I have been receiving calls from various people, primarily the leaders of different local MUFON groups, asking me why I have said one nasty thing or another about them. One MUFON was concerned that I had been saying that their group “channeled.” Another was upset that I had claimed that their group was a nest of “true believers.”

I have never said anything like this about anybody. I have never spoken ill of any MUFON group. The only negative that I have ever communicated was that I felt that some UFO researchers were extremely mean. I have never said precisely who I thought those people were, and I never will. But I continue to feel that the American community, especially, is susceptible to gossip and easily victimized by rumor. For example, the recent fake “Reuters” story to the effect that Michael Lindemann and Jeff Rense were secret agents cried out for verification, but instead was spread almost without a second thought. It turned out to be a complete fabrication.

The UFO community has attracted many marginal individuals, poorly educated and credulous people, people with mental problems, the paranoid and the congenitally vicious. That was true ten years ago and thirty years ago, and it is true now. The Internet has amplified these voices, but it has not changed the fact that they are as wrong and as wrong- headed as ever.

Please do not forget that a substantial amount of the UFO- related information on the Internet is false! And remember that there are also competent, credible and hard-working people in the UFO community. Lots and lots of them!

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