Changed in a Flash: One of the All Time Great NDE’s AND a Bigelow Winner!

June 3, 2022
Elizabeth Krohn, an old friend of Whitley’s and popular Dreamland guest, is the primary author of the book Changed in a Flash: One Woman's Near-Death Experience and Why a Scholar Thinks It Empowers Us All, which she wrote with Jeffrey... continued

Danger in the Night: Big Cat, Bear, Bigfoot–No, this is Paul Sinclair Country: We’re Looking at a Werewolf!

May 27, 2022
Paul Sinclair is a well-known and well-respected researcher into unexplained phenomena, based in a fishing town on the East Yorkshire coast of England. Paul was inspired by his own inexplicable experiences to investigate further into the meaning behind them and... continued

Whitley on the Congressional Hearings and Series of Shocking Personal Experiences He’s Just Had

May 20, 2022
Whitley goes it alone on Dreamland this week, and this is just a beautiful, amazing show. He does this so that he can both talk about the May 17 congressional UFO briefing and then the incredible experiences he has had... continued

A Historic Moment: Scientific Proof that UFOs are Unknowns Revealed in a New Documentary

May 13, 2022
Caroline Corey is a talented and respected director and producer, known for her 2019 documentary, Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible, which she discussed on Dreamland on July 24 2020. She joins Whitley again to talk about her new and award-winning... continued

Jeffrey Mishlove Won Half a Million Dollars for His Extraordinary Essay on the Afterlife. This is Why.

May 6, 2022
We begin a periodic series of shows with the winners of the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies afterlife essay contest with this discussion with Thinking Allowed host Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove. Jeff is a licensed clinical psychologist and accomplished radio and... continued

Sex in the Close Encounter Situation: Our Dirty Little Secret

April 29, 2022
Sexual encounters with strange entities are often mentioned by experiencers, but most people shy away from the topic. Author, healer and counselor Erin Montgomery joins Whitley on Dreamland to discuss her own intimate close encounter experiences, and her interpretation of... continued

A Dreamland First: A CIA Officer and Experiencer Answered Questions from the Public in Our Subscriber Video Room. Listen to This Incredible Q&A

April 22, 2022
A historic Dreamland moment: Jim Semivan returns with a recording of the first-ever question and answer between a CIA Officer who is also a close encounter experiencer and members of the public. First recorded as a subscriber Q&A, we feel... continued

An Experiencer with Consicious Contact AND some Unusual Video

April 15, 2022
Dolly Safran has been having close encounters throughout her entire lifetime. She is a rare example of a close encounter witness with vivid conscious memories of her contact, who never needed regression hypnosis to recall the details of her encounter... continued

Peter Levenda on the Ages-Long Control of the Human Mind and the Human World

April 8, 2022
Peter Levenda has been a guest on Dreamland for many wonderful interviews in the past – and this one is no exception! Here, he joins Whitley in a discussion about the content of his new book in the Sekret Machines... continued

CIA Officer Jim Semivan, His Close Encounter, His Take on the Phenomenon

April 1, 2022
Jim Semivan, who is an Unknowncountry subscriber, was a CIA officer for 25 years, and is a founding member of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences (TTSA), which recently rebranded as ‘To The Stars, Inc.’. Now retired from... continued