The more implants get removed and convincing UFO footage appears, the more concrete the visitors become. But is this good? If we become absolutely convinced that they are real, will that be the trigger that brings them pouring into our lives?

I don’t know, and I don’t want my work to be part of the catalyst for this. So I want to remind you: I myself am unsure of even my most concrete encounters. I don’t know what to believe, and neither should you. We are hungry for answers, but this is a situation which demands that we keep the questions alive.

After all, I am a highly imaginative former horror novelist. Who knows what a mind like mine might dream up? All I can say is this: I believe myself. But I don’t want that to convince YOU. You weren’t there, you didn’t see. So don’t believe me. Listen, observe, and keep the question.

That said, my last journal entry concerns an encounter I had on June 6, 1998, my first since October of 1996. I stated that the encounter was with what appeared to be a human being, and that he told me that we had crossed the line with the environment and it was going to collapse.

He also told me a lot of other things that were equally provocative, and I have been furiously researching ever since, attempting to determine the level of truth that was involved.

In addition, when I was with him, I remembered a similar meeting at the age of nine, and one in 1971 when he taught me a new way of approaching the Tarot that has nothing to do with fortune telling.

He was a wise man. Very peaceful and sad-seeming. But I have three questions about him: was he real, was he alien or human, and was he telling me the truth?

This gets me to the real point of this entry, because I obviously cannot answer a single one of those questions, not if I want to be honest. I am not even sure that I would want to be able answer in such a way that all doubt would be removed. (To understand why I am so concerned about this, pick up a copy of the anthology Revelations, and read my story entitled “The Open Doors.”)

As things get more and more concrete, with scientists saying that UFOs might be real and implants coming out of people, I think that we need to be REAL CAREFUL with the truth, more careful than ever before. So I want to restate something I have said many times, but which can never be said enough: I do not know if my experiences are real. As vivid as they appear to me, their origin remains a mystery. And this includes even the most vivid of the experiences.

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