Lorie Barnes Memorial then Whitley on Conspiracies

September 18, 2020
First, we remember Lorie Barnes, an extraordinary experiencer and Anne Strieber's secretary. Then, we begin a series on conspiracies, beginning with the mystery of the Finders and stolen children. Lorie Barnes's association with the Striebers began back in 1988 when... continued

Real Empowerment in Real Magic with Noetic Science Expert Dean Radin

September 11, 2020
Dean Radin joins Whitley for a very powerful and important discussion about real magic, by which we mean powerful natural forces that we have been told don't exist and that we don't understand, but which we CAN understand and CAN... continued

Empowerment Expert Rachele Brooke-Smith on a Remote Viewing Experience, Then Whitley Makes a Discovery

September 4, 2020
Rachele Brooke-Smith is an actress, life coach and, since meeting Caroline Corey and being in the film Superpowers, also a remote viewer. Here, she tells us her fascinating story of what it is like to unexpectedly discover that you have... continued

Long Hidden Wisdom Resurfaces–and DO WE EVER NEED IT NOW!

August 28, 2020
The amazing Laird Scranton returns to Dreamland with Primal Wisdom of the Ancients. We go back to Gobekli Tepe, to Egypt, to Sumeria and even deeper to find out what the past has to tell us now. We discover that,... continued

Roswell and What It Means NOW!

August 21, 2020
Don Schmitt and Tom Carey join Whitley to discuss Roswell: the Ultimate Cold Case. It was and is the central event in the vast, years long coverup that has characterized the UFO phenomenon ever since it unfolded in July of... continued

Astrologer Tashi Powers on Big Changes for Better and Worse

August 14, 2020
Astrologer Tashi Powers tells us about the extraordinary changes she foresees between now and December. In the process she and Whitley cover everything from psychic attacks to life frequencies and so much more. Whitley tells a harrowing personal story about... continued

Weird Wolds: High Strangeness in Merrie England

August 7, 2020
This week we take a detour into the darks of the Yorkshire Wolds and ultra high strangeness that stretches back into the deep past. Or no, wait a minute, that's the sort of thing we do almost every week--and it's... continued

UFO Encounters WAY in the Outback, then a Startling Close Encounter Report

July 31, 2020
In this week's Dreamland, Whitley speaks first to Eric Saethre, an anthropologist who discovered while living in a remote Aboriginal community that they often saw UFOs. While they weren't afraid of them, they would warn non-native people that they could... continued

First, The Superhuman Film is Released, then a Totally Incredible NEW Whitley Story!

July 24, 2020
Caroline Cory joins Whitley for the first half hour to tell us about her new film Superhuman, which is now available on streaming sites from Apple TV to Amazon to Vimeo and many others. But the great part of this... continued

Midsummer Special! First, Andrew Collins on Those Mysterious Shafts Just Found Near Stonehenge, then Intimate Aliens

July 17, 2020
First, Andrew Collins takes us to the magical region around Stonehenge and reports on the huge and mysterious shafts that have just been found there and what they may mean. Learn more about Andrew's work at AndrewCollins.com. Then David Halperin... continued