Our Haunted World

August 3, 2003
An astronomer has calculated that there are 70 sextillion stars in the universe. That?s a seven followed by 22 zeros. It looks like this: 70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. That?s SIX stars for every grain of sand on earth. And that?s just the visible,... continued

Summer of Promise, Summer of Danger

July 12, 2003
A note added July 24, 2003: This has been an exceptionally controversial journal entry, largely due to the fact that people are unaware of the scientific basis of certain of my statements. I have provided this background elsewhere, but I... continued

If Contact Comes…

June 6, 2003
Last October I published a journal entry that asked the question, ?will 2003 be the year of the alien?? I asked this question for a number of reasons, the chief one of which was that Mars is going to make... continued

Planet X

April 27, 2003
There is no Planet X--not at least, in the apocalypse- producing form that has been claimed for the past few years. Nancy Leider, the voice of Zeta-Talk, has been saying for some time that this mythical monster was going to... continued

The Razor’s Edge

April 12, 2003
This journal entry was originally posted on April 8. A few days later, I received some emails asking why I had deleted it. I did not realize that I had done this. I've revised it slightly to reflect the changing... continued

Strange Days

March 31, 2003
Sudden Acute Respiratory Distress has reached Houston. Presumably it will be in San Antonio soon. Because of scarring to my lungs when I was young, I am apt to be very seriously threatened by this illness, so it is a... continued

The Boy in the Box

March 14, 2003
In recent years, I have had a number of childhood memories emerge that disturb me very much. These memories are like the memories of many other people. And I have also found, buried in some old news stories, startling corroboration... continued

My Valentine

February 13, 2003
Anne and I are giving each other Valentines via our journals. I won't know what she's written until she posts her new diary, and she won't know what I've written until she sees this journal on the site. Anne, even... continued

Official Terror Worse than ‘Night and Fog’

February 10, 2003
Last night I read a document that turned my blood to ice. The document I am referring to was created by John Ashcroft last month and presently exists in draft form. It is called the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of... continued

The Call of the Seven Stars

February 4, 2003
There is tremendous worldwide sorrow over the loss of the seven astronauts aboard the space shuttle. It's much greater than the sadness that would attend the loss of a 747 with 350 people aboard. There is a reason for this,... continued