So much has happened recently, I hardly know where to begin. First, the internet is humming about Joe Firmage, the person behind Project Kairos and the new documents released on that website. I feel that many of these must be authentic.

Although they have been sent to many reporters, the media has been totally silent about them. As the UFO enigma comes closer and closer to being solved, those who have taken rigid positions pro or con are increasingly becoming silent. The truth is turning out to be too strange, it seems!

There has been some powerful authentication offered for the documents, and some of them contain so many signatures and written notes that the idea of forgery is almost impossible to entertain.

SO, I’m making, at this point, a fundamental change in what I have been saying for years. I have always held in question whether or not the visitors are real. That’s over for me. They are real, and until proven otherwise, I think that we should assume that they are aliens. This is the stance that I will take from now on. However, this does not change the fact that they are extremely strange. We are not looking at funny looking people who think like us. We are looking at something that is light-years away from our thought processes–that, in fact, has a fundamentally different relationship with reality. Learning to communicate with them meaningfully will be more difficult than putting accurate words to the songs of the whales.

This gets me to the man I met with on June 6. I think that he was a human being, not an alien. My thought is that he was a member of some sort of secret society with access to very real knowledge, or that he was an eccentric genius who carried out a very clever entry into my life. As I do more research on his ideas, I can only say this: THEY ARE AMAZING. In just a few words, he created these incredibly profound holographic thoughts. Wonderful thoughts.

I am writing my book about him now.

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