In the Clutches of the Fallen

July 14, 2009
Today I saw in Unknowncountry's Out There section a witness report that suggests that on July 10, the military shot at UFOs that appeared over Fort Lewis, Washington. That the US military has done so in the past is now... continued

What if the Grays Show Up?

July 6, 2009
This year's crop formation activity suggests that the grays are coming ever closer to us. I don't think that anyone except those in a compulsive state of denial can still rationally claim that the crop formations appearing in England are,... continued

The Amazing Dreamland Festival

June 30, 2009
I have been trying to figure out how to write about this year's Dreamland Festival and having a hard time. Some things happened there that were beyond the extraordinary, and I just almost don't know where to begin. One thing:... continued

Unstuck in Time

June 18, 2009
Last week I experienced two odd little slips in time, to add to a growing list of such events in my life over the past thirty years. On the same day that one of the slips took place, I opened... continued

A New World, if We can Take It

April 26, 2009
It is now clear that a mistaken policy of 'shoot 'em down' by the United States Government, pursued with vigor at least through the 1950s by the US Air Force, ruined any chance of meaningful contact with our visitors during... continued

New MoD UFO Release is Telling

March 22, 2009
The British Ministry of Defense has released another set of documents, once again revealing provocative sightings and close encounters that are not easily explained. Of course, the media is concentrating on mistaken reports of a blimp advertising cars and more-or-less... continued

Alien Videos and Alien Contact

March 9, 2009
At this website, we get hundreds of links to video of UFOs and aliens, and many actual videos sent to us, usually of UFOs taken at night. Much of this video we do not do anything with, either because it... continued

The Real Reason for the Crash and How to Fix It

March 5, 2009
When economists talk about the crash, they usually blame subprime mortgages and profligate lending by the banks. However, our financial problems are only a side-effect of the real issue, which is that, last summer, we experienced our first taste of... continued

‘Virtual’ UFO Disclosure Already Here

January 30, 2009
Yesterday, Denmark released its UFO files, stating that, while most were explained, a number of them most certainly were not. Today the German government stated that a UFO that crossed the southern part of that country last week was a... continued

From the Edge of the Universe…to Us.

January 20, 2009
In the New Scientist of January 17, 2009, there appears an article about what could be the most important physics experiment in history, one that could, by revolutionizing our understanding of reality, enable us to much more accurately know who... continued