Super Natural Sex

February 24, 2023
Beginning with a thorough telling of her unique early life, which informed her decision to perform and study sex magick, Stephanie Quick takes us on a journey like no other into the realm of sex and the super natural--beginning in... continued

Ghosts and How Not to Become One!

February 17, 2023
Echo Bodine is a world renowned psychic and healer, and an expert at helping ghosts escape the traps they are in--for souls can get trapped after death. Here, Echo tells us of her experiences and how we can live a... continued

“Nothing Beats Getting the Hell Scared Out of You with Friends”

February 10, 2023
One guest has a UFO sighting and winds up livestreaming nightly UFO hunts in Whitley's home town of San Antonio, the other has a harrowing contact experience that is followed by a lifetime of search...and they meet and compare not... continued

Are We dealing with Alien Contact…or Something VERY Different?

February 3, 2023
In this fantastic show, we explore such topics as whether or not we are cycling back and forth between this universe and another, and is THIS the world of the dead? But there's much, much more: what is the truth... continued

The Seventh Dead: The UFO and The Underworld

January 27, 2023
Have you ever had a bunch of small, odd experiences that added up to something paranormal and big? Did you wonder if it was you putting things together that didn't fit to create meaning, or if there was an invisible hand... continued

Wild and Wonderful: Just how Strange can Close Encounters BE??

January 20, 2023
Preston Dennett returns with stories of crashing into UFOs--not just in planes, but in cars, levitation (including his own), out of body experiences...and that's just scratching the surface of this amazing high adventure of a show! We live in a... continued

Are the Greys here for Our Souls?

January 13, 2023
As far as those of us without insider access are concerned, the question of whether or not the greys even exist remains an open one, and will remain open until we have access to physical proof. In this intense and... continued

The Mysteries of Alchemy and Why It can Change Your Life

January 6, 2023
Marlene Seven Bremner joins us for the first time, bringing with her truly astonishing knowledge of the hidden secrets of spiritual alchemy and how understanding and using them can change our lives and prepare us for the little-understood reality of... continued

Christmas-New Year’s Special: Uri Geller, Jimmy Church, Linda Moulton Howe

December 23, 2022
Welcome to Dreamland's 2022 year-end special. Our lineup this year includes, Yuri Geller, Jimmy Church and Linda Moulton Howe in a powerful 2 hour special. Both subscribers and free listeners get the whole show (free with ads) so, free listeners,... continued

Far and Wild with John Alexander

December 16, 2022
Whitley and John Alexander have a wild and wide-ranging discussion that covers everything from secret meetings to the extra-terrestrial hypothesis to the ongoing contact experiences of Chris Bledsoe. AND there's more--lots more! They explore into voodoo which John has witnessed... continued