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Have you ever had dead relatives come to you in dreams? How about people you don’t know? Have you ever had childhood memories flash through your adult mind that are simply impossible… until you confirm with close family that something mysterious has indeed happened? This week we will talk to a subscriber named Stephen who has had all of the above happen to him and is just thankful to have found Whitley Strieber’s work and the beacon in the dark that is to help him make sense of it all.

A comment from Whitley Strieber: "There are some strange synchronicities happening between me and the Experience. The latest one is this: On Monday night, I had an extremely disturbing dream of being on a plane. Something hit me hard. REAL hard. Then I was another person, not me. I was standing in a sunny room. A woman was there who I recognized as my grandmother–but not my actual grandmother, the grandmother of the person I had become while I was on the plane. At that moment, a shock went through me. Something had gone wrong. Then the dream ended.

"I woke up to find two things: first, a plane had crashed in the Alps at about the time I was having that dream. Second, here was the description of this show–about strange dreams involving dead relatives.

"I found the show to be absolutely fascinating!"

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  1. It seems that you came along
    It seems that you came along at the right time and the right place. You and the show are getting better and better. Really good Jeremy!

    1. thank you
      thank you

  2. Listening now to the latest
    Listening now to the latest episode. Great guest! Easy to follow — very straightforward.

    A few comments: dreamlike is not the same as dreams. I think many encounter experience are dreamlike because they occur in the same dimension as the one in which we experience dreams. In some ways, perhaps dreamlike is perhaps akin to lucid dreaming — but in lucid dreaming, people seem to be aware they are dreaming — whereas in encounter experiences — people feel as tho they are awake/conscious.

    Also, the idea that the “aliens’ have 4 digits, in my mind, supports my opinion that they are 4th dimensional beings. I think that digits (or in cases like spiders — legs) denote the dimensional from which the creature/being comes. Mankind exists in a 4D world moving into/becoming a 5th dimensional world. While 4th dimensional beings can create the illusion of being any kind of being — often our awareness limits their ability to do this — such as Jeremy’s ability to know that altho the being was trying to give him the illusion that it was his mother — he knew it was not. I also think that in their innate state, these other dimensional beings are perceived by us in a metaphorical way — ie., very prominent eyes, small to nonexistent ears/nose — mouth with often opens to reveal sharp (hungry?) teeth, spindly body with long/ish legs and arms — and claws on their fingers.

    Totally can relate to the “little soldier” mentality. Survivors have a knack for moving into survival mode when faced with life/soul? threatening event.

    1. Just to clarify, it wasn’t
      Just to clarify, it wasn’t suggested to me that this was my mother. It was my own assumption because she was the only one in the house at the time. So my saying, “Ma, what are you doing? Go back to bed” was chased with my own thought, ‘This isn’t your mother; you know what this is.’

      I did, however, have another experience a few weeks later that was followed by a dream which felt as if someone not me was making fun of me for the above and challenging me to see what’s really going on here. I’ll talk about that on next week’s show.

      And then the waking hallucination of my mom saying goodbye before work that I had in college was just that. And I knew it as it was happening. There was no inner voice (my own or otherwise) telling me it was real or a cover for something else happening. It just was what it was and I’m grateful because now I’m qualified to tell the difference between the two. Debunkers who call it all waking hallucinations are just guessing because they don’t know the difference.

  3. I found this to be an
    I found this to be an absolutely fascinating interview! I agree with blue that it was easy to follow and very straightforward. Jeremy and Stephen, thank you both so much!

  4. What is it all about?
    What is it all about? Ascension, the Visitors, the meaning of Life?
    It’s all about Love…

    We are here to love and be loved.

  5. I was amazed that your guest
    I was amazed that your guest mentioned Communion Enigma. The part he mentioned is exactly the part that really struck me when I read it. It’s where whitely
    describes asking one of the visitors the question,”What does the universe mean for you?” and the response he got back was an image of a closed coffin. I don’t have the book
    with me(it was a library loan) so I may not have this right but I think Whitley went on to describe a certain hopelessness in some of these beings who have far superiour knowledge of things of the universe than we do. What I was astounded by at the time when I read the book is that I had just read Benedict 16th’s encyclical on Hope called Spe Salvi and I was amazed by the similarity of that particular theme. B16 mentions a certain hopelessness that comes from thinking of eternal life as a mere unending succession of days. I think he also says something along the lines of hope as coming from a personal certainty of being loved which in turn causes us not to be a slave of the universe and it’s laws and that when all is said and done that’s all that really matters to us, knowing that we’re loved.

    You can see why I found that part of Whitley’s book disturbing. If beings like that, who have such a grasp of the universe and it’s laws and perhaps other dimensions and things we haven’t even conceived of, if even beings like this live with no hope and see the universe as one long endless succession of pointlessness, I mean, what the heck does that mean for us?! Maybe this Master of the universe business is not all it’s cracked up to be? ha ha And it made me wonder too, do they have no sense of God, or being loved? All they see is a cold, pointless, empty universe? Yikes!

    1. I don’t find the coffin image
      I don’t find the coffin image necessarily bleak. Perhaps there are dimensions much more radical and interesting than our Universe, and we should aspire to those. Matter seems relatively frozen compared to other energy forms, and this may account for the coffin depiction. Greys may come and go, in between many dimensions we are oblivious to experiencing.

      Maybe those aliens are down on the Universe and don’t respect it. They just want to dominate our Universe because they have seen dimensions untold. Still, if everything is ultimately accessible to human consciousness it doesn’t matter where we live. Our reach is interminable.

      1. You are a shining light Mace
        You are a shining light Mace … love you brother(Frequencies), you too Jeremy and the rest of the guys and gals.

        1. Hey….EE, thanks. I Love you
          Hey….EE, thanks. I Love you too.

        2. Btw, I listened to Whitley’s
          Btw, I listened to Whitley’s interview from the unexplained website link you provided. I especially agreed with the part about skepticism and open mindedness. Being a knee jerk debunker does absolutely no service to humanity when confronted with these issues of the unknown. We are indeed embedded in a larger scheme, without our awareness of it. We are like a fish that does not know and cannot imagine that it swims in water. The peoples of the Earth could use some open mindedness, right know we are just squabbling in ignorant obscurity for the most part.

          Funny that the interviewer from that program is named Howard Hughes.

        3. Concerning his comments about
          Concerning his comments about individuality, it is disturbing that companies are breaching people’s privacy (Skydrive, anyone?). Of course the individual is important to people and vital to society. However, many see individuality as a license to be GREEDY. Individuality is about your personal nuances, your interests, your ideas. What path you decide to choose. This should be protected. It’s not about hoarding vast amounts of affluence. Unfortunately, individuality and its ideology has become synonymous with wealth in some sectors of politics. Having the largest castle distinguishes you from others, making you a better individual.

  6. i agree cyan_Aura. thru this
    i agree cyan_Aura. thru this love may the other things you mentioned be understood and take place also.

  7. As a child I had many dreams
    As a child I had many dreams and experiences that could be described as High Strangeness. They continued sporadically into my thirties when I had a terrifying out of body experience and couldn’t find my way back in. My young son was also traveling out of body because he helped me find my way back in to my body. Since that time I have kept a lid, so to speak, on anything odd happening to me. Altho it sneaks in from time to time with visitations from the dead. It helps me tremendously to hear about other people’s experiences, particularly experiences that are not as dramatic as Whitley’s, you know, the more “run of the mill” strange! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this interview.

  8. A fascinating discussion. I
    A fascinating discussion. I found Stephen’s possible link to the number 3 and the dead and “the other” interesting. After my father passed ,my mom felt his presence standing by their bed looking down at her for 3 nights in a row,but whenever she would open her eyes to try to get a look at him, it would dissipate and would come back as soon as she closed her eyes again.

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