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Is the physical universe embedded in a psychic universe emanating from a spiritual one? According to Chris Leask’s experiences, the answer is yes. We will explore his experiences and the implications, including, in the second half of the show for subscribers, one that may have involved host Jeremy Vaeni.

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  1. Another great show.
    In my

    Another great show.
    In my view which has developed/grown more encompassing over my lifetime… it seems that all that exists are on different “vibrational” levels. I lack a better way to say other than vibration. These are in the same “space” at the same time. It is just that we cannot receive them (my computer changed that to “receive” from perceive!) unless/ until our individual vibrational level becomes more or less refined.

    Many of you folks who have commented on UC are much more experienced than i.

    A lot of the things i have experienced and read about seeking understanding, have affirmed development of conscious choice and control. There is a wholeness we only become aware of when we are “ready.” Jeremy you and your guest both also spoke of this. More affirmation : ) Each walks our own path of choices, responsibilities etc. – yet it seems all paths seem to contain the same stuff more or less refined and more or less often repeated until it becomes “part of oneself.”

    Time may be a perception due to vibrational rate…i don’t know.

    This continuum might be a our being “born” or birthed into each new vibrational state…. not much differently from how infants born already with mind function, and ability to do things to survive. All an infant learns in the womb is not lost but is part of the continuum of development of physical, mental, emotional, etc. control. We become who we are, and continue growing throughout our lifetimes. Each aspect (physical, mental, emotional, etc.) does not seem to grow at the same time or rates. Each time we become adept, more is available and we grow some more.

    It seems “sensible” that it is similar as we grow into higher vibrational levels. When we are ready, the teacher appears speaks on many levels… are we our own teachers? do we forget that which was “known” to us before physical birth?

    The answers/ affirmation i used to seek, no longer seems so important. It is a growing to stand on my own, and then own being one with all so not alone.

    Maybe the lessons of the future are already here, with us, in our individual and planetary / group past as well – as a continuum. And there is so much more…

    It is a beautiful experience to be alive, to love and be loved, to make a difference for others and for self. If it is accurate that all these levels are just “us” coming to walk with us as we integrate and develop… then isn’t that another beautiful gift? What we do to others, we truly do to ourselves.

    That is my take…not having experienced that which Jeremy and his guest speak. From prior posts i know that so many of you other folks are “teaching” me. It is all the subtleties that you bring forth that are so important. And the sense that we are all one… community.


  2. Beautiful thoughts, Not So
    Beautiful thoughts, Not So Much Dreamer.
    “Time may be a perception due to vibrational rate…i don’t know.”

    ..This is an astute observation, as well as what Chris said about our level of spirituality directly coinciding with how deeply we -Love- the Universe (((())))
    While in utero we are more deeply connected to SourceConsciousness and when born must spend a lifetime building upon that basis and extrapolate a deeper, evolved, connection to such awareness.
    I wonder if the incarnate knowledge we possess at birth is not lost, but layered under veils of perception, like the strata layers of rock on Earth. Perhaps it is there, but until something like a ‘contact experience’ occurs one then realizes the pea under the mattress exists- where some of us will do anything retrieve access of it to examine it.

    I enjoyed listening to Chris share the wondrous spiritual properties and mannerisms of Angels, and it deeply resonated with my intuitive understanding of them.

    Thanks again, Jeremy, for an *outstanding*conversation!

  3. Moon amnesia, well now isn’t
    Moon amnesia, well now isn’t that interesting. Does anyone know more about this?

    Jeremy, a really nice interview….. I would like to describe two events from my own dreamtime that I feel to be information dreams. (Several years ago). If I go into more then this, you all would go into deep yawns…..

    Snippets of two dreams:

    DREAM one…..I am standing in a strange place; like being in an empty space/void. From a distance I can see three men walking toward me. When they get to where I am standing I can also see that each one has on a military type uniform BUT each uniform is different in color and design. The first man is wearing olive green, the second man has on dark blue and the third man (I think) light brown. Not 100% sure anymore of the last color. They all appear to be human. I touch the olive green uniform that the first man is wearing and ask, “Is your clothing real/am I touching something real? Are you real? (The man’s uniform felt like scratchy wool). He says to me, “It is real because you believe it to be so.”

    What I took from this dream is…..Do/Can we create a reality within our own mind and imagination then have it manifest in the physical world? Does this potential power lay dormant within each and every one of us? Could this be a real concern for those entities that come and go and seemingly watch over humankind?

    DREAM two…..I am kneeling at the altar (My parish Catholic Church). The statues of Mary and Jesus (other saints as well) have morphed into living beings. Every one of them is a DEEP, DEEP VIBRANT BLUE. Not quite indigo but close.

    What I took from this dream is to be aware of the colors we dream in. This might be an indication of what CHAKRA and state of consciousness one is in while dreaming. This is ONLY what felt true for me and by NO means always the case when dreaming in color……

    I remember reading this quote, “You’ll See It When You Believe It.”

  4. This conversation very much
    This conversation very much relates to a Mysterious Universe episode I listened to yesterday about the book “Multidimensional Man.” In it, a guy meditates to alleviate stress and eventually finds himself slipping out of the body on a regular basis. There he discovers connections between dreaming, aliens, and the dead, as has been mentioned on this site many times by both Whitley and Jeremy. Like Robert Monroe, this man tries to tackle these experiences in a somewhat scientific fashion and learns to differentiate between dreams (where attempting to focus changes your environment) and other dimensions (you are a visitor, your thoughts have no control.) It seems that out of body experiencers aren’t ‘actually’ in the real world although it looks similar enough to deceive and close enough to garner some information — they are in another dimension only one or two times removed from this one. (He relates a story where he tries to read a sticky note on his brother’s wall and the brother wrote “Love” in reality, but what he astrally read on the sticky note was a To-do note from his brother’s diary – equally amazing, but not technically accurate in ‘reality.’)

    So imagine changes here reverberating outwards and affecting things in the outer shells, but like a game of telephone whispers, the results are more and more removed from this reality. (Jer, it reminds me of what the shrouded dude said about our world affecting fractal dimensions.)

    I think what it comes down to is what science is starting to understand: that the universe is basically DATA, very much in the digital sense, and everything else (what kind of alien bird you’re seeing, etc.) is biased interpretation/perspective. We know that quantum particles act more like probability patterns than physical objects and it is only in the aggregate of patterns that we start to see the normal physics that we’re used to.

    So to answer your question about why, if we’re so evolved, is our science heading in the exact wrong direction (mechanistic universe, electromagnetic instead of telepathic, etc.), I think it is to underline the wondrous breakthrough when we discover that there’s more to everything. If we suspected a spiritual multi-dimensional angle this whole time and then we prove it, well, big deal. But to be complete idiots and have that be the prevailing theory, then be totally surprised by the answer — that will generate awe and humility and changes and actions far far into the future. The memory of our ignorance will drive us further into a more vibrant future. The memory of the Nazi holocaust drives us away from totalitarianism and blind faith and moves us towards peace and acceptance. It HAS to happen that way. When we look back, we’ll see what a great story we made. It’s all about experience, it’s all about story. What other universal currency truly matters?

    I put it in a youtube for you all since it was from the pay($) feed:

  5. Another great interview,
    Another great interview, Jeremy.

    This episode and last week’s episode with Melissa found me in awe while listening. There were very many synchronistic topics going though my mind at the time.

    These experiences are related to family? Why is that? Do certain people that have innate abilities that allow for them to observe the unusual in life pass those abilities on to their offspring?

    Secondly, the sight that one has when out of body, where does that originate? If not biologically, i.e. caused by electrical impulses entering the eyes, could it somehow originate from light( electromagnetic waves) impinging on the external surface of the soul? And somehow our consciousness acts as a filter in a similar way to that of the brain? I have read reports of individuals blind since birth having experience vision when having near death experiences.

  6. Awesome show Jeremy.
    Awesome show Jeremy.

  7. Very interesting comments
    Very interesting comments everyone. My appreciation for everyone in this community of subscribers. Another fantastic show Jeremy!

  8. I am glad that Chris
    I am glad that Chris emphasized that being psychic does not automatically mean that someone is spiritual, nor that spiritual people are always psychic. This is so important to know! If one is psychic and spiritual, there is a richness that enhances both!

  9. Perhaps nothing is the
    Perhaps nothing is the absence of thought before it occurs and when that thought occurs it creates what out thought desires. If consciousness is the root of all creation what does that say about religion? However we don’t yet know if the mind and its thoughts interact with the void or dark energy in such a manner and if the physics correctly explains creation. The movie interstellar wasn’t about time travel and the movie Gravity was about contact and its fundamental message. Both movies echoed the same message and theme but most will never see it. I said Gravity was the best movie I’ve seen about explaining the inner transformation like a true shaman on how to change yourself and your external world. It’s not over for humanity but much will change in harsh and drastic ways. Freedom of the individual was stolen and got twisted and became supplanted with the exaltation of the self and its ego so the collective masses will suffer greatly and consequently be largely reduced in their numbers and ranks. I do believe humanity will ultimately survive and endure throughout it all and only than will they learn what it needs to do to progress forward in its trek towards higher evolution and touching the heavens.

  10. Chris Leask’s experiences are
    Chris Leask’s experiences are interesting and he is quite courageous for openly sharing them. WORD OF CAUTION: Everyone’s experiences are totally individual, and should be evaluated on their value to the individual. There is no ‘doctrine’ to this. My experiences offered a mostly different perspective, but I do find his experiences interesting, but value my direct experiences as being more valid for myself.

  11. In regard to the current
    In regard to the current status of religion–each ‘religion’ started with a new thought, valid for the time in which it arose and for the community in which it arose. Then each of these ‘thoughts’ rolled around, gathered weight around it like a pearl in an oyster, until it became unrecognizably dense. Today’s manifestation of the worse in religious doctrine could be an attempt to break up the detritus accumulated around the initial core thought. Could this shakeup in thought be reflected in the massive earthquakes occurring now?

  12. Antigonish [I met a man who
    Antigonish [I met a man who wasn’t there]
    Hughes Mearns ~ 1922

    Yesterday, upon the stair,
    I met a man who wasn’t there
    He wasn’t there again today
    I wish, I wish he’d go away…

    When I came home last night at three
    The man was waiting there for me
    But when I looked around the hall
    I couldn’t see him there at all!
    Go away, go away, don’t you come back any more!
    Go away, go away, and please don’t slam the door… (slam!)

    Last night I saw upon the stair
    A little man who wasn’t there
    He wasn’t there again today
    Oh, how I wish he’d go away…

  13. How does one know that a
    How does one know that a person or a physical object is there? You can touch that person or object and feel pressure. You can also see that person or object (which means that photons are causing a pressure point in your eyes). All in all, it boils down to pressure, there is resistance. When one encounters another mind, there is pressure that manifests as a type of resistance separate from one’s own mind. The distinctness is a type of pressure. One can learn to distinguish between one’s own being and the pressure field emanating from a separate being.

  14. Concerning Jeremy’s final
    Concerning Jeremy’s final statement about the Astronauts being unable to recollect their time on the Moon, I wonder if the chakras were involved in some manner with this phenomenon. Coming into contact with the chakra energy of the Moon, for the first time, may have created a unique energy flow for the Astronauts after they landed. The Moon itself may be causally connected to the lower chakras, and this may have affected the consciousness of the Astronauts, who were unable to interpret the experience according to their previous experience. An eerie state of mind (not unlike what one experiences while on Earth with the full Moon) may have pervaded the Men’s consciousness. Such a state of mind may have resulted in the Men forgetting their experience.

    If exposure to a new planet affects memory and consciousness, I wonder what impact it would have on imminent manned Mars missions.

    1. Mace…..
      What fascinating

      What fascinating concepts. A great post.

  15. Thanks, Carollee. I really
    Thanks, Carollee. I really enjoyed the program. Well done, Jeremy and Chris.

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