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Have you ever had a high strangeness experience in public while those around you remained oblivious? This week we talk to Marie about a couple of encounters just like this. Marie is a lifelong experiencer who wasn’t certain how much she wanted to share publicly, but after one key question, she gives us an amazing story of personal confirmation that speak eloquently to the bizarre and beautiful nature of Visitor encounters.

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  1. fascinating interview Jeremy
    fascinating interview Jeremy thanks 🙂

  2. Interesting that she heard a
    Interesting that she heard a crack in the head right before her OBE! Right after my telepathy experience I felt/heard that loud crack and then had a huge belly laugh when I realized that everyone was always connected telepathically behind the scenes. If my revelation wasn’t my own and was actually something demonstrated to me (as in her experience – the OBE was ‘induced’), that would explain why I asked my buddy, “was that GOD? was it aliens?” despite being a skeptic at the time. I’ve always explained that sound as my paradigm physically cracking, but perhaps “someone” needed to break the nut to get to the coconut inside.

  3. I could listen to this kind
    I could listen to this kind of stuff all day – just brilliant!

  4. This interview does an
    This interview does an exceptional job capturing the high strangeness of contact. Marie’s careful descriptions recall Whitley’s evocative renderings of his experiences. Wonderful…So grateful Whitley and Jeremy have connected to offer this show/gathering place.

    FreshLaundry, I had what seems to be the same/similar perception “everyone was always connected telepathically behind the scenes” described in my comment in the “choir of one” interview section.

  5. Thanks so much for this
    Thanks so much for this interview. I’m an academic scholar and educator who is also an experiencer since my early childhood. My experiences used to be largely private, or at least non-public things, but in the last few years there have been several more public incidences. The most discomforting aspect of the public experiences has been the “internal realization”–in the form of communication from these beings, that “I” am not really completely human myself, which is why I can recognize/see them. Obviously, I don’t talk to folks about this–particularly not where my employment/family is concerned. Personally, I have learned techniques to help integrate these experiences and lessen the fear. But, it’s safe to say, I’ve never gotten completely used to this. Anyway, thanks again for the interview–I’ve subscribed to the site so that I can hear the experiences of others.

  6. These kinds of stories I find
    These kinds of stories I find totally fascinating. I remember Ed Conroy in his book ‘Report on Communion’ relating the story about Whitley’s publisher encountering two persons in a book store giggling and commenting on how COMMUNION got some things right and others wrong. When he came close to them he realized they were not normal people at all.

    I also think that some study could be done about why experiencers seem to admit their behaviors are modified during these encounters. By their own admission they don’t react in a logical way. It certainly suggest there is some kind of mental influence if not total mind control affecting the witnesses during an event.

    If the above is true, then perhaps some sort of technique could be developed and taught to experiencers that may allow them to keep more control of their mental faculties in play while these things are happening to them.

  7. A fascinating interview!
    A fascinating interview! Marie comes through as someone of high intelligence and an open mind. I was also glad to hear that she had no pat answers. She captured the complexity of her experiences beautifully, and with warmth and humor…She has a wonderful energy moving through her as well!

  8. Thank you for another
    Thank you for another brilliant show Jeremy!

  9. Another terrific interview
    Another terrific interview Jer and Marie! One of things that struck me was the description of the “entities” she saw in childhood and on the subway was the out of place 1940’s suits. The first thing that come to mind was a funeral and these people were possibly the dead and wearing the garb they were possibly buried in…though I don’t know if people back in the day were buried with fedora’s on. Possibly the out of place wardrobe was to get Maria’s” attention“ more so if they were wearing clothing that was more “up to date”( and in turn would blend in ,if that’s even possible given Maria’s account of their appearance). Also wondering if Marie noticed any odors associated with the being ,as smells can affect us all on a visceral level? Again thank you Jer for giving experiencer’s the opportunity just to tell their story.

  10. Jeremy,
    That was an


    That was an interesting show. I am always surprised when people, especially experiencers, say they had to be shown that they could leave their body or how to do it. It is something that seems natural to me and something I did as a kid just for fun. When I was a kid I always thought grown ups lied about everything because they were always telling me something I knew I could do or was real was impossible. As an arrogant teenager I thought most people were just stupid. Now, I understand how complex this physical existence is & no one can judge anyone else’s life even though we are all connected.

    Thanks for your willingness to question and explore the unexplained and include others in that.

  11. I have not read through all
    I have not read through all the comments here yet, but had to share my instant recognition of the “person” she met on the subway. It sounds incredibly like my experience of the “woman” who came in to buy cigarettes at a quick-shop store I worked at when I was around 17 – 18 years old. Right down to the physical description of the skin and a sense of something very strange about the hands, the hiding of upper facial / head features, and odd out-of-place attire. In the case of the “woman” I saw, she was wearing a wig and large Jackie-O style sunglasses that wrapped around the sides enough that I could not see the eyes from any angle, and a turned up collar on an odd out-of-place black raincoat – odd because this was the middle of a very hot humid summer in St. Louis Missouri. I wrote about this on my blog some years ago and Mac Tonnies included it in the posthumous publication of his book “Cryptoterrestrials” – here’s the account on my blog: Here: and a follow-up here:

    I also want to add that while listening to Marie relate her encounter, I felt a distinct chill of recognition run down my spine. Her story rattled me.

    Other parts of the interview that I feel compelled to comment upon: I, too, have life-long experiences that in looking back seem to be a kind of preparation to the life I have now as an artist. Marie remarked at one point about (some of?) her experiences being a kind of demonstration of what we /really/ are; i.e., that we are not just these physical bodies, that there here is a much broader more expansive “reality” / connectedness that humans have a hard time accessing. Perhaps the occasional demonstrations assist some of us, at least, to glimpse that and later, to convey it a larger audience via our creative work.

  12. Riveting interview with
    Riveting interview with Marie, Jeremy! …When her visitor told her he wouldn’t be back for a long time, my heart sunk….that deep longing and sadness is something I can really relate to. I wonder if opening up here on The Experience will hone them back in…

  13. I have seen an individual who
    I have seen an individual who looked exactly like this man wearing the same tan clothes of a material I have not seen before, and a wide brimmed hat in the middle of the summer. The clothes were too heavy weight for the season. He walked in a peculiar manner that was almost like gliding.

    He was tall and quite thin and his skin was as white as paper. I thought he was a cancer patient because he was hairless, and that was why he was protecting his skin with these odd clothes. He was fascinated with me and I he. There was a vague sense of having seen or met him before. He did not wear glasses and he was a bit handsome in his own unique way.

    But no one else seemed to notice him, and he was so unusual I could not understand why. My companion did not even seem to see him and asked what I kept looking at..

  14. I believe this interview
    I believe this interview could serve as a “primer” to anyone who wants an introduction to information about the visitor alien experience. Jeremy comes across as so grounded and not at all spooky, and Marie’s stories are clearly real and valid. I have heard so many interviews about weird alien contact for years now, and somehow this one is so down-to-earth in its approach that it is totally believable and undeniable. I may pass this one on to friends I know who are curious but never really explored it on their own.

  15. This was an interesting show.
    This was an interesting show. So much that I had to listen to it again as soon as it finished. It’s great to hear someone else’s account of visitor’s wearing hats. I’ve experienced that as well. Hat’s, wigs and fake mustaches. I always thought that it was for my benefit more than theirs. A way to lighten the mood or ease the tension.

    Her account of the goodbye really hit home as well. I too had a very similar event with a twist. “You won’t see us again for quite a while but you will see the other’s.” Sadness, longing, a mourning of sort after. Who the heck are the others?

    I’m a commercial Artist by trade. Another interesting parallel.

    Thank you Marie for sharing your story!

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