The Blue Light

January 7, 2009
Last Thursday night I woke up some time after midnight and saw that the living room was filled with a blue light. I thought to get up but could not, and fell back asleep almost at once. I dreamed of... continued

Christmas at Last!

December 19, 2008
Christmas has come, and with it a renewed sense of inner joy. I always have a rough time between October and December, because that's the part of 1985 that I was dealing with the visitors, but unable to consciously remember... continued

The Hour is Late

December 12, 2008
It is late here, midnight passing. December has come again, and for the past few months I have been enduring the same demonic nights that I experience every year at this time, as my spirit relives the hard pilgrimage that... continued

The Coming Depression

November 21, 2008
Let me begin by saying that it is my fervent hope that I am entirely wrong about what follows. I fear that the opposite is true, though, which is why I'm writing it now. We must wait two more months... continued

The Economic Situation is Far Worse than Expected. But Why?

November 13, 2008
Today Henry Paulson, acting in desperation, radically revised the U.S. bailout package. Instead of buying toxic assets from banks, now it will try to inject money directly into the economy by supporting the consumer debt markets directly. Meanwhile, stock exchanges... continued

Will Obama Mean UFO Change?

November 6, 2008
When the subject of UFOs was brought up with Barack Obama during the campaign, he simply laughed for a brief moment and moved on. McCain, by contrast, said that NASA was keeping secrets that he would make them reveal. However,... continued

Can We Succeed at Contact?

October 27, 2008
I have been thinking once again about the possibility of open contact. It almost happened, as I understand it, in late eighties and early nineties, but was stopped when armed NATO fighters rose over Belgium each time an appearance took... continued


October 26, 2008
On reading Anne Strieber's diary, "The Fox in the Hen House," I am inspired to add my two cents. I suppose I am a Johnny-Come-Lately, as I discovered only Friday that the "Fox News" channel has been around for years.... continued

A Nation Ill Served by Talk Radio

October 13, 2008
The massive profits Wall Street has made selling worthless securities have been privatized, but the risk has been socialized. To make matters worse, nobody understands that we have had to do this to save our personal lives, especially not the... continued

An Avalanche of Prophecy

October 6, 2008
Not since the summer of 1989 have I seen such a massive upwelling of dire prophecy in the world. At, we are getting emails every day from people who are having dreams or visions of terrible events in the... continued