The “Confirmation” Special is finished. It will be the first UFO special on a major network, and it is going to offer an objective look at the phenomenon. The skeptics get to state their case clearly and forcefully, and so do the believers. Nobody is trashed or treated with disrespect. And why should they be? Not a single soul who appears on the show is in any way insincere. They are all trying hard to get at the truth.

We tried hard to make the program responsible and fair to everybody, and to make it something that NBC will be proud to present. We also have some really fascinating revelations on it (some things that are light years beyond what has been done on the subject before) but always with the skeptics properly given time to make sure the questions don’t get forgotten.

I always respected Carl Sagan’s idea that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,” and we have done the program in this spirit.

It will be aired in February.

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