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JP was raised a pagan. His mother is a powerful witch who performs exorcisms on haunted houses. He has spent his life in high strangeness, often invoking it as opposed to having it happen to him. In this talk, we go down the list of some entity types we’ve talked about on the show to see if he has experienced them, too. If he has, and he’s not an "abductee," what does this tell us about the nature of–and the closeness of–these phenomena our culture has deemed alien?

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  1. Good topic. Good guest. Very
    Good topic. Good guest. Very interesting show. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for listening.
      Thanks for listening.

  2. Jeremy, the Native American
    Jeremy, the Native American Indians are the “HOPI/Hopis/Hopitu/Hopituh Sinom.”

    Hopi Ant People

    Thank you Jeremy and JP for this interview. In truth and heart, I too identify with some aspects of Paganism…..

    Chicken soup, Jeremy…..The BEST remedy for a head cold.

    1. Thanks, Carollee!
      Thanks, Carollee!

  3. Another excellent discussion
    Another excellent discussion Jer and JP. To give thanks for everything( the good and the less so, at least in retrospect) is everything in my opinion. It makes us who we are and to feel our feelings and to empathetic to others ( especially someone going through as vexing as ” the other “) which seems to be sorely lacking in western culture ( maybe that’s just my bias )

    1. Right. I wonder how certain
      Right. I wonder how certain tweaks to the culture affect us in ways we haven’t thought about. Like, since most of us don’t hunt we can’t thank the animal as it’s about to become our food. Instead, some religious people may pray over dinner and thank God for the food they are about to eat. Most people probably do nothing of the sort. But even so, think of the world of difference between thanking the animal for its life and thanking God for giving you this thing to eat. It’s the difference between realizing one is immersed in, embedded in and a part of the natural world… and believing one has dominion over it. Dominion only seems like a good thing until you hit the wall this world has finally hit.

  4. oh baby theres a wild
    oh baby theres a wild wonderful world out there…

    1. Indeed–inside us, outside
      Indeed–inside us, outside us… imagine if those two realms merged? What would physics look like?

  5. Great topic and good synergy
    Great topic and good synergy between you both. JP is lucky to have had such a wonderful spiritual environment to grow up and develop in 🙂

  6. Great show! The idea of an
    Great show! The idea of an energy that needs us to interact with it in order for it to draw upon our energy makes it sound like our emotional lives are its feeding ground. If that is so, it is no wonder why feeding on negative emotions would cause this energy to manifest in negative ways and vice versa (you are what you eat). Some interesting insight into a theory of energetic beings from another realm that interact with us in such ways is discussed in the book Three Men Seeking Monsters by Nick Redfern. See the chapter referring to the Cormans.

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