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What happens when you wake up to the fact that you’re an experiencer and your husband or wife doesn’t believe you? This is the type of common problem that rarely gets addressed publicly. We’re lucky to have with us Melissa Kriger who has been there, done that, and is willing to share her very personal journey with us.

You can also find Melissa talking about her contact experiences at AdriaticSeaEyes

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  1. Where is the download link
    Where is the download link for this episode?

  2. Listening to Melissa tell
    Listening to Melissa tell about her interactions with these ‘Other’ beings/realities and her wonderful insights, I can’t help but get the feeling we are entering the End Game somehow.

  3. I, too, am not seeing the
    I, too, am not seeing the download link for subscribers. I listened to the first half of the show, and it is awesome. I am looking forward to hearing the second half when the link appears.

    Jeremy, when you asked Melissa about the green light, it triggered a recollection regarding some orange-red lights I saw back in 2007. The quality of the lights was very intense (like a laser beam), yet very enjoyable to look at (unlike the discomfort I experience when a laser beam crosses my eyes). Perhaps the best descriptor of them is that their color was “Pure”. I also had the sense that the lights were aware of me, and when they began responding to my thoughts and expressions, all doubt vanished – they definitely were aware of me.

    Thank you for doing these shows. They have become a touchstone for me, right along with the rest of Unknown Country.

    Best Regards

  4. I’m a subscriber too – link
    I’m a subscriber too – link ?

    Also , the Dreamland podcast will not download to my Fire HD ; but the

    Experience podcast downloads fine – when there is a link lol .

    Let me thank all of you for two very different , very well done podcasts !

    red beans and ricely yours ,


  5. Hey, Gang:
    I’ll pass the note

    Hey, Gang:

    I’ll pass the note along to Whitley that the subscriber show isn’t up. For future reference, I’m not in charge of uploading the shows to the website. It might be quicker to click the “contact us” tab, because there’s no guarantee the webmaster is reading these comments. (Or maybe they know and there’s a technical difficulty they’re working on?)

    1. OK, everything should be
      OK, everything should be working.

  6. Every week in every way
    Every week in every way Jeremy is getting better and better! Another great show!!!
    BTW ~ Jeremy has a blog/site:

  7. My ex actually shared a
    My ex actually shared a couple of experiences with me, and our son, but he refused to acknowledge what he had seen. I wanted to discuss these things with him, but he would not talk about them. We even went through a year of couple’s therapy, and he would not talk about these incidents in therapy either, but then he was secretive about so many other things in his life. I feel that he simply felt so much fear that he just didn’t want to go there, and didn’t want to know ( I still feel sorry for him, that he had/has that fear). I have always been extremely curious and inquiring, and instead of fear about my experiences, i have what I can only call excitement and a thirst to know more. I take seriously the old saying that “Knowledge is power.” I tend to view much of the strangeness that I have been through as more reference material for my own personal library.

    I have a partner now that has had strange experiences, including see UFOs, and acknowledges them too, plus we have had some shared, very unusual things occur, but not of the typical UFO variety. It is cool to be able to discuss these things, be open, and even bounce theories and ideas off of one another without getting the
    are-you-out-of your-gourd-look or the rolling of the eyes…

    I am so glad to hear that Melissa shares my feelings that these beings are us. While I have no proof, I have thought that for very long time. As for The Lady on the cover of ‘Communion’, I felt drawn to her when I first saw her peering back at me from the book section of the Sunday newspaper all those years ago, and no fear but a sense of “Hey, I know you!” For reasons that I do not understand, I also felt that she was/is me.

    Jeremy, you ask great questions during your interviews, and I think it is great that you have the ability to put these people at ease, allowing their stories to flow out naturally.

  8. I agree, Jeremy’s broadcasts
    I agree, Jeremy’s broadcasts get better every week – many of the events Melissa related from her childhood resonated strongly with events from my childhood as well as my childrens – thank you Whitley for providing us with this safe space!

  9. It really does get deeper!
    It really does get deeper!

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