Origins of the Gods Part One: Andrew Collins and a Game-Changing Discovery

August 12, 2022
Andrew Collins joins us on Dreamland to discuss recent findings relating to the evolution and history of shamanic practices, as depicted in his new book Origins of the Gods (written with Greg Little). He sheds light on the discovery that... continued

A Flash of Beauty: A New Vision of Bigfoot

August 5, 2022
Tobe Johnson and Brett Eichenberger who have created the incredible new documentary "A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed." join Whitley on Dreamland for what is probably the best ever Bigfoot show the site has seen. This show explores the amazing... continued

Mysterious Messages from the Beyond

July 29, 2022
Von Braschler is a former faculty member of the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, lifelong member of the Theosophical Society and author of several books. His latest book is Mysterious Messages from Beyond, which reflects on the collapse of many... continued

There’s Connection between Roswell, Planet X and the Coming of the Visitors

July 22, 2022
Famed astrologer Ray Grasse returns with a totally new vision of what might herald the coming of the visitors, what this has to do with the planets, and when it might happen. Over the years, there have been many claims... continued

Can You Marry a Nonphysical Entity? This Guest says Of Course You Can!

July 15, 2022
Dr. Megan Rose is a transformational psychologist, eco-spiritual priestess and erotic mystic. Part of her work is focused on normalizing the "paranormal" and helping individuals discover a deeper connection with themselves and others, both human and otherwise. Whitley and Dr.... continued

Anne Strieber Helps a Psychologist Come Out as an Experiencer–and She Does it Working from the Beyond!

July 8, 2022
Anne Tyler was drawn by Anne Strieber into her new engagement with the experiencer community, and this discussion explores how someone on the nonphysical side of human life might affect and change lives on this side. Anne is a psychotherapist... continued

Happy US Independence Day! Enjoy an Archive Interview with Shirley MacLaine and an Eerily Prophetic LInda Howe Report from 15 Years Ago!

July 1, 2022
Dreamland is on hiatus for the 4th of July weekend. After a lovely introduction from Whitley, we offer his's 2007 interview with Shirley MacLaine, followed by an eerily prophetic report from Linda Moulton Howe about what became known as the... continued

Whitley Witnesses Something Impossible in a Seance–His Personal Observations

June 24, 2022
In January of 2021, Whitley interviewed famed medium Stewart Alexander. The first words of the first listener comment on the show were "how can I know this is real?" It was a good question, and Whitley did not forget it... continued

The Single Most Convincing and Important Group Close Encounter in History

June 17, 2022
With over 3 decades of experience in the film industry, Randall Nickerson is a true creative expert who spent 14 of those years forging a documentary about what is arguably the most amazing group close encounter ever recorded, titled 'Ariel... continued

Are the Visitors Demonic? We Take a Deep Dive with a Believer

June 10, 2022
Charles Upton joins Whitley on Dreamland to discuss his latest book, Alien Disclosure Deception: the Metaphysics of Social Engineering. He is a Sufi Muslim, poet and long-term student of metaphysics, who is not afraid to dive deep into an exploration... continued