you know that?”.

    I have some ideas about these various situations involving future events. With synchronicities and dreams, I feel that they may reflect strong possibilities that are not set in stone. With ‘knowing’ I am beginning to think that I actually may be ‘remembering’ the future based on whatever cues I maybe experiencing in the moment. One that I can give you along this line has to do with politics. A warning here: I am not making a political statement here, just telling the facts as I remember them.

    When I saw the news story on June 16, 2015 and watched as Donald Trump came down that escalator at Trump Tower and announcing his plans as a candidate for president, I ‘knew’ that he was not only going to be nominated by the Republican Party, but that he would win the presidency. Now that seriously creeped me out and was totally unexpected. In the days and months that followed, I watched the campaign unfold with a real feeling of helplessness. I did tell others, and was also told by them that it was “impossible”. Election night I was invited to an election night ‘party’ and bowed out. My partner did go to another party with his men’s group. I gave him instructions not to wake me up when he got home to tell me about the election results, because I already knew the outcome (He still thought I was way off base). That evening, I watched no news feeds, viewed ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ (ha, ha), then shut off the TV and read until bedtime. The next morning I came down the stairs, to see my partner sitting like a zombie on the sofa. He looked at me and asked, “How did you know?”

    I have had synchronicities that occur that also give me a heads up about a ‘knowing’ that follows days or weeks later. An example of this was a whole string of synchronicities surrounding airplanes and crashes that led to a ‘knowing’ about flight MH 370 a couple of weeks later. (This one also involved someone that had died in crash contacting me too!) And THAT one was really weird, and also a lengthy story, but can also be corroborated by some close to me.

    As for ethics, I have had others tell me that I should become a professional psychic, but I simply cannot go there, and making money from it does not appeal to me at all (Although it does not bother me that others may be making a living doing that very thing.) We live in an age where facts are ignored, truth is really loosey,-goosey, and reason has gone out the window, so I would rather leave the ‘predictions’ to myself and to those around me who know me really well, and don’t judge or jump to conclusions about me—or the future.

    …And I still question all of it…

  3. Ethics are so missing in most
    Ethics are so missing in most of our American culture. How can Christians not want to feed the poor? How can New Age “Awake” people think Spiritual success is measured financially? How can our president …. Fill in the blank.

    I’m watching a series on Netflix about the goings on with the Ragneeshies in Oregon way back when. It looks to me, simplistically speaking, like conservative up tight Christian Bigots vs inexperienced inconsiderate youth + foreign thinking that the U.S. is all about shot outs at the OK corral.

    It makes me want to quite being human. Unfortunately, there isn’t a damn thing I can do about that.

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