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Do people who invoke highly strange experiences through religious ritual and magic count as experiencers? Are phenomena the same for those who invite these things into their lives as those who do not? We tackle these issues with one half of the Project Archivist team, Lobo, who practices his own version of Santeria, as taught to him by his grandfather and two spirit guides who comes in the form of animals.

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  1. Is there really a second part
    Is there really a second part of this for subscribers? If so, how does one get there. Last week I had the same problem with Dreamland. What the heck is going on with this site?

    1. I’m not in charge of anything
      I’m not in charge of anything but I just logged on and see that it’s there like normal. Are you still having problems?

      1. Yes, I’m still having
        Yes, I’m still having problems, if there really is supposed to be a second half to this one. I thought you said so on the interview, but maybe I hallucinated that.
        Love your show btw.

    2. Just a thought that might
      Just a thought that might help someone. At first, I looked for a separate show — like Whitley does with his Subscriber Section shows. But Jeremy’s “subscriber only” shows are part of the same feed. If you look at the time on the streaming audio, you shld notice that once you are logged in, it changes from the approximate 30 minutes to an approximate hour. If one wants complete continuity just log in before listening to the podcast and you will get the full show — both free and subscriber section — in one seamless stream.

  2. Jeremy,
    In answer to your


    In answer to your question about whether you should weed out anything or whether you have a right to judge, I think you are in a good position to decide if something is worth the time you spend or not. So far every show of yours I have listened to is interesting and gives me a different perspective or something to think about. It is always a better show when the interviewer is seriously interested in the subject of the interview. If I don’t resonate with it, that is not your worry. The people who do will hear it.

    I will be listening next week. I hope you have a good week.

    1. Thanks.
      Just to be clear for


      Just to be clear for everyone, I wasn’t asking in terms of listener episodes, because I won’t judge people’s experiences… but “experts” I may find inauthentic or people who make wild truth claims with no real evidence to back it up. I don’t find the latter two to fall under the “Don’t judge others lest ye be judged” rule because they involve some sort of reading of data or claim to how reality really works being put forth for us to scrutinize and… well… judge. In fact I DO expect people to judge some of the things that come out of my mouth as well.

  3. Re-Posting


    Jeremy…..This movie came to mind during the interview…..

    Most of these are dæmons, the physical manifestation of one’s soul in an ANIMAL form. Everyone in Lyra’s world has a dæmon. Armoured bears such as Iorek Byrnison are also able to talk, though they’re autonomous beings, not dæmons

    ALSO…”I see,” I said. “And now you’re afraid you’ll raise the wind.” Slowly she nodded. “It’s stupid. I know.”

    “No it isn’t,” I said. “Folk have believed it for hundreds of years. In English folklore, witches raised the wind by combing their hair. The Aborigines believe the good wind BARA is held captive for half the year by the bad wind, MAMARIGA, and every year they have to sing it free. As for the AZTECS…..” I smiled at her. “They know the power of the wind, whose breath moves the sun and drives away rain. EHECATL was his name, and they worshipped him with chocolate.”

    The sequel to (Chocolat).

  4. My posting is one of those
    My posting is one of those lost in the reboot yesterday, and no biggie, so no need to re-post. Jeremy, I think there is a difference between judgment and discernment. Discernment is probably the better term to use. None of us should sit in judgment, but we should all use discernment.

    1. Sorry it got lost. I liked
      Sorry it got lost. I liked your post.

      Okay, discernment. I shall discern!

  5. Jeremy, mine too was lost. No
    Jeremy, mine too was lost. No need to re-post it.

  6. I found Lobo’s comment about
    I found Lobo’s comment about “the first thing you see” is often its true form (or something like that) very interesting. I often see things “differently” but due to poor eyesight — I tend to pass it off as my mistake tho I have often continued to wonder . . .

  7. About the question of whether
    About the question of whether there is a unified theory that encompasses the various high strangeness phenomena, here’s a thought that came to me while listening to the show. Mankind is like a person locked into one small room in a very large house who has no idea of his predicament. He thinks that room is all there is. There are others who have full access to the whole mansion. “My Father’s mansion has many rooms,” said Jesus.

    Some people are occasionally allowed access to (or at least a peek in the door of) one or more other rooms. Maybe there are unlocked rooms for ETs and totem animals and disincarnate souls and plant medicine entities… Maybe they all get together in the rec room for billiards. Maybe we’re about to be let out.

  8. Jeremy- I have loved
    Jeremy- I have loved listening to Whitley and Anne for years and all the Dreamland family. You fit into it like a refreshing sip of iced tea. Keep doing what you are doing and I will keep listening. Be blessed as you are a blessing.

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