It’s May 7, 1998, and I am sitting in a friend’s house in New York City a day after taping the Rosie O’Donnell show. At the moment, the show is going to air on July 20, but that may change. When the date is firm, it will appear in my schedule.

Ever since Rosie sent me a letter about her experiences years ago, I have counted her among the celebrities that I couldn’t talk about but wished I could. But what she says on her show has changed all that. When the show airs, this country is going to be amazed by one woman’s courage, strength of character and sterling honesty. It will be a moment never to be forgotten.

When we were together, I felt the same bond that is often so strong with other close encounter witnesses. She is just like the rest of us, full of questions that really need to be answered, but that can’t be answered definitely, not yet.

I was quite inspired by her, and left with renewed determination to build the Communion Foundation to the point that it is supporting work that is strong enough to be reported in the peer-reviewed scientific press. No matter how the chips may fall, what is going to clarify all the questions that surround close encounter is good, strong science. I don’t really have a desired outcome–aliens or not, it doesn’t matter to me. What I want is that the answers we come up with be right.

Seeing a celebrity of Rosie’s stature willing to declare herself on behalf of the close encounter witness is just wonderful. I hope that others will be doing the same soon, following her lead. And then will come the scientists, willing, I hope, to do the work needed to shed the light on our problem that is so needed by us all.

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