First, Erich von Daniken, then a Feast for Trekkies!

May 3, 2019
First up, Erich von Daniken tells us about what he's going to be doing at Contact in the Desert, which takes place at the Renaissance Resort in Indian Wells, California May 31-June 3. Erich's website is Next, Dreamland takes a turn... continued

First, a Top Remote Viewer Tackles Alien Video, THEN John Hogue on Nostradamus and Notre Dame!

April 26, 2019
First Whitley learns some startling things about a group of alien videos from remote viewer John Vivanco on alien videos, then John Hogue talks about why the Nostradamus Quatrain being circulated on the internet does NOT predict the Notre Dame... continued

Lee Harris on Living, Loving and Awakening

April 22, 2019
Famed medium Lee Harris joins Whitley today to tell us about his journey into mediumship and what he has learned over the years about what it means to live empowered in spirit and in joy. As she often does when... continued

Evil Archaeology

April 12, 2019
What a show! It seems that there is plenty of evidence that the past had a very different relationship with good and evil than we now understand, and that people believed that images themselves had power, and sometimes images were... continued

Signs from the Other Side

April 5, 2019
n this exciting show, Bill Philipps proves one thing: he really is a medium and a darned good one. There are at least three moments in which he and Whitley connect psychically, Anne comes in, Bill’s mom comes in through... continued

The Monsters in Your Back Yard…and They are There!

March 29, 2019
America is full of monsters and Jason Offutt has researched most of them! Listen as he tells Whitley his eerie findings from the high strangeness of shadow people he has seen himself to a living UFO to giant birds and... continued

Angels, Disincarnate Entities and Demonic Possession

March 22, 2019
Susan Martinez returns to Dreamland with her new book, Field Guide to the Spirit World: the Science of Angel Power, Disincarnate Entities and Demonic Possession. Is modern psychology right in assuming that all mental problems stem from either brain disfunction... continued

Tales from the Borderland: Spontaneous Human Combustion and Beyond

March 15, 2019
Louis Proud returns on wings of fire discussing spontaneous human combustion, poltergeist activity and all manner of things that go bump in the night—including Whitley! Was his own well documented ‘electromagnetic effect’ responsible for the recent weirdness that unfolded at... continued

Life In (and Out) of the Matrix

March 8, 2019
Sonia Barrett joins Whitley for a powerful exploration of the matrix we all live in and why Whitley is experiencing so many attacks. You can hear in his voice the desperation that he feels as he struggles with shattering close... continued

No show this week

March 1, 2019
For the first time in 20 years, I am unable to create a new episode of Whitley Strieber's Dreamland. This is because the computer used to produce the shows has been damaged and is under repair. We will produce this... continued