Linda Moulton Howe Returns with NEW Antarctic Discoveries!

February 14, 2020
Linda Moulton Howe's new documentary Antarctica: Alien Secrets Beneath the Ice is available on Vimeo and Amazon Prime. In this interview she and Whitley go deeper, exploring the hidden meaning of the enigmatic story of a possible alien and very... continued

2 Hr. Special: Chemtrails, 5G, Coronavirus and Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth

February 7, 2020
Both subscribers and free listeners will get the full audio of this special. Some will say that we're going too far down the rabbit hole this week, but that's a big part of our job here on Dreamland! There is... continued

2 Hardcore UFO Investigators Admit It: They’re Also Abductees. (Most Recent Experience Jan 2020!!)

January 31, 2020
Robert Hastings and Dr. Bob Jacobs are among the most highly respected UFO researchers in the field. Now, with their new book Confession, they reveal another side to themselves: they are also abductees, and the most recent encounter was just... continued

A Burst of Conscious Light: What The Shroud of Turin Means to Our Lives Now

January 23, 2020
In this stunner of an interview, Whitley brings his own knowledge of the Shroud of Turin to a conversation with a true expert, Dr. Andrew Silverman. The result is one of the deepest, most inspiring and just plain amazing editions... continued

The Tayos Caves: Key to Our Lost Past…or Hoax?

January 16, 2020
Renowned adventurer and explorer Alex Chionetti joins us to describe his journeys deep into the legendary Tayos Caves of Ecuador. For years, explorers have challenged these caves to give up their secrets--but are there any secrets there, or is it... continued

Linda Moulton Howe Took Over a Hundred Notes While Reading A New World–Here are Her Incredible Insights!

January 10, 2020
Linda Moulton Howe returns to Dreamland to discuss what Col. Philip Corso's immortal phrase "a new world if you can take it" means to her and what it is going to mean in 2020 and beyond. Will 2020 be "the... continued

John Hogue Rings in the New Decade–What Does He Predict?

January 3, 2020
John Hogue has an enviable record as a prophet--and the criticism to prove it! Throughout history, prophets have been scorned when they were wrong and attacked when they were right, and John is no exception. So, as always, this is... continued

Dreamland Year-End Special: Two Prominent Scientists Describe Their Close Encounters

December 20, 2019
read more continued

Jeremy Vaeni Goes After Whitley…On A New World

December 13, 2019
Jeremy Vaeni returns to Unknowncountry, this time hosting Dreamland in order to discuss A New World with Whitley. And what a discussion it is! Jeremy brings his deep knowledge to what turns out to be one of the most powerful... continued

How Should We Think of God–a Man, a Woman, Both or Neither?

December 6, 2019
This week we explore the nature of God with two experts on the history of religion, Clive Prince and Lynn Picknett. They are the authors of many books about the hidden past of religion, among them The Templar Revelation which... continued