Great show with Preston Dennett about his new book covering humanoid (and other) encounters. Whitley and Preston have great rapport as Preston tells some really excellent stories and Whitley brings his deep knowledge of the close encounter experience to the table.

A young boy in Austria ends up in a UFO…and it turns out to be similar to the Villas-Boas case from Brazil. (One happened in 1954, the other in 1957). So, were the same type of humanoid involved in both cases?

In another story, a young girl encounters a mantis being–much like what Jacques Vallee and Paola Harris reported that the children saw during the Trinity encounter.

A child finds what we now think of as a gray trying to ride a bicycle. It tells her that she won’t be harmed and she leaves the area…only to find when she gets home that she has an hour of missing time.

The show is full of great stories like these, stories of a kind that used to be automatically dismissed (and still are in some circles), but now that we know that alien bodies were found in some of the crashed disks (according to David Grush) should we be so quick to dismiss such high strangeness tales?

Enjoy this fascinating  show with Preston, a true master of UFO and close encounter research.

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  1. I just read the introduction and am excited to hear all of the stories.. exactly the kind of show I truly enjoy. Thanks Whitley..

  2. Wonderful show and appeared just at the right time.

    The World’s on fire and we all have a tendency to think and feel that there is either no hope or wiser, larger realms outside of our Human tunnel vision.

    The effects of Jupiter this past week and a half have been breathtaking. One wonders if some of the World’s elite were aware of this and used it to amplify their influence?


  3. The floors of the crafts are frictionless because they make their own gravity. Because gravity is a localized emergent that sufficiently purified metal systems can direct gravity

  4. I really enjoyed this show with Preston Dennett. You were asking why children and adults don’t talk about their experiences. I was always told not to talk about this to anyone. They make you feel like something will happen to you if you do. It took me 40 years to talk about them. I was shaking so bad and my teeth were chattering but I still talked about them to a friend who was psychic. The more I have talked about my experiences, the better I feel. I still feel anxious but It’s good to get some of the experiences out.
    I wish they could heal me of arthritis but I always wonder
    about an experience I had as a teenager. I was taken and I remember being pushed under in a tank of liquid. I told them (telepathically) that it would kill me. I can’t breathe underwater. They said you can, if not you’ll get very sick. I finally stopped fighting and I could breathe in the liquid. Years later when I was in my early 30’s, the radiologist said he was shocked because I was a smoker. He said he couldn’t even tell I smoked. My lungs looked great! I stopped smoking at age 40. Recently, my doctor ordered tests and one was a test for lungs. The guy doing the test said, Wow! You have fantastic lungs. Really great lungs. Ha…..I often wonder what that fluid was.
    Whitley, thanks for doing this show.

  5. Very stimulating discussion. I have felt for a long time that the human form is very ancient. It is said that the Elohim (Gods plural) created us in their image. The idea that the Grays used to look like us and created us in their original image is intriguing. Perhaps their species ‘mothered’ our species and perhaps also modified other worlds with the ancient human form?

    A healthy garden needs cross pollination and hybridization produces good fruit. I believe the human form holds a lot of magic for us to embrace and evolve, to claim as our true potential. Compassionate love is the key.

  6. A really good exchange of ideas and thoughts. Thank you. The following is a good read.

    Making Contact with the Phenomenon at Mound Sites November 2023 (

    “In The Archetype Experience I called these manifestations archetypal in nature. Few people realize that Jung wrote that archetypes were real and had their own nature. They could manifest temporarily into physical reality by moving into the visible portion of the electromagnetic energy spectrum. When that occurred, it was a profound experience for those who interacted with it and the outcome was partly determined by the mental state and motivations of the individuals undergoing the experience.”

  7. The Gray’s look to me like a human fetus that the development has been stunted, but not the growth.

  8. I’m familiar with the unconditional love, words do not do justice. My experience was not from a craft or being, but from a small wispy ball of light that floated across the room and entered at my abdomen. It was as if every molecule in my body became pure love. It lasted about 5 minutes. I was completely conscious as it was the middle of the day. I knew immediately who this was. They gave me a great gift at a distressing time. Do not doubt!

  9. Author

    They gave you a great gift, and in telling this story, you gave us one. Thank you!

  10. Preston Dennett is an interesting researcher. Thank you for this interview Whitley.

  11. Before the middle of the twentieth century, when people started calling these beings “aliens,” every civilization prior to the materialist industrial revolution knew them as being multidimensional ascended human beings as part of the Spiritual Hierarchies, otherwise known as angels. Of course angels have become distorted by dogmatic Christianity, but what are called the Tall Whites and Nordics were understood to be ascended humans and/or higher angels. The “grays” and other disturbing beings are Ahrimanic beings of the lower astral, also called the Eighth Sphere, humans who degenerated from the organic life wave through turning away from God and Light, obsessed with materiality and with defying the natural order of death and rebirth. Now this is manifesting as technology religion and transhumanism, an inevitable future warned about by Rudolf Steiner over a hundred years ago and a struggle between God and the “anti-Christ,” aka Ahriman, the impulse of grasping solely material life and trying to reject physical death, in our age in the form of “immortality” through synthetic biology (AI). As soon as we detonated the first nuclear bombs, these lower astral beings started gaining more access to our realm, as splitting the atom was accessing the subatomic planes, electricity, false/decaying ether that is dying natural light of Source. These degenerate beings lie and fool unsuspecting and uninformed humans into believing they’re angels or gods or even people. They’re certainly not aliens from other star systems, as each solar system is a closed system of ascension for that specific system, not a Star Trek soap opera Federation fantasy that has pervaded the New Age and Ufology.

  12. Not sure what happened in my early teens growing up in the foothills north of Claremont, California. I was interested in UFOs and had read many of the classic books on the topic. I was always keeping my eyes peeled for anything unusual moving in the sky, and, also being an aviation buff, was rewarded for my diligence by views of interesting aircraft over the Pomona Valley, including military, commercial and general aviation of all types. For example, I remember two F-4 Phantom jets screaming over our sleepy, college town neighborhood during the Yom Kippur War when Nixon raised the defense posture of US forces to DEFCON 3. The two Phantoms with their unusual anhedral horizontal stabilizers were a beautiful yet discomforting site.

    I spent a lot of time out in front of our south facing residence with a pair of binoculars. Over many years my desire to witness for myself a UFO remained completely unfulfilled except for one incident. I was surveying the sky to the west, looking out towards San Dimas, when three saucer shaped UFOs suddenly appeared perhaps two miles away, one above and two below. Surprisingly, they were a bright red. I was not scared or anxious, but gleeful to actually be viewing this elusive phenomena at long last. “Hooray, I am finally seeing one,” I thought to myself. “But you wont remember it,” came another thought in reply. And that’s it. I don’t remember anything else.

    Sure enough, it wasn’t until years later that I recalled the sighting/dream, which I dismissed due to the red color of the saucers, as nothing more than a forgotten wish-fulfillment dream. I had never come across in my readings any tales of red saucers, and so assumed the odd red color was nothing more than a dream embellishment. I was very surprised when I discovered recently that red saucers are indeed seen by experiencers, causing a reassessment on my part of the character of my sighting/dream. It may well have just been a dream. Then again…

  13. I’m more than a little late in getting to this, but I couldn’t help but laugh about a particular aspect of the Abdil story: the organizers of the 2019 Storm Area 51 event proposed that “if we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets” to successfully storm the base.

    Sure, it might be dryer than a martini on Venus, but the Visitors have a wicked sense of humour. 😉

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