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We’ve talked on this show about orbs of light, light balls that morph into beings of light, and fireballs that appear as harbingers of death. Now, we hear from Chris Brown who walks us through his personal orb encounters of a different kind in the small town of Sublimity, Oregon. The illustration is his depiction of what he saw during his experience. He had multiple witness encounters in 2011, and came away with some extraordinary memories. Listen as he and Jeremy Vaeni explore the details of this remarkable experience.
"It caught my eye at once: a huge glass dome behind the trees."

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  1. Jer, you really have
    Jer, you really have impeccable interview timing as far as knowing when to interject and when to let your guest unfurl their yarn. Well done. I hope Whitley has gotten a bump in subscribers and thanked you behind the scenes because this is all excellent stuff. It is exactly what I care about most: the stories. People hocking a book, eh, I could take em or leave em.

    You asked such an important question with, “did it look like real-world CGI in the trees or were the trees blowing?” and didn’t get an answer. My gut tells me Chris is speaking true and I completely believe him, but man, I wish he’d have answered that question.

    I was listening in the kitchen and my girlfriend overheard and told me of a podcast she listens to called “Criminal” — in it, they were saying that lie detector tests are only about 50% effective, but there’s a new method that is 80% effective where you just ask a person to tell their story. Then you go back and say, “if I were there, what would I smell, taste, see?” etc. over and over again. The truth teller will be able to provide the details. The liar will refer back his previous statements. It seemed like it would be a very effective tool, not just for truth detection, but for sussing out important details from experiences like these. (

  2. yea, sounds very
    yea, sounds very familiar…we’ll have to talk

  3. Upon seeing the image
    Upon seeing the image provided of the object by Chris Browne, my first thought was of the Black Feathered Sun, a symbol used by plains Indians to depict the Universe.

    What I found interesting was that this object was described as interacting with electrical fields and power lines. In addition, Chris mentioned that he felt his epilepsy could be a factor in his experiences, which also included witnesses. While his epilepsy in and of itself may not have been a ’cause’, I think that a case could be made that being near this object might affect him in different ways than the others around him and also allow him to be a ‘conductor’ of sorts. After all, epilepsy causes electrical storms in the brain, so he may be on to something that may require further exploration. My guess is that Chris also has more going on with his past and other experiences that he may not recall.

    Regarding the object itself, the fact that the object was a dark orb is something that I find vaguely disturbing, as well as the glass dome described in the first encounter. All in all, while there are many reports of UFOs, many with similarities, this one seems to be unique in some ways. While not as articulate as many interviewed on this topic, Chris’ words, demeanor, and expression captured this type of experience in a way that we rarely hear.

    Years ago, I was out on a double date with a friend of mine, when she brought up that I had researched and studied UFOs. At that point, her date, a big, burley ‘man’s man’ sort of guy went white as a sheet, and the words started pouring out of him of an experience he had when he was a kid. He looked into my eyes and pleaded over and over again: “What was it? What was it?” He sounded a lot like Chris explaining his experience and I knew beyond a doubt that this guy had experienced something profound that had shaken him way down deep to the point that it could shatter his bravado in an instant when recalled.

    I would also like to recommend a book, ‘The Orb Project’ by Miceal Ledwith and Klaus Heinemann. I have had varied experiences with orbs myself, seen them, sensed them, and photographed them, and this is the only research that I have found that attempts to address orbs with both a metaphysical and scientific perspective. It also addresses dark orbs near the end of the book.

  4. Hey great show this week..I
    Hey great show this week..I lit a candle for mood/fun and really enjoyed it! I can never say I believe someone’s edge story 100% (unless I am very very familiar with the experiencer) , But Chris Brown gets as close to being totally believable as possible!

  5. Another great show and
    Another great show and interview Jer.
    Thanks to Chris for sharing his experiences.

  6. I had interactions with orbs
    I had interactions with orbs for years. In 2004 one became a humanoid shape a few feet in front of me…glowing blue…like a neon bulb…For the next few years there was a lot of interaction…Now I still feel it around me, as well as some people who are with me, yet I have not seen it for a few years…

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