Thank you so much, everybody who jammed the bookstores for me. It was so damn wonderful to see you and be with you. I only wish that I could be personal friends with every one of you. Thank you for caring.

I am now working on a television special for the fall. There were virtually no reviews of Confirmation, except for a nasty attack on me in the New York Review of Books. This attack did not even refer to the content of my book. At the same time, Sarah McLendon of the McLendon News Service has once again released an amazing press release stating frankly that there is a great deal of secrecy and conspiracy surrounding the UFO issue. For the first time, I have come to suspect that this may actually be true. It is just very hard to believe that there would be no reviews, not unless somebody very powerful had engineered it.

In a normal situation, my book would have been reviewed. But it is as if, since it presents evidence that cannot be sensibly disputed, it is simply being ignored. It is hard not to see intention in this somewhere. In addition, the eerie ad hominem attacks have extended onto the internet, with a Mr. Black of whom nobody has ever heard demanding that I release results of my lie detector tests, something that I did ten years ago, as documented in Ed Conroy’s book Report on Communion. Although this man claims to be a UFO researcher of 30 years standing, I can’t seem to find any publications credited to him, nor any other researchers who know him. In addition, he seems singularly uninformed about my credibility and credentials.

In fact, mine is among the very best close encounter cases ever documented, with over a dozen named witnesses, medical reports, lie detector test, and most recently a carefully documented attempted implant removal.

So, what is Mr. Black up to? Maybe he is spreading disinformation. By questioning me as if I had never offered any documentation he creates the impression that my case is without support, which simply is not correct. Clever propaganda, nothing more.

I also note that the recent attack by CSICOP on Dr. Peter Sturrock and his distinguished panel had a quality almost of crazed hysteria. I believe that the skeptics are losing, and that they know it. As this becomes more and more obvious, the fact that they are really religious fanatics disguised as scientists will become more obvious.

Meanwhile, one thing remains true: every day that this society stays passive to the presence of the visitors, more implants are going in to people. So who is really behind government secrecy, scientific insanity and public passivity. Clearly, whoever it is, they serve the cause of the visitors.

Whether that is for good or evil, I suspect that we will soon find out.

Next Journal Entry: my first new encounter in well over a year, and this time I was able to take some notes.

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