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Can you be an experiencer even if you don’t consider yourself one? How many high strangeness experiences does one need to have happen to be called an experiencer? We’ll talk about it with one half of the Project Archivist podcast team, Roejen, who has had a number of odd experiences in his life and yet doesn’t consider himself an experiencer… even in the face of his latest: a UFO sighting that shook him to his core.

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  1. Someone close to me, an
    Someone close to me, an individual lacking my intense interest in the UFO
    phenomenon, but intellectually open to the possibility Earth is being visited, recently
    had an experience which left him/her similarly shaken — the daytime sighting of an
    aerial object which was either not of terrestrial origin, or if a drone or other military
    craft, involved technology which is highly classified and unknown to the general public.
    Like Roejen, the witness was adamant the object was neither a natural phenomenon
    nor any type of familiar aircraft.

    When I expressed my envy at the sighting (I’ve never seen a UFO) s/he said:
    “I’d have rather not have seen it. It challenges my sense of reality.”

  2. Having one or two strange
    Having one or two strange experiences is one thing. Usually a person can use some logic to classify it as something explainable. However, I think that there is a point where some people see enough strange things or have enough unusual experiences to make them really think what is going on.

    Most people who see unusual lights in the sky will dismiss them. I wonder how many people saw the Phoenix lights and thought it could be an aerial phenomena or flares and went no further than that.

    It may be the personality of an individual that defines the threshold for which an individual will eventually say to themselves, “I am an experiencer.” Very logical people have a harder time breaking the mold of the universe in which they were raised.

    I think it may be possible that when you accept it and open yourself to the possibility of something greater that you have a tendency to notice more of it in your life. The question whether it was always there and you didn’t see it or because now you see it and it attracts more seems to be up for debate.

  3. I saw a cigar-shaped
    I saw a cigar-shaped glow-emitting object against a dark gray sky on an overcast day a few months ago. This was the only such object I’ve ever seen, tho I’ve been looking up all my life (since I read Donald Keyhoe’s book in the ’60s.)

    I felt surprise, excitement, and a sense that somehow IT was aware of ME, also.

    I felt the same need to talk to someone about it. I succinctly told friends and family members about it and encountered the same skepticism that is the frequent response to such a claim.

    All I can say is that I feel a sense of wonder about it.

    When the human race reaches a tipping point of observers, will all our lives change (will something be triggered?)

  4. To say my age, height,
    To say my age, height, physical characteristics are relatively easy because anyone can see the truth. It was a critical moment when Roejen addressed being an experiencer. It became clear that seeing himself this way long after his experience, needed his integrity, honesty, denial, resistance, living with questions without answers, etc. His continuing to wrestle with emotions & reality speaks volumes.

    Faced with something not well understood or even accepted by society and the sciences can be the trigger that causes some people to develop courage enough to speak their truths. Perhaps “experiencers” go through something akin to the now accepted internal emotional and mental “dying process.” (Referance to Elizabeth Kubler Ross for this) Maybe what is “dying” is a mind-set, world view, self-understanding, etc. It seems to be a process by which a more refined view of life and meaning can develop. Through wrestling with these, when all settles down, the person is changed.

  5. Listening to Roejen relating
    Listening to Roejen relating his experience observing the object took me back to something I observed many years ago myself. The feelings he conveyed were very similar to my own and I can perfectly relate to his comments.

    The sensation of being totally alone was very apparent but there was in my case also a sense of familiarity and recognition that I felt during the experience. I don’t think this was due to any kind of repressed memories I personally had, but it was more like a feeling that a part of me understood what I was seeing on a deep unconscious level. This is what really shook me up afterwards as I thought about it.

  6. We are all ‘experiencers’,
    We are all ‘experiencers’, it’s just that some of us pay attention, while others are stuck in their own little box, unobserved, until someone dares to open it up and look inside. Schroedinger’s cat is both real and nothing, alive and dead, and in all states until someone takes the time to notice the box, develop some curiosity, and take a peek. The fact of the matter is that Roejen has developed enough curiosity in life, and opened up his mind just enough, that he has finally reached that point where he is both the observer and the observed. Of course, both are Roejen. That is mind-blowing and frightening too, and I hope that he starts a journal to document his experiences going forward to chronicle his own spiritual growth. It will help ground him, and also give him a point of reference down the road where he doesn’t have to rely on the scattered memories of unbalanced family members or acquaintances after-the-fact. After all, it is his story (‘history’) and no one else’s. Of course, now that the box is open, all of those possibilities are out there, and he will begin noticing them more and more.

  7. I’m an experiencer. Back in
    I’m an experiencer. Back in the 1970’s I saw a craft…round with a dome on top. It was daylight and it was way up near clouds. It shot to the left, then to the right and then it seemed to know I had spotted it so it took off so fast it disappeared. I believe I’ve been ‘taken’ since I was a toddler. I had a strange small implant removed from my right calf and still have the scar today, over 60 years later! In late 2013, a mammogram found a capsule shaped solid item in the right breast. It first appeared in 2005, then disappeared until then. I saw the x-ray and figured it was just one more thing ‘they’ were doing to me. I guess I should be afraid of them but I’m not for some reason. Maybe it’s because I don’t fear death so they really can’t hurt me, except for some temporary pain. I have accepted that they exist and maybe that’s why I’ve never seen another craft. I’m more in fear of the medical community and wouldn’t be surprised that they might have wanted to do a mastectomy just to get at the thing inside me. They tried a biopsy and the thing disappeared so they got nothing, which upset them intensely. I have no idea if it’s still there and won’t, as women of a certain age no longer have to have yearly mammograms. We fear what we don’t understand. I don’t understand what ‘they’ want with me but ironically I don’t fear them. Maybe I’m in serious denial or maybe they erased all memory of them so they could study me better. Either way, in my mind ‘they’ are a fact of life and maybe have something to offer us, if we would just open our minds. In a few years, I’ll leave the planet and it will all be moot. In the meantime, I will go about my daily life, come what may.

  8. One of the reasons i so enjoy
    One of the reasons i so enjoy Unknown Country is the incredible wisdom, knowledge and respect in these posts. I am always learning from you folks. Thank you.

  9. Yet another good show…
    Yet another good show… really looking forward to next week’s as well. I am now a subscriber because of YOUR show, Jeremy. Thanks for informing the listening audience with your refreshing take on things paranormal, plus the numerous authors, podcasters, etc. I would never otherwise have been introduced to.

  10. Jeremy, every show is a real
    Jeremy, every show is a real gem. Thanks for creating them!

  11. wtf??? wheres this weeks
    wtf??? wheres this weeks show??

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