NY Times Reporter Leslie Kean on the Latest UFO Disclosures

June 12, 2020
This week famed UFO investigator and New York Times reporter Leslie Kean arrives for a wide-ranging discussion about everything from her amazing book about the afterlife to the May 15  New York Times article on US Navy UFO encounters over... continued

Are We a Designer Species that is Being Genetically Altered RIGHT NOW?

June 5, 2020
In this shocking and powerful edition of Dreamland, exogenetics expert Bruce Fenton deals what in our DNA leads him to believe that we have been genetically altered in the past, almost certainly by advanced races for unknown reasons. Then his... continued

Consciousness and Contact, then Black Swan Ghosts and Other Journeys on the High Strangeness Trail

May 29, 2020
First, Mia Feroleto tells us about the Conciouisness and Contact conference which will be held on the Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux Reservation in Wasta, South Dakota during the last weekend in July. There will be a CE5 attempt at Devil's... continued

What They Eat, Who They Steal: A Deep Dive into Visitor Secrets

May 22, 2020
First, we spend a few minutes with Bill Homann, the keeper of the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull. He will join us in the Unknowncountry subscriber video conference room on Saturday, May 22 at 11AM Pacific. We will meditate with the... continued

Superhuman–And Guess What, This Is About YOU!

May 15, 2020
One of the primary missions of Unknowncountry and Dreamland, and Whitley Strieber's life mission, is the empowerment of others. This show with Superhuman director Caroline Cory, is a prime example of real empowerment. From birth, we are fed a false... continued

The Secrets of the Soul’s Journey Through Life

May 8, 2020
Angel Millar sheds light on the mysterious journey of the soul in this deep dive into the meaning of our lives. He explains the three stages of initiation that we can attain over the course of our lives, what each... continued

The Riveting PERSONAL NARRATIVES of 2 Onboard Contactees

May 1, 2020
Last week, we listened as Preston Dennett described his new book Onboard UFO Encounters. Two of the most extraordinary cases were those of Dolly and Lynette. So, this week Whitley interviews them both in this special 2 hour edition of... continued

People Who Remember Onboard UFO Encounters

April 24, 2020
Longtime UFO researcher Preston Dennett has tracked down and personally interviewed many close encounter witnesses over the course of his long career. Here, he tells us the stories of fifteen of them who recall being aboard UFOs. Some of them... continued

Crucial Assassinations and the Hidden Stories Behind Them

April 17, 2020
Everywhere you look in the general media, the mantra is the same: there is no such thing as a conspiracy and anything suggesting that the conventional explanation is not sufficient is a "crackpot conspiracy theory." And yet, more than a... continued

A Magical Tour of the Cosmos with Yanik Silver

April 10, 2020
We change focus this week with a delightful, unusual and informative show that focuses on optimism, joy and high energy. You will not have heard this information before, so don't miss it. Yanik Silver is an author, an adventurer and... continued