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How do we define orbs? Does abduction hypnosis create a de facto hero’s journey? Do you right now exist as a whole entity broken up into dimensions, whose attention may only exist in one at a time? Is visitor phenomena really one waking oneself up to this?

What was supposed to be a roundtable discussion of past episodes becomes a free-for-all discussion that narrows in on the single most pressing question of all: What are we?

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  1. Several things… Regarding
    Several things… Regarding John’s wife. I had a similar experience around the age of 11. I wrote about it here: I have never considered this a past life really. I don’t know what it was, but it woke me up.

    As a youngster I had numerous spells of connecting to a larger universe or “space” (both prior to, and after the account related in the link above). The experience was of my chest cracking open and a kind of surging energy flowing to and from my heart, connecting to whatever is “out there” (as a child, my sense was that it was the “outer space” itself – the stars, etc., the “universe” in the largest sense of that word). It was definitely a heart-centered experience, nothing to do with the brain. I could not control when it would happen, it just happened.

    I also had a habit of going barefoot when I lived in the south and later, during the non-winter months when I lived in Northern Michigan. I can’t remember a day where I wore shoes when playing outside, from a very young age (toddler) on up into my early teens (I DID wear shoes to school – no way my mom would let me leave for school without them). I recall that during early spring (in northern Michigan) was the time when I had to toughen up my feet – it didn’t take long, maybe a week, then I was good until the snow started flying again. 🙂 More recently, I had the opportunity to study with a hopi woman. One of the things she taught me was to walk barefoot on the earth, especially important for certain ceremonies or practices. Direct contact with earth is a must.

  2. YES, YES, and YES! I think
    YES, YES, and YES! I think you nailed it(at least as far as my understanding of things goes).
    It doesn’t matter whether it is aliens or fairies, anscestors or Grizzlies, as long as they move us back to what it means to being a human with multidimensional awareness and a heart that connects us to all time and space. Great show. I have experiences that affirm, confirm what you are saying.

  3. Jeremy and John, a most
    Jeremy and John, a most EXCELLENT exchange of thoughts.

    I don’t think the word ORB is used in the account below but then again I am not sure when it was first used in regards to paranormal activity. Terms more like circles ’of’ or glowing light in the early days. I THINK.

    1978 ELSBERRY, MISSOURI. Old news now if you watch the video and read the reports. What about those flies????? So besides the RED/ORANGE lights (ORBS?), could there be a connection to Clarksville, Missouri and the INDIAN BURIAL MOUND(S) located near Elsberry? I am always trying to figure out if there are any connecting dots. Are more ORBS seen near Indian sites then in other locations?


    Year 2005…..
    Clarksville is located in Pike County, on route 79 between (ELSBERRY) and Louisiana, Missouri.

    The Clarksville Skylift. The top structure is built directly on a burial mound, and the graves are now being exposed due to erosion. The current owner wants to reopen the attraction, while the Sac and Fox Nation want the graves protected.

  4. Great synchronicity here:
    Great synchronicity here: Today in my newsletter, written for awakening the Feminine consciousness, I speak of the value of going barefoot! Even though I’ve brought this up before in the newsletter, it was worth mentioning again. Getting ourselves into contact with Earth currents and exchange of energies is so essential. I appreciate your exploration of how our various aspects of ourselves may perceive each other…this call was a wonderful expansive exploration into Who we really are.

    I am also very touched by your experience of stars. Many years ago on the Harmonic Convergence I was walking along and all of a sudden there was no distance between me and the Sun. We were together. It told me that it was my home. Ever since I have felt so fond of the Sun as a living being. So full of love.

  5. People who are not awake see
    People who are not awake see the world in an up side down way. They see what seem to be divergent experiences and try to make sense of those experiences in terms of their small sepeatness. The largest reality is that The One is Experiencing. Those experiences are of all shapes and colors possible. It’s when the one small shape of this particular color notices other shapes and colors that don’t seem to fit into the small sphere of reality it has defined for itself that it starts to think there are unexplained things in the world.

    So, from our small perspective, these weird experiences happen. The big question is how do I explain this? The reality is that the division of this small perspective is completely arbitrary and truly has nothing to do with reality. Everything is happening, all at once. Nothing is “bleeding” into this reality. If you really want to understand, expand your definition of reality.

  6. There is currently a
    There is currently a fascinating orb video right here at UnknownCountry on the ‘Out There’ page:

    While I have also experienced various types of ‘orb’ phenomena, the ones that are somehow tied to the attitude of individuals expressing awe or appreciation of the natural world are particularly interesting. The video clip at the link above comes from a man who is obviously experiencing joy and enthusiasm while standing on the beach and observing the moon dropping below the horizon as he records his thoughts and sights of his morning. My feelings as the light zips into the ocean from his direction is that the light is coming from the videographer; from his heart. His reward is a totally magical experience for him, and us, and if you watch the entire video on YouTube he is also rewarded by the sight of a whale in the distance. This is nature (and the Sacred Feminine) in action showing our connectedness and saying, “Notice me. Here I am.”

    I also found it interesting that White Buffalo Calf Woman was mentioned—I have had personal experiences with this being and it also involved a ball of light, and later a manifestation of this woman walking down the sidewalk past my house on a Sunday morning. (Long story there that I won’t go into…)

    John is on to something regarding orbs using the electrical lines to manifest…I think that in many instances electrical devices may be used for these entities to manifest in order to be observed, and that includes us—researchers now are certain that there are energy fields around your body, including the heart and brain. So are we manifesting AND the manifested?

    Earth’s crammed with heaven,
    And every common bush afire with God;
    But only he who sees, takes off his shoes…
    Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  7. Regarding the importance of
    Regarding the importance of the Sun…Many cultures, including some Native American cultures, believe that after we die, we become stars. ‘A Wrinkle in Time’, the Newberry Award-winning children’s book by Madeleine L’Engle had a huge impact on me when I read it when I was about 10 years old. I have felt for a long time that this book was the spark that changed my perception about life. In this book it is revealed that one of the 3 witches looking out for the children and protecting them from The Darkness is Mrs. Whatsit, a former Star that went nova in order to overpower The Darkness. If you think about it further, the destructive act of a star going nova is also a creative one, with all that “star stuff”, as Carl Sagan used to call it, leading to the creation of a whole new nursery of stars, planets, and life. How cool is that? Almost as cool as The Tesseract. 🙂

  8. Jeremy & John, great show!
    Jeremy & John, great show! Perhaps each person experiences the journey to Oneness in the way that enables and will make sense for her/him. So much is the same, and yet there are peripheral (sp?) differences which seem needed by the individual. Does it matter so much when, where, how, why one journeys? Is it the journey AND the way a person emerges and lives?

    I find it so amazing, reassuring, and interesting that so many make this journey and it changes each one. My desire/need for someone who would understand and believe me, was a big deal for a long time. I wanted not only to be understood but also to not seen as “odd/different.” Of course, i had to grow past that.

    My entire life has been a blessing and a gift for me. To have love to give and to be loved beyond all comprehension… To learn and grow, to make mistakes , to experience losses both great and small…. to be aware and know beyond the brain/mind that i am not separate from any other. That the truth is as simple and as difficult as i want it to be. How i am with/to/for the other is because i know we are one.

    So is life, all that is…(far beyond i can imagine) All That Is? The levels of Oneness just keep going. Do i still seek understanding? Not nearly as much.It is over my entire life that i have walked this journey…as do all. And my “mystical experiences” were not fear inducing. The were scary experiences which were created by the way people treated others. I guess i have “settled” into a place of relative inner peace. BUT i live here, now, and still have lots to learn, to grow, to love, to be who i am. And every moment (as it seems in the here) is pure gift.

    The one thing i have so wanted so many times, was to enable or give what i have experienced – to others. Because it is wonderful. As is each post and show on UK. Thank you.

  9. And i cannot give it… each
    And i cannot give it… each must seek, walk, take their journey it for themselves.
    Cosmic, i have always loved that poem and poet. Even still, tears to my eyes for the truth speaks deeply.

    1. dreamer;
      Yes, that particular


      Yes, that particular poem from ‘Aurora Leigh’ contains great transcendent beauty and truth. For those that are not familiar with this poem, it is worth a few minutes of your time to read it:


  10. Great conversation. I like
    Great conversation. I like the idea that we can’t remember the experiences because they are outside our current reality, or how ever you put it. It reminded me of dreams I have had where I remembered things from previous dreams but they were not really dreams, though when I woke up, that is all I remembered, like I was living another life.

  11. The best yet; loved it
    The best yet; loved it

  12. Jeremy: all these other
    Jeremy: all these other beings of yourself from other dimensions, that in oneness you are, where do they come from? Can you give birth to them yourself? Are you aware of your potential in that regard?

    Is that another perspective of oneness? The idea that we give birth to other versions of our self?

    Talk about the divine feminine….!

  13. AND….is it possible that
    AND….is it possible that another you gave birth to you (in spiritual terms) and then neonate you just departed the circumstance and became oblivious to the whole process?

  14. If the Sun is a
    If the Sun is a transcendental being, with an advanced knowledge of the great realm of oneness, is the template that it follows (giving birth to the planets) a fundamental part of its being and truth? Does the Sun give birth to smaller versions of itself, through the forming of the planets?

    Once you were able to give birth to yourself, it would not matter where the other versions of you roamed. You could endow them with pure freedom, because they would inevitably return to you, being that they are always part of the vast NOW.

  15. Concerning the Hero’s journey
    Concerning the Hero’s journey and hypnosis, it may be that in the long term, the Hero’s journey is the only possible journey to take. The mind would then always conceive of it, since it is the only real journey and outcome.

  16. One experience I
    One experience I had…walking down a city street I was suddenly both there and “up” somewhere, the image was like sitting at a cloud table with a bunch of “us”, and the sense of family was immense. As if while we are all walking on the Earth doing things another part of our selves watches all the action. The wonderful part was how much empathy we had watching ourselves, how much love we had for each other, even if on Earth we did not appear to get along. We the watchers already knew how everything was going to turn out as we observed ourselves, like unconditionally loving parents. I remembered that while listening to Jeremy wonder how beings outside of time would see us, wondering would they see both our living and dead selves.

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