Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure

July 12, 2019
Jesse James was an outlaw. He was murdered by his friend Robert Ford on April 3, 1882. He had absolutely nothing to do with buried treasure, knew no esoteric secrets and was never called anything remotely like James Lafayette Courtney.... continued

High Strangeness with Linda Howe, PLUS a First Listen to Whitley’s New Book

July 4, 2019
First Whitley spends a few minutes with Mia Feroleto talking about a remarkable conference to be held July 18-22 at the Pine Ridge Reservation near Rapid City, SD on July 18-22. You can learn more by emailing or calling... continued

First, Nobel Prize Winner Confronts the Unreal, then Leslie Kean on the Latest NY Times UFO Stories

June 28, 2019
First, Whitley’s Super Natural co-author Dr. Jeff Kripal joins us to talk about his new book The Flip, about changing the way we think to include things that seem impossible but are actually real. Why do we ignore them? Why... continued

Summer Solstice Celebration with Catmagic

June 21, 2019
It’s summer solstice weekend and what better way to celebrate than with a Wiccan high priestess! Here on Dreamland we welcome all searchers, so we’re taking this opportunity to listen to the wisdom of Wiccan author Deborah Blake whose new... continued

Wright-Patterson UFO Secrets

June 14, 2019
We all know about the Roswell Incident. That is really happened is now an open secret, and the fact that bodies and debris were recovered is generally accepted. Ditto that they were shipped off to Wright Field in Dayton. BUT... continued

The Hidden Story of Moses…and His Murder

June 7, 2019
Rand Flem-Ath returns to Dreamland with a truly astonishing show—he believes that he has proof that Moses was murdered in his youth and replaced by another man. There follows one of the most incredible and important stories you will ever... continued

The Complete Guide to Government Deceptions

May 31, 2019
Dynamite show with Dreamland favorite Nick Redfern! He and Whitley talk about all manner of conspiracy from the Mothman to who really owns this world with stops in between at the Bob Lazar controversy, the Kennedy assassination-UFO connection, men in... continued

Secrets of the Black Vault

May 24, 2019
John Greenewald joins Whitley this week to discuss his legendary website and his new book, Inside the Black Vault, which distills his vast collection of UFO documents into the most important ones. On this show, he proves conclusively that... continued

Nick Pope, Brad Olsen, Linda Moulton Howe: New Discoveries and Revelations

May 17, 2019
This week Whitley talks to Linda Moulton Howe, Nick Pope and Brad Olsen about their latest discoveries and their plans for Contact in the Desert, May 31-June2. To learn about Whitley’s Contact plans, click here. Nick is first up today,... continued

A Tech Expert on the Matrix: Why He Believes that It’s Real

May 14, 2019
Riz Virk who was last with us for his amazing book Treasure Hunt, about intuition and how to use it, returns with an even more incredible book: the Simulation Hypothesis. So is life truly being played out on a stage?... continued