George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell are Changing the UFO/UAP World–but Who ARE They?

May 21, 2021
From the beginning, George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell have been at the cutting edge of the disclosure process that is starting to change the way the world thinks about the UFO/UAP phenomenon--in fact, to change the way the world thinks... continued

If Aliens are Here Now, Were They Also Here in the Past?

May 14, 2021
Science has always assumed that interstellar travel is impossible, but two separate studies in Physics Review D suggest that traversable wormholes may be more than science fiction. If so, then aliens probably ARE here and may indeed have been here... continued

Dreamland This Week: On the Trail of Bigfoot PLUS Whitley Makes a Major Statement on Coming Disclosure

May 7, 2021
For subscribers, Whitley discusses the coming disclosure process and asks the question, "will abductees be thrown under the bus?" It's a provocative and, as always, extremely well informed report by one of the world's leading experts--if not the leading expert--on... continued

Crop Circles: A Crucial Communication Ignored and Lied About–We Can Do Better!

April 30, 2021
The crop circle mystery has faded with time. The general media took their cue from British Intelligence and debunked the whole story using the lie that they were created by men with boards, and that all the more complex ones... continued

Making * Contact: Preparing for the New Realities of ET Existence

April 23, 2021
In this extremely intense edition of Dreamland, close encounter witness and researcher Alan Steinfeld brings his powerful intellect and great passion to the issue of contact. As we get closer to official revelation of more UAP video and possibly other... continued

Stories of People Moving into the Past and Future and Why They Might Really Happen

April 16, 2021
Von Braschler, author of the classic Seven Secrets of Time Travel, returns to Dreamland with news of his latest research into movement through time, its reality, and exercises that are meant to facilitate it. (In the 3rd half-hour, Whitley describes... continued

Precognitive Dreamwork: Interpreting Messages from Our Future Lives

April 9, 2021
Dreamland this week: Eric Wargo, author of Time Loops, joins us to discuss his provocative theories about dreams, time travel and the true nature of the future, and how it affects our lives in the present. Eric was last on... continued

Easter Special: William Henry on the Death of the Soul and the Coming AI Catastrophe

April 2, 2021
We are at a crossroads. Right now, companies all over the world are working to create interfaces between the brain and the internet. But what does this mean for the spirit and spiritual search? William Henry, whose Unknowncountry podcast Revelations... continued

Can Contact be Initiated with Radio? The Surprising Answer from a Long-Time CE5 Witness

March 26, 2021
The public is about to be told that the US military has recorded far more UAP sightings, as they now call them, than has previously been admitted. It looks like they're going to continue to say that they don't know... continued

The Stirring, Heartbreaking and Inspiring Story of Heroic Close Encounter Investigator Dr. John Mack

March 19, 2021
New York Times reporter Ralph Blumenthal has written a brilliant and much deserved biography of a mysterious, amazing and brilliant hero: Dr. John Mack. As a tenured Harvard professor and a licensed psychiatrist, Dr. Mack put his life, his livelihood... continued