ET Contact and What to Do About It

November 8, 2019
Kathleen Marden, the neice of famed abductee Betty Hill is not only a close encounter witness herself with numerous multiple-witness experiences, she is also among the world's leading researchers into the field. As director of experiencer research for MUFON and... continued

A Life in Contact with Many Witnesses

November 1, 2019
Kevin J. Briggs is a man on a mission to do no less than facilitate a contact moment at the United Nations sometime in 2020. But why does he think he will succeed in getting the visitors to appear when... continued

Director Alan Stivelman on His Stunning New Documentary Witness of Another World, with Contributions from Jacques Vallee

October 25, 2019
First, we spend half an hour with Dr. Jacques Vallee discussing the extraordinary new documentary "Witness of Another World," made by director Alan Stivelman. Available for streaming now, it’s the story of an Argentinian gaucho who, as a boy, encountered... continued

Something Wicked Weird This Way Comes…

October 18, 2019
Searcher and researcher Alan Steinfeld appears on Dreamland for the first time, and it is one intense show! He and Whitley explore the absolute edge of reality together and Alan discovers--on the show--secrets about his own phenomenally powerful life experiences... continued

A Magical Mystery Tour…Down Some Hidden Paths

October 11, 2019
Mitch Horowitz is one of the leading scholars of the occult in the world. During his distinguished career as editor of Tarcher-Penguin, he published Whitley's books Solving the Communion Enigma, the Key and Super Natural. This week he takes us... continued

Homesick for Heaven: Childhood Near Death Experiences

October 4, 2019
Famed near death researcher PMH Atwater joins us for an in-depth discussion of what happens when children have near-death experiences. This incredible topic had been virtually unknown until PMH completed the research that led to this book. She found that... continued

Jimmy Church on TTSA and the CIA

September 27, 2019
Jimmy Church, host of Fade To Black, joins Whitley in an about face: Whitley does the interviewing, Jimmy does the talking! Last week, thanks to Jimmy and John Greenewald of the Black Vault, the US Navy announced that the videos... continued

The CIA UFO Papers: The Hidden Files

September 20, 2019
Longtime UFO investigator Dan Wright joins us to discuss his new book, The CIA UFO Papers--and proceeds to start off with two of the most spectacular PERSONAL UFO encounters ever talked about on this show! Whitley asks him why he... continued

First, Dynamite Abduction Docu the Seeding, then Mysteries of the Denisovans: Terror in the Americas

September 13, 2019
First, Jon Sumple, creator of The Seeding, the dynamite new documentary about abductions, tells us about his experiences making the film, why he did it and what he learned about the abduction phenomenon while making this explosive film. Then we... continued

Mysteries of the Denisovans: Amazing New Discoveries

September 6, 2019
Dreamland favorites Andrew Collins and Greg Little have teamed up to create an epochal book about the mysterious pre-hominid people known as the Denisovans. We travel from Siberia through a fantastic cataclysm that brought the last ice age to it... continued