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What starts as an apology for missing a blatant ethical issue that flew over the host’s head during last week’s interview ends in a call for adopting a universal code of ethics in ufology, because that’s what is needed for this to be taken seriously as a field of study.

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  1. Yes, I caught that. And yes,
    Yes, I caught that. And yes, I was bothered by it. Thank You for addressing it.

  2. Jeremy, I want to thank you
    Jeremy, I want to thank you for pointing out the the questionable practice of Buddy ‘outing’ a source. Honestly, that one flew right past me and I was not aware of it previously. That being said, I still think that Buddy is on an interesting path, but like ALL of us, has feet of clay. Not knowing the exact email exchange between you and Buddy, I sense a defensiveness on his side that may have been a knee-jerk reaction to criticism, and hopefully he will give serious thought to his ethical breech. Buddy himself wore a disguise in the past on-line, and when he was invited to speak at a conference not long ago, he put the question out there whether he should appear at the event as ‘himself’, or in disguise. I told him through comments on YouTube to drop the disguise and own it. Whether he listened to me, someone else, or himself, he did drop the disguise. Disguises in and of themselves might be considered unethical, and I have always felt strongly that if you cannot be yourself and speak your truth with confidence and let the chips fall, then maybe you should not say anything at all.

    Regarding ethics: I agree with Tyler Kokjohn. Lack of ethics is ubiquitous, and I can say that because I worked extensively for years in banking and financial services as the person tasked with compliance and due diligence. I was considered “no fun” and spoil sport by many because I refused to fund major transactions because of lapses and loosey-goosy concepts of documentation and ethics, along with buddy deals made between a board member and a major player in state politics. Yes, I put myself on the line more than once, and even found ways to protect others at my institution in getting things done without breeching policies, rules…and ethics. Later, I saw similar games played in public health where I was, once again, the Gatekeeper of rules, ethics, and compliance, only in regards to medical providers in the community and publicly funded programs.

    I also agree that discernment is very important and is different from being judgmental, and that everyone would be better served by growing thicker skins and looking within and questioning when we are called out by others and how we react. Not many people are willing to say “I was wrong”, or “Gee, I never thought of that!”.

  3. A few thoughts- I’d also
    A few thoughts- I’d also missed the mention of “Buddy” having leaked that identity the first time around. To be honest, unless the speaker has some direct involvement in the disclosure movement, I tend to tune out such discussions because the whole movement is so fraught with BS and chicanery… and even then I take claims made there with a huge grain of salt. Upon a second listen, I did find it curious that not 3-4 minutes before he mentioned leaking the pilot’s identity, he’d talked a good bit about respecting people’s privacy and anonymity. I get that “Buddy” thinks the ‘fate of the world’ stakes are high enough that he should be allowed to out someone without it being that big a deal, but I agree that his self-exception in this particular case is flawed. I was not terribly taken with him as a guest, mostly because he came off as a bit self-aggrandizing.

    FWIW, based on what you shared, Jeremy, I think you handled yourself evenly in trying to explain this issue to Buddy. I can understand why he would have taken badly to being called out on his outing of the pilot, and it is sad that we live in an age where discussions quickly devolve into arguments which devolve even further to name-calling and taunts. Living in the ‘post-facts’ world is becoming more and more difficult, and those effects are doubled and tripled when dealing with the edge realms under discussion here.

    Somewhat related to that note: I think you may have reached a saturation point with regard to hypnotism, Jeremy. While I share your views, I suspect that there are very few regular listeners of the show who are on the fence about it at this point. Everyone who’s going to believe your facts is probably already there, and everyone who’s going to believe in the usefulness of hypnosis is going to continue to ignore or disregard those facts. Minds have already been made up, and while personally I hope that you to continue to reiterate your position on the subject in the hopes that eventually some people might come around, I feel like you’re going to have to start consciously preparing yourself for this to be an uphill battle with little net result every time you bring it up. I appreciate what you’re doing here and can understand your frustration, but you’ve already put your best evidence forward… at this point, all you can do is continue to present that evidence, remind people that it exists, and hope that your facts can convince people to overcome their opinions.

    On another somewhat related note: since “Hey man! Why do you hate hypnotism so much?” and “I’d really like to hear more about your experiences!” are questions you get a lot, would it be worth it to do an episode to answer each question as thoroughly as possible to put up here on UC, say on an FAQ page or something like, which you can point people to in order to avoid having to answer that question over and over again? (For my part, I know that you’ve discussed your experiences repeatedly over the years and have no desire to rehash them *yet again*, but some of us have never heard ALL the stories (at least, I think you’ve covered some during your tenure on The Experience, but not all of them), and don’t know where to find the podcasts where you may have covered them all to your satisfaction.)

    1. And, of course, while going
      And, of course, while going on and on about ancillary stuff, I missed the original point in my posting: I agree very strongly with you about a call for some form of universal ethics to be applied to the field of ufology. Almost every other discipline or career has some form of accepted ethical norms, and if ufology wants to be taken seriously by the mainstream, if would not hurt for there to be an accepted ethical standard for people in the field to benchmark themselves against.

  4. I agree with Cosmic
    I agree with Cosmic Librarian. He put it much more eloquently than I could. What Buddy did was unethical. With that being said however, it seems anonymity is becoming more of an obstacle than an aid. It’s time to own it and allow these experiences to be put to public and scientific scrutiny. I understand the price could be high. But if the earth is in that much danger, we can no longer remain quietly disguised.

  5. robwilkin: In the interest of
    robwilkin: In the interest of transparency, if not totally, I am a ‘she’, and during an interview with Jeremy a while back, I had no qualms with my real first name being used, which is Darlene. As I’ve learned over the last few years. some people here have tracked me down and contacted me directly, and I’m fine with that. While I don’t welcome spam, I have had some wonderful conversations on line and by phone. We are a team, after all…:-)

  6. Hey Jeremy.
    First and

    Hey Jeremy.
    First and foremost…. I apologize if I insulted you in any way. THAT was not my intention.
    I WAS the only commenter on that show. I will not demean someone on their general belief system.
    I was a bit blunted by the idea that if I believe in hypnosis, then I most likely believe in “fake news.”
    Hence the statement that I believe in fake news.
    I REALLY want to believe in it -IF- its done correctly.
    YOUR views and introspections are valuable and I love coming here to listen.
    As you touched on and as I get older, it seems that fact and truth can both be transitory.
    Hence, science and studies. As you again touched on, the presenter CAN present “facts” that bolster that individual’s belief system. That’s where the global warming stuff came from.
    And yes, it seemed that mesmerism was the fun of the day. AND… the guest did attach that to remote viewing as in a “historical” standpoint.
    I did compliment the guest on his tone and demeanor.
    My comments were not meant as attacks. If I was really bent, I wouldn’t have voiced it in the comments.
    The bottom line is, we believe, put value in, cling to what we do.
    And, like the trickster, once you figure it out… here comes the curve ball that makes you re-evaluate the whole 9 yards.
    Is Santa Claus real? I believe that as a corporeal being, no. BUT.. the spirit of Christmas … the spirit of giving is and embodied in the character Santa Claus. There are many folks who would say, “Santa isn’t real.”
    But here again, step back and look at your perspective. IS Santa real?
    I took the lack of comments basically that folks didn’t want too. My first comment here on this show was met with the pink box shouting at me: unauthorized comment submitted……
    Control of my reality? Yes, in a way I believe that as well. Many times, I am not.
    Finally, the last comment (not the reply to my own comment) “ Luv ya. “
    If I meant to come at you and the guest, those 2 words wouldn’t have been on the post.
    In addition, I also added the “balance the books” comment.
    SO… again, I apologize and hope you can see in the statements why I typed what I typed.
    Still luv ya,
    Harley(my real name .. you know. You chatted with me) =)

    1. personal note: Facebook is
      personal note: Facebook is all well and good for others… I dislike it strongly. AND people who take my picture at work during Halloween ask permission to post. THAT too is a long story.


      1. And once again…..
        And once again….. *crickets.

  7. I find it amusing that a guy
    I find it amusing that a guy who uses a pseudonym and wears a disguise at conferences doesn’t understand that outing a witness is wrong! 🙂 Other than that, he seems like a decent fellow. I hope the work he does with the contact groups goes well for him and the people who participate.

    At first I was a bit taken back by your interview with the hypnotist. Initially I thought he was saying that most “supernatural” experiences are all in the experiencers mind. Meaning that they aren’t “real”. My attachment to these things being “real” popped up and I actually got angry.

    I listened to the show a second time and I realized that he was actually saying something much more profound which you two really didn’t explore much. And that is how powerful the mind actually is. The ability of the mind to affect the body is truly astonishing: Healing, controlling bleeding, stigmata, etc. I want to hear more! I hope you have him back on the show to explore the power of the mind and how we affect ourselves and physical matter. Under hypnosis can people perform telekinesis?

    He repeated a couple of times that hypnosis is “Real results from imaginary events”. You never really explored that statement which is very deep indeed. I always chuckle when I hear someone say: It’s only your imagination, it’s only in your mind or that was only a dream. Hah! Only, really? Everyone takes our thoughts, imagination and dreams for granted when they are in fact inherently miraculous. I would put forth that every invention, artwork or other creation started as a thought. Bring him back on there’s more gold in that mine!

    Christopher Rosing

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