Philip Mantle and Dr. Irena McCammon Scott join Whitley to talk about the Pascagoula UFO event on its 50th anniversary and to honor witness Calvin Parker and to explore new evidence that has emerged in recent years. October 11 is the 50th anniversary of the event. It has been all but forgotten that the event was part of a massive UFO flap, to this day probably the largest ever recorded. In parts of the United States, people were literally hiding and preventing their children from going outdoors because of the extreme number of UFO sightings. Not only that, Irena Scott’s research has revealed that a gigantic explosion heard across the eastern U.S. at the time was probably the loudest sound ever recorded. It remains unexplained.

This is a terrific dive into a really incredible event with two of the greatest researchers in the field.

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  1. Thank you ALL, such a good conversation. So, was the year of 1973 a year of an exploratory investigation? I am including two websites that describe what was going on in my part of the country in 1973. I remember it well. Also, I remember watching a youtube regarding a UFO flap in Australia but cannot remember the year.,missour.html

  2. I’m glad there’s more info coming to light in regards to the Pascagoula event. IMO, it’s been ignored over the years for whatever reasons.

    I remember it being a big deal that was taken very seriously when it was being reported in the local (NOLA) media in 1973.

  3. I recall this entire story via local news and word of mouth. We lived in Biloxi Ms on keesler usaf base housing. West Falcon court. Some quiet discussions amongst career military at tge oddness of the entire case. I believe the Pascagoula sheriff even had a recording device in the jail where the two were held and one can hear them very anxious out over the event.

    1. I believe this is the audio recording in question…

      1973 Interview on Pascagoula alien abduction:

      It’s about 30 minutes long and not great quality…and requires some intense concentration to hear what is being said.

      The interview itself lasts for about 25 minutes, but crucially for the last 5 minutes, they are left alone but still carry on chatting amongst themselves about what happened.

  4. What is a good resource to learn more about the “big noise” in 1973? I knew nothing about this.

    1. I’m really wondering about this. In 1973 I was 13 and living in Ohio, so it seems like I must have heard it, but I don’t remember anything about it. Perhaps it just went by as a weird thing without explanation and I forgot about it?

      1. As you say, it must have been in the news, but I don’t remember hearing about it until reading about it some years later, and I’d have been 23 at the time. I suppose I was paying more attention to the Yom Kippur War (Oct. 5 to 25), which was happening at the time, and I wasn’t much interrested in UFOs then.

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