There is no credible evidence that anything like a landing of UFOs is going to take place on December 7, 1998, or indeed at any other time. A lot of excitement is presently being generated about a landing occurring in Sedona, AZ, on that date. Some UFO investigators are claiming that this is the beginning of the battle for earth– and, in the process, no doubt terrifying some people. In view of the Heaven’s Gate disaster, this is obviously most irresponsible.

The initial rationale given was that the “object” on its way from EQ Pegasi was going to arrive on December 7. But when the object proved not to exist, other even more spurious reasons were found to continue the story. But these reasons are even more nonsensical. In fact, the story is piffle. Blather. Nonsense. And if it isn’t, I have reserved a battered gray fedora for public consumption by me on December 8.

The Raith/Reed Story

Last week, I was on the Art Bell Program with Robert Raith and Jonathan Reed, who told one of the most magnificently scary stories of alien encounter that I have ever heard. It had all the elements of a best selling thriller, and was backed up by some very convincing photographs and video tapes. For more details of their story and a look at some of the photographs, go to

I have asked Mr. Raith to send me the manuscript he has written, as well as dupes of the film negatives and a copy of the videotape. Before I go back on the air with them, I want to analyze this material. Although this analysis may be helpful, if this is a hoax based on physical models, it will be hard to make a definite determination. It would seem to me that the two gentlemen need to volunteer for the polygraph before going much further– as I did before publishing Communion. Certainly, any publisher wishing to present their remarkable story credibly would require this. I can offer them the name of some experts in the field, if they wish to avail themselves of such services.

Possible Disclosures

I am hearing from much more credible sources that there is going to be a release of documents directly from the government soon. One gentleman, Bob Wood, has already presented a lecture about some documents in his possession that will be explosive even though their release is not an official one. I am aware that these documents are now being carefully examined by experts, and that they are proving to be accurate in some very convincing ways.

When is “soon?” I know that Mr. Wood is looking for a publisher for his book, and my guess is that he will have a hard time finding one among mainstream publishers. There has been a hardening against the UFO subject in recent months. My book sales have been increasing recently, but I am told that other UFO titles are not doing well, unfortunately. Why, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just cyclical.

What Will Disclosure Mean to Me?

In 1989, I was told that the government was considering disclosure. This was during the Belgian UFO flap. But no disclosure occurred. In 1993, a number of very highly placed people became so convinced that a landing was going to occur that they went to the site. They invited me, but I did not go, saying that a sense of incipience– that something is about to happen– is simply another psychological side-effect of interest in this subject. I think that the December 7 thing is just another in a long line of “silly-season” stories that blow up like summer storms, generally leaving in their wake a discredited guru and perhaps some unfortunately dead or insane followers.

But what about real disclosure? What would it consist of? I think that the government probably knows something about what the visitors are. It probably does not know where they are from. I feel that it may have been under duress not to disclose except on their orders. I feel that the visitors have been waiting for a gap in understanding to be closed, and that certain statements in the final two chapters of my last book, Confirmation, got this right, which has supposedly sped up the disclosure process. If true, then I’m glad. I feel that the US is not comfortable with the visitors, and that its relationship with them, such as it is, has been a difficult one. It will turn out that they are MUCH stranger than we have supposed. Nevertheless, I think that the government probably knows something about implants and what they’re all about, and that may well be part of the disclosure.

How will I react to all this? By publishing a book, within weeks of disclosure, about how anybody can manage a contact experience so that it offers the maximum personal benefit with the minimum personal cost. But this book will not come out until the disclosure is entirely and unambiguously official.

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