Last night I did Art Bell’s show, and it was really a joy to be back after the turmoil of the past month. Art was his usual self– a master at getting the maximum amount of interest and information out of the program. We talked about an event that took place in southern California on September 10, when two of the witnesses on the show saw something very strange come in from the west and– in the case of one witness– disappear behind a hill where it apparently crashed.

After a long search, she found the crash site. MUFON researchers went to it and gathered some damaged leaves and soils. I had the leaves examined under a scanning electron microscope. They were found to be coated with– at least in part– an ash composed of their own outer surface. This ash had been created at something close to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, in a context where there was practically no oxygen present. Because of the lack of undersurface heating, the flash of heat must have been very brief.

Had this hit a human being, instant death would have resulted. For it to have dropped– whatever it was– into a dangerously fire-prone area near civilian populations suggests that it almost certainly was not something emitted by a secret aircraft. It was not lightning because there was no thunderstorm activity in the area within twenty-four hours of the event. So it is a very genuine mystery.

We also interviewed “General A”, who claimed to have gone to the old Rocketdyne facility in the area where he observed and entered a craft that “seemed alive” to him and had the capacity to change shape or morph. One of the witnesses saw it apparently change shape as it went over her house.

I did not know whether to believe “General A” or not. He told quite a surprising story, and one that I would not have believed had not I had personal experience with a craft much like the one he described. (My experience is related in Chapters 4 and 5 of Breakthrough.)

He also stated quite unequivocally that they were here for good purposes and were friendly to us– the exact opposite of what Colonel Phillip Corso used to say. And yet, as in Corso’s case, there was the subtle suggestion of some sort of official locomotion behind his statements– either real or claimed.

One thing is clear from this: we need to keep an open mind but be cautious.

I still don’t know what to think of his story. All I do know is that there seem to be disclosures happing at the moment– sort of dripping into the society without any real confirmation- – and at the same time there is a lot of the same sort of “green fireball” activity that has happened before prior to major UFO flaps.

Bottom line, as always: it sure feels like something is about to happen, but then again, it always sort of feels that way. The next step, to my mind, would be some kind of official acknowledgement that something unknown is going on.

Remember, always: we don’t even know if this involves aliens. There is a lot of evidence that something unexplained is happening, but little suggestion of its actual origin.

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