General Entry

December 6, 1998
So much has happened recently, I hardly know where to begin. First, the internet is humming about Joe Firmage, the person behind Project Kairos and the new documents released on that website. I feel that many of these must be... continued

The Alleged December 7, 1998 Landing

November 16, 1998
There is no credible evidence that anything like a landing of UFOs is going to take place on December 7, 1998, or indeed at any other time. A lot of excitement is presently being generated about a landing occurring in... continued

On the Art Bell Show with Dr. Roger Leir and “General A”

November 6, 1998
Last night I did Art Bell's show, and it was really a joy to be back after the turmoil of the past month. Art was his usual self-- a master at getting the maximum amount of interest and information out... continued

The NBC Special

November 3, 1998
The "Confirmation" Special is finished. It will be the first UFO special on a major network, and it is going to offer an objective look at the phenomenon. The skeptics get to state their case clearly and forcefully, and so... continued

The June 6, 1998 Experience: Update

November 1, 1998
So much has happened since last I sat down to this journal. It's been so long because I have been in a state of profound inner turmoil and discovery for these past few months. The reason is that the encounter... continued

The Rumor Mongers Are Out In Force Again

September 5, 1998
I have been receiving calls from various people, primarily the leaders of different local MUFON groups, asking me why I have said one nasty thing or another about them. One MUFON was concerned that I had been saying that their... continued

Encounter of June 6, 1998

July 20, 1998
It had been twenty months since my last encounter. When we lost our cabin in upstate New York, my thrilling life of weekly and even daily encounters ended. In the years in the little condo in Texas-- hard years of... continued

Encounter of June 6, 1998 PT II

July 20, 1998
The more implants get removed and convincing UFO footage appears, the more concrete the visitors become. But is this good? If we become absolutely convinced that they are real, will that be the trigger that brings them pouring into our... continued

The Author Tour Is Over

July 10, 1998
Thank you so much, everybody who jammed the bookstores for me. It was so damn wonderful to see you and be with you. I only wish that I could be personal friends with every one of you. Thank you for... continued

Rosie O’Donnell

May 7, 1998
It's May 7, 1998, and I am sitting in a friend's house in New York City a day after taping the Rosie O'Donnell show. At the moment, the show is going to air on July 20, but that may change.... continued