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On this extra long episode transitioning us from a weekly 1-hour show to a monthly 2-hour, an ensemble cast of previous guests join Jeremy Vaeni to dissect their experiences and find the intersections and interconnections of high strangeness and spiritual phenomena. Jeremy says, “This is one of those rare shows that lasts well beyond the recording time for the participants. I’m still getting emails from the guests of very obvious and amazing synchronicities that have happened since recording yesterday!”

A NEW weekly podcast is coming soon: Mike Clelland’s The Unseen. It will premiere with the new website or if there are more delays, on the current one. Expect great stories and insights and MORE exciting guests!


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  1. I kind of miss the days that
    I kind of miss the days that these conversations meant something to me… and I even did an interview with Jeremy. But at this stage in my life they are all meaningless, literally meaningless, not in a shallow sort of “this stuff sounds goofy to me” way, but in the deepest “I’ve also had inexplicable things in my life too” way. It’s just gotten to the place where NONE of this means anything and it ALL literally leads NOWHERE… yes, I get it, it can be extremely weird and very convincing but guess what… it’s ONLY personal and it will ONLY remain that way and it will die with you. Done. Finished. I feel like there is no grand plan… period. Nothing that was said here matters other than it was experienced by these individuals but it will NEVER be explained. There is no such thing with these things as being “explained”. So, really, beyond the therapeutic value of discussing these things (among the living) there is no greater use to the rest of us. So many people have NONE of these experiences – so – yeah – deal with that. You are not special – you are only YOU in a multitude that all have their own level of consciousness. Life is not a WE – it’s only a ME experience. Like I said, I use to enjoy these conversations, I thought they would lead somewhere – but sorry – they literally don’t… that’s my take… at least here and now… for me.

  2. Matt, when you were
    Matt, when you were interviewed, I made a comment that we …”are on the same page”. We still are…BUT…I don’t feel that the conversations were ever about leading any of us “somewhere.” We are not unlike our distant ancestors sitting around a campfire and sharing stories. We are already “somewhere”, and our task is simple appreciation of ‘being’. I am getting older, as we all are, and maybe that is what it truly means to be a mature human being. Like you, I no longer get much out of the stories either. I am still a curious explorer, but I am cool with the idea that I may never get answers. What I have come to recognize is an infinity of connectedness while living the “ME” experience, which is ‘The Experience.’

  3. Great podcast, Jeremy.
    Great podcast, Jeremy. Fantastic news that Mike Clelland is getting a regular show on UC!

  4. Matt, I do not hope to have
    Matt, I do not hope to have everything ultimately explained, neat and tidy. What I do hope for is that I and other humans can learn how work with these energies, dimensions, and the like in order to create eminently satisfying works of art, finely engineered miraculous machines, and Philosophical thought that approaches quintessence. I think it is attainable.

  5. Very exciting to read about a
    Very exciting to read about a weekly podcast from Mike Clelland.

    Why is The Experience dropping back? Sounds like half the content per month. Is Mike being added to make up for this?


  6. Hey Mike,
    I “experienced” a

    Hey Mike,
    I “experienced” a similar frustration. You must ask the question, even though you may never comprehend the answer. Its supposed to stretch your mind. Then, I came to the conclusion…why not just BE. Then it was, well, when you STOP asking… the answer comes to you… or presents a clue. Because we know there is an answer, but can we comprehend it?
    I have been confused several times with similar conundrums. Cosmic is AGAIN, spot on in my opinion. We share our stories. You see, for me, its all puzzle pieces. mind you, some one has the several important ones that complete the picture.
    I was also told that on a spiritual level, you must strive for the answer just by asking the question. In my case, the question was always “WTF?” (why the face) AND…. in asking the question, sometimes… just sometimes … theres the answer… in the question and the asking.
    Now, Im a simple guy and get lost in alot of “new-agey” rhetoric. Even though Jeremy & i seem to have had a little tension, I personally believe he “knows” deep down where the answers are and is basically compelled to ask the “questions.” He may not realize this on a physical level, but I listen. Its like digging in the dirt for treasure. You know its down there… a few inches or a few feet… maybe several meters. BUT, its there. About 5 inches down you stop, wipe the sweat from your brow. You glance up at the Sun. No clouds abate that heat. Then you ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?”
    In a way, yeah… even my stories can take people aback when I share them… but I do. See, sharing these puzzle pieces give them power… life even.
    So Mike, for me, I like the stories, but I just resign myself …to BE.

  7. Hey Jeremy, I really
    Hey Jeremy, I really enjoyed, (among other things) what you said about “Gurus” At the end of the Osho video, I was stunned to see Osho speaking violently against his former followers. Another illusion cracked open! Having seen some about the relationship between Ram Das, Krishna Das and their Guru, and after years of similar stories about Gurus, I had this idea that Gurus where somehow ‘superior’ people(???) Apparently not. I’m sure as with all things, there are exceptions, like Krishnamurti, (sp). After my own awakening experience, I was surprised to see that I still had issues. Damn! Years later, I’m still working through stuff. I find that this is probably the most satisfying aspect of my life, but then what else would I do? Play Golf?

    By the way, I’m pretty sure I had a UFO experience! I listened to a Dreamland episode a while back in which they talked about black helicopters being a kind of Visitor experience. That was the first time I had at lest a little confirmation that I am an Experiencer of that sort of thing. I had a couple Black helicopter experiences a few years ago. No numbers or writing on the aircraft at all. Hovering right over the house. Wierd! So that opened my mind to the possibility that maybe more may happen. The other day I was driving into town and noticed this strange, very small pinkish white luminescent blob in the sky. Far up, but not so far up that it continued to be in the sky as I drove by like a planet would. Takes me back to my 4 year old experience of a point of pink light moving through my bedroom. Why pink? I don’t like pink all that much, though it does have it’s moments in sunsets.

    It seems obvious that we aren’t meant to understand, at lest, no more then what we are given to understand. We’re just here to Experience and move into the Deep.

  8. Cosmic summed up exactly how
    Cosmic summed up exactly how many of us feel after being on the road for a good while.

    As the heat of the day rises, we feel fatigue set in a little but keep on keeping on. Then, perhaps after a sip of water, or sitting listening to the birds, we feel a shift, a lightening of the load and we continue.

    I no longer feel that there is a destination to be achieved either. The road, the challenges, these filters purify, strengthen and perhaps more importantly, lighten our spirit, our consciousness, our connection to The One.

    Consciousness is precious while more consciousness is even more bejewelled in the eyes of one people, one reason.


  9. I had an interesting thought
    I had an interesting thought the other day….
    Look at the rainbow! Where it touches the ground, that’s where the leprechaun has the pot of gold!
    Does a rainbow ever really touch the ground? It sure looks like it does. All we have to do is pursue it only a couple miles down the road. But the end seems to move.
    Like this question of “what IS the root of this?”
    Look at the rainbow.

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